This is what it’s all about for us. Although we do the coding, IQTELL is really being developed by our fabulous user community with their keen insight and feedback.  We’d love to hear your personal IQTELL story and share it with the rest of the world.  Thank you so much!

Matthew L.

IQTell has proven to be the MOST effective GTD Tool for me, but also for my team. I’m an Executive Vice President in a dynamic growth oriented company and have responsibilities for our Customer Care, Distribution, Operations, and Human Resources channels of business. My team combines to oversee 300+ team members which is challenging in and of itself. Adding to the challenge is our explosive growth which leaves us inundated with e-mails, tasks and projects that commonly require cross-departmental collaboration, are complex in nature and time sensitive. it’s imperative that we are able to share tasks and projects as a team and IQTell solves that challenge and so many more!

I searched for a comprehensive solution for the past two years that would combine seamless e-mail integration with task & project management. Our company operates off a gmail platform which is not structured for business use. IQTell changes that, in fact I truly believe it offers more than even Outlook can provide. The e-mail function is outstanding. Most GTD Tools require that you forward an e-mail from your existing e-mail client into a separate inbox before you can take action. Not IQTell! Instead the UI creates e-mail functionality that allows you to read, save, organize and even create actions. The task and project management features with full sharing capability are a must for any team environment. Those features alone would be enough, but when you add in the ability to view your Evernote through the UI and a Dashboard View that assist you with timeline management, you have simply have the best most comprehensive solution in the market!

Denise Reynolds

The Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, IQTELL actually helps you get it all done. If you’re a GTD guru, you’ll love this. If you’re not, you may find it challenging at first because it’s so powerful. Think of it as a sports car with a tremendous engine that can turn your daily commute into a joy ride. They offer a 60-day free trial, so give it a test drive. Watch some how-to videos and you’ll be zipping through your email like never before.

And that’s only the beginning. With its masterful Macros, IQTELL saves me so many clicks every time I use it. Those clicks really add up, giving me back an average of two hours a day in time savings. Imagine what you could do with two extra hours in your day!

Don’t be fooled by their dated appearance. A complete update of IQTELL’s look and feel is underway. Their development team is super responsive. It’s such a pleasure to work with people who actually reply to support requests personally and continually improve their app.

More than an email app, IQTELL integrates effortlessly with Evernote. It empowers you to take control of your calendar, projects, tasks, tickler, someday/maybe list and weekly review. Stop searching and start doing with IQTELL. And come join us at the IQTELL Users community on Facebook to meet like-minded productivity peeps and hear about how they are using IQTELL to power through their overflowing inboxes and get things done.

Kieron Mitchell

I was looking for a way to record, prioritise, check and report on the status of multiple projects at different times from a purely personal point – I do not wish to record a teams activities, just mine.
I wanted a solution that was portable and could be run on my phone, tablet, Mac and Windows laptop with seamless integration
I wanted a solution that would easily turn emails into recordable actions
I wanted a solution I could use for personal as well as professional tasks/projects
I wanted a solution that would provide a storage solution to enable me to clear my Inbox daily without risk of losing important tasks and or messages
I wanted a solution that would enable me to link external documents and refer to them via a central ‘management’ application

I have to add that I didn’t realise, but now could not live without, a feature to link to Evernote (that I have used for a long time) to my tasks/projects/actions.

I have been using IQTell for less than a week and have to say that already it enables me to work smarter and record actions with full faith that they won’t be lost or become irretrievable within the ‘Cloud’.

The Web app is highly usable and configurable to my needs – It also looks very pleasing to the eye.

The Android app is a little basic, but does the job.

I have to commend you on a very well thought out and packaged solution that, so far, has provided exactly what I was looking for.

Today I realised that I wanted to reclassify some individual Actions that I created a few days ago as Subtasks under an Action that I created today. I had no idea how to do this, checked Google without success, but after stopping and thinking about it for 2 minutes, I found out exactly how to do what I wanted – The solution was simple and very intuitive once I took time out to think.

I will be putting IQTell much more through its paces in the coming weeks and I will be happy to continue to send thoughts/ideas/issues (if I find any) through to you, if this would be of help?

In the meantime, thank you for your obvious hard work on this product – I think it is excellent!

Mark Brinsden

I am a trauma surgeon in the UK and used the Getting Things Done process to organise my clinical practice. The IQTell software has been able to take my productivity to another level, both at work and at home. It truly integrates all my “inputs” and allows me to monitor all my multifarious educational, academic, clinical and personal activities. I achieved “Inbox Zero”, from a standing start, in a few days and have been able to leave work confident that my Actions/Projects list has got everything covered. My practice has never felt more “sorted” – largely due to IQTell bringing the GTD philosophy in the 21st century

Alexander Faensen

IQTELL is the first Virtual Workspace (that I know of), that integrates all the important tools in one application. I use it for business, as well as for personal organization on a daily basis. The Android app works well and is the main source of information when not near a computer.

Jan Ciudad

I picked up IQtell over the rest is the fact that I can compile everything into one place, no need to go from Evernote and back to Iqtell again for the files that I need. Task management also becomes a breeze, as i could sync it with my smartphone.

Oliver Ofiana

I mainly use IQTell to track projects, monitor e-mails of open tickets, and share technical information through Evernote. Both IQTell and Evernote are used on workstations and mobile devices.  IQTell is the most scalable mobile tool that works with desktops, and integrates with all the cloud apps that we use. It also uses the GTD system, which is also a big plus for our team that needs to respond quickly to our clients technical needs.

Brent Buzbee

IQTELL has helped me get and stay organized in so many aspects of both my job and personal life. There are so many tools available in the application that I use regularly to manage all aspects of my IT operations.

I use the actions application to keep my email inbox clear. I use the My Travels application to track the travel of everyone on my team. The Agendas application is used through the week to jot down notes for my weekly meeting with the COO. The Someday application is my parking lot for all of the project ideas my team comes up with. The Waiting For feature is very useful to keeping track of all the items I am waiting for information for someone else to complete a task. Of course, the Projects application helps me keep action items associated with projects.

IQTELL was an easy choice for me. I love that I can access it through any computer browser, on my tablet or on my smartphone. I can capture thoughts and actions while at lunch or while working on a service call, either online or offline. It is nice to be able to enter by areas of work, such as home or work, and share action items with others. IQTELL has also done a really nice job with a big library of video tutorials and is regularly interested in customer opinion on how to improve the product. It just keeps getting better all the time!

Brent Buzbee
Director, Communication & Technology
USA Volleyball

Tommy McNicholas

Working in a fast paced IT environment is both exciting and challenging. All too often I found myself spread too thin and losing sight of simple tasks and details. Using IQTell has forced me into the GTD workflow and helped me throw a rope around everything I’m responsible for. As a result I’ve been able to reclaim valuable time and turn out better work at a faster pace.

Richard Turnhout

Still love my IQTELL. At the end of my shift once I have done my weekly review and cleaned my desk and electronic desk, I can fully relax knowing I have my house in order, even other peoples houses.

Essentially following the GTD lead me on to find IQTELL which could be deployed across a Windows desktop, mobile devices, could be easily configured to suit my personal circumstances, was relatively easy to use but also customisable, great support and development integration with best of breed applications such as GMAIL, DropBox and Evernote, fast and robust.

Chris O’hare

I mainly use IQTell to manage my business and personal workflow and email to ensure I’m doing everything I need to across the different aspects of my life. By keeping everything in one manageable workspace, which plug in directly with my email and Evernote accounts, I’m easily able to manage my life’s agenda in the one place. The ability to easily link everything together (email/Evernote/tasks/projects) means I can use just the one app. Previously I was having to remember where I had saved documents relating to tasks or emails as they could either be on my PC, Evernote or in an email. Being able to link it all together was what originally attracted me to IQTell.

Mattox Beckman

I am a professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, a board member of a local church, and a freelance programmer. I needed a task manager that helps me juggle all these roles and projects. I get tons of email every day, so I need something that can help me stay at inbox zero. The ability to manage my inbox from IQTell, and the very good calendar and Evernote integration, has completely sold me on this software. (I was actually considering writing my own software to handle this; now I don’t think I need to.)

Phil Lamisere

Finally there’s a clear future with the solution. During my trial period I submitted a few questions and comments on the Getsatisfaction site, and an IQTell team member typically responded or someone else got there first, there seems to be an active R&D team working on the product and given today I believe the solution stands above all others, I’m excited about where it will be in 12 months.

I use a Project for each opportunity I’m working on to link support material, org charts, reference emails etc, I use Actions to manage the tasks I need to get done i.e. respond to emails, call people, submit proposals, chase paperwork etc. I have my work email through IQTell as well, email management is pretty straightforward but the integration with Projects and Actions is key to my productivity via Macros. I also use Evernote sync however I’ve found my usage of Evernote has decreased since using IQTell as I can use Project Reference material instead. Also use Calendar & Contacts for work, and then I use Email, Calendar, Actions, Projects & Ticklers for my personal life.

John Wyatt

I really like the complete package of email management that is seamlessly integrated with actions/projects along Evernote. I have tried many programs over the years, but find your system best captures the essence of David Allen’s GTD. I also very much like the fact that I can use the program on my PC, iPhone and iPad whenever and wherever I want and need. Great job and keep up the good work, IQTell team!

José Leça

The principal reason is because IQTell is the only the all-in-one app for GTD and Inbox Zero, which I follow for some time now even before subscribing IQTell. The emaill processing and the ability to convert emails into Actions, Projects, etc. is amazing.

Craig L Sheppard

I am a Getting Things Done person, and IQTell allows this type of process management. Beyond that, it offers an interface on the desktop (Web Based) and on mobile devices with the app(s) available.

Martin Karbovanec

Basically, IQTELL has become main part of my life. I’m heavily using it in my work as well as at home. The best part (at work) is that I don’t need to remember all the small projects and tasks. My workflow since using IQTELL has improved drastically.  I heard about GTD method 5 years ago and I was baffled. After that I have tried my software solutions and even pen and paper I have participated in IQTELL beta just out of curiosity. And it was like being in the GTD heaven – easy to use, easy to comprehend and if not, I could always watch video guides. IQTELL EZ functionality has finally persuaded me to start subscription model.

Gregory Eidell

I am a Lutheran pastor, most recently at a large congregation near St. Louis, Missouri. Fortunately, my search led me to IQTell. IQTell is unique in that it completely integrates GTD with the Google suite of productivity solutions. IQTell allows me to leverage my time better and be more productive than than any other program I have encountered. IQTell’s efficiency is especially important to me, because my health situation puts severe limits on my available time. I can honestly say that IQTell is helping me to make the best of a challenging situation.

Joe Albayati

I appreciate and am very impressed with the level of support you provide.  I’ve been using / testing productivity apps for about 10 years. IQTell is the best I’ve ever seen and integrates all the productivity components I had always been looking for but having to use 2-3 different applications to accomplish.

William Baranowski

  1. Email management is now a breeze. I also love being able to turn emails into action items, even better than in Outlook.
  2. Evernote at my fingertips
  3. List all my projects
  4. Ease of action management
  5. Action and Project tagging in Evernote links to my IQTELL

My “business” is primarily keeping up with our bookkeeping business and rental some property management issues. I am also looking for topics to write about and as I start writing, I’ll use IQTELL and Evernote to help me with that.  I’m retired, so my daily use of IQTELL may not be as exciting as it would be if I was slogging through a 9 to 5, but, it’s precious to me.  I wish that 1. I had it 20 years ago and 2. That I had invented it.

I’m just so happy that it is here, NOW and that YOU ALL invented it and did SUCH A BRILLIANT JOB!


Tricia Havas

Hi there,

My name is Tricia and I’ve been using iqtell for about a month now. I have found your program to be extremely functional and easy to grasp the basics of how to work it. The really nice part is there is a lot more to learn, so I enjoy the video tips that you send. As I learn more about the program I am able to use it more fully.

I was at the point with my work where I was starting to forget, over the course of a day, what I had to accomplish and I was starting to worry about long term projects falling off my radar. My employer is a brilliant individual, who is always full of ideas which he passes on to me to figure out how to implement. Every week we have an hour meeting where we go through all aspects of our business and I would keep a running list of the ideas, actions and future projects. However, I had nowhere to store these things so they could be divided up, and still all easily accessible and I would get visual reminders.

I started to search out To Do programs and came across iqtell while I was reading an article on ‘GTD’, which I’m a fan of. I now keep my iqtell open all day and refer back to the next actions each day. At the end of the day I go through my actions and star any that I think I can accomplish the next day. I also receive email reminders for some important tasks. Iqtell has been a sanity saver for me and I have mentioned it to several of my colleagues as a great time management resource.

Thank you for creating this amazing program!

Tricia Havas

John Fitzwater

GREAT product.. :) I’ve been going mad looking for someone with the smarts to integrate Gmail/email into the core of the GTD solution, since I stopped using Outlook and DA’s GTD app for Outlook. Fiiiiinally, someone gets it. :)

Nathan Miller

After reviewing in detail productivity apps from omnifocus, pocket informant, Things, and Toodledo I decided that IQTell offers what I am looking for at work and home.  The app is excellent. The new ios 7 look is good looking. The swipe from the left slider is very helpful for switching between different sections. I love how you have incorporated going back by swiping from the left. It takes a little time to learn the endless ways to customize the web and mobile apps, but your weekly emails, video tutorials and blog posts are very helpful.

Dave Robson

I have tried virtually every task/email management app available and none have offered the overall functionality and usability of IQTELL. I’m now managing to achieve inbox zero each day with a clear list of manageable prioritised actions to work through, which is great.

James Elrod

The new updates for iPhone and iPad are nothing short of fantastic. Thank you for email capabilities. I am once again using IQTell and recommending to friends. Have erased all reminder apps and similar programs I have used, both free and purchased. Connecting email and Evernote to your program has finally given me a program I can work and grow further with. Thank you.

Andrea Danforth

I liked the GTD application within IQTell and I was really drawn to the ability to have all my email in one location as well as my calendar and task lists. I used TickTick as my to do list app before this and while I liked it, having the integrated email was a winner for me.

Ben Philips

I just finished processing my digital inbox of 1600+ items that I had allowed to accumulate over the last year using my previous GTD apps. With IQTELL, I finished processing the entire inbox in a day, and my actions are better defined and more accessible than ever before.

I discovered you guys this week as I did my annual survey of the GTD app landscape, looking for something that made more sense than the GTD Frankenstein I had made using a combination of apps. I was absolutely overjoyed when I found IQTELL, though I must admit that it seemed too good to be true. After years of switching between productivity apps, and having to make compromises at every turn, I was sure that there had to be a catch. It wouldn’t work with Windows, or it would cost $50, or it would crash constantly… But IQTELL has truly succeeded at making a GTD app that is intuitive and functional.

It’s easy to use and set up out of the box, yet almost everything can be customized by a power user. I use Google Apps, Windows and Android for my business, and IQTELL has complete synergy with my existing systems. The fact that I can use Evernote and email within the app is simply amazing. Thank you guys for creating a tool that actually does everything I need it to. Keep up the great work!

Jeremy Nicuelsco

Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback and for your willingness to listen! I have to say that this new program has been such a blessing, especially for a person like me with ADD who needs to get stuff out of their head and onto some kind of system. I’ve struggled with organization and time management for years, but this program is finally enabling me to be more organized and productive. I also love the ability to customize my information, the fact that this site captures all of my emails and enables me to check them in one location, and that I could create action items directly from my emails.

Muriel Peters

I have gone through over 15 apps where I have entered/imported my information (on average over 200 items) only to be disappointed by the limitations than eventually surfaced forcing me to figure out a way to jigger things around so I could make them functional. I don’t think I will have to do that with IQTell and that alone gets you a “Hallelujah!”

​Lady ​ Khadija

I love it. I’m still figuring everything out. I’d like to be able to have full access to all my Evernote functions, like the ability to move notes from one notebook to another. It’s good, No it’s great. It the first productivity tool that actually helped me be PRODUCTIVE!

Kurt Pattyn

“The Best Productivity App in the History of Doing!”, I cannot say it in a better way how I feel about the app.
What is really really nice, is the integration of calendars, email, evernote, contacts, … This is the kind of tool I’ve been looking for since a very long time.

Marcus Cole

I don’t know how to praise this app enough. The team behind it must be Wizards of the highest order! Now just get my email into the Android App and I will start the Cult of IQTell.

Jason Stitzel

IQTell is a great product. I use it everyday, all day, everywhere! I’ve tried other products that claim to do the same thing and this is by far the most comprehensive. I use it at work, at home, on my computer & on my phone. I really like that everything is so integrated together into one systems.

I’m also very impressed with the quick support from the staff at IQTell.

Great Job & Thanks!!

Dwane Buckles

I have been using your IQTELL software for a couple of days and have already fallen in love with it! I have been looking for years for a program to bring all my email, calendar and tasks together in one place and not be tied to one computer using Outlook. I have tried various things like Gmail, PlanPlus, and countless others I can’t even remember.  Thank you!

Pam Peterson

I have been using IQTELL for several months, and love the virtual workspace on my PC. I like the integration of email, calendar, Evernote, tasks, projects, prospects, internet purchases, references, and anything else I want to save. It’s great having everything I need to be aware of in one spot. I also love how it syncs with my iPad and tablet (not for my Windows phone yet) so that I can be reminded on the go. I use it for a small home business, intensive volunteer work, and other projects with great success, even though I have little expertise with computer programs and apps. I also love how responsive the support team is to any question I have. All in all, my productivity has gone up and my anxiety level has gone down since I started using IQTELL. I hope never to be without it.

Laurence Beer

Being familiar with GTD and having used other programs I found IQtell to have the most important features – ease of entering tasks, ability to add contexts and priority levels, ability to marry tasks to calendar entries and emails, and most importantly, a responsive management that responds to customer concerns about features and functionality.

David H. Sherrod, MBA, PMP

IQTell is a complete solution that integrates with multiple email providers and document organization tools, including the ones I use at work. I looked briefly at alternatives that didn’t offer as many integration options and therefore couldn’t fully support my implementation of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.” Moreover, the IQTell team continues to bring additional innovations to the product that improve my personal productivity, as well as my ability to ensure actions and projects delegated to my team don’t get lost in the shuffle of other work. Finally, the integration between web, Android, and iPad all work well together – so I can grab my closest device when I need to add something or determine what I should be doing next.

Jim Coyle

Amazing, love it! It is slick and easy to use, and makes following GTD as easy as I have found, and trust I have tried them all!

William Davis

In a world of constant in flow of information IQTELL allows me to stay on top of a busy life.

Titus L. Workman

I tried using IQTELL for about two weeks. While some of the concept of having email, tasks and projects in one place is good I found the functionality not on par with what I have been using – Gmail and Toodledo. It was too difficult to move tasks around. I was unable to move a task to a project. I couldn’t sort tasks by days. Just not for me. It took me longer to use IQTELL (I was always trying to find workarounds) and the point is to find a system that takes less time. Thanks for the opportunity.

Stuart Bradford

I’ve been using IQTELL for a few months now. After trying many different project management, time management, to do list’s I have found IQTELL to be the best tool to get things done! It allows me to very quickly and easily add or update actions, know the priority of actions and see what coming up. With the added ability to store all my files and notes related to an action or project, it really is the only tool I need to manage my work and private projects. The integration with Evernote and Google calendar is fantastic. The android app, although in its early stages of development is really handy. The IQTELL team makes continuous updates and improvements ensuring the product is constantly improving. For me I don’t bother looking at any other project/task management tools.
Keep up the great work IQTELL, we really appreciate it.

Rik Kretzinger

I have used a number of productivity tools over the years (at least that what they were billed as). In actuality they were more advanced email and calendar tools than productivity tools, all of you know the major one on the market. The first feature I used with iQTTELL was to get all of my different email addresses in one place, that alone is a game changer in productivity for me. What got my interest in using iQTELL next was being able to link my Evernote information to individual actions and everything in one spot when I needed it. From this starting point iQTELL has been a true blessing in helping me organize and track all the important parts of my life with ease and a lot less effort. There is a learning curve to start, but the time investment is well worth it.

Raynald LeBlanc

Great system, learning something new every day. Great Youtube presentation. Most useful. Aiming for greater freedom through GTD.
Many thanks to the IQTELL team.

Paul Kunneman

As a decade-long GTD veteran I found IQTELL to be the one truly integrated tool for knowledge work in the 21st century. IQTELL allows you to connect your e-mail, calendar, files, actions and projects to each other, makes them accessible in a single integrated solution and offers the whole thing from the cloud. The customization options allow pro users to tailor IQTELL to their own workflow. IQTELL is invaluable to me, keeping me on top of today’s workload, including my regular job, my own business and my home and personal projects. I heartily recommend IQTELL to anyone looking for a one stop GTD solution and going paperless to boot.

Neil Hubbard

Great piece of software has put me in so much more control of both my work and life plans. Great fit for GTD too.
Thanks guys, great work.

Matt Treadwell

I find IQTELL a great workstation as it allows me to work on various projects through one source collaborating information from various sources and simplifying my daily workloads. On top of this it allows me to keep track where i am with each project without having to invest much time of tracking information.


I’ve spent the past two months scouring over what most providers market as free solutions to manage contacts, pipelines, projects, sales and tasks. Many adequately manage two, maybe three of the areas above. But there aren’t many free-to-cheap solutions out there that allow SMB’s with lean bottom lines to move as fast as possible (really, what these solutions are designed to do, i.e. speed up the game).

IQTELL changes that. It can manage all my email accounts, contacts/companies, calendars and projects from the same screen. Every other program almost forces you to put too much thought into creating tasks (having Subject and Date as mandatory fields that must be filled out); IQTELL allows stream-of-consciousness to-do list building. I can quickly, as if I had notebook paper, jot down my to-do list. If there’s important items, I can go back later and add Due Dates and additional info.

With merged calendar’s I don’t miss anything. And with customizable fields I can make the software into what I need. I’m hooked. And I’ve appreciated the IQTELL Team allowing me to beta trial — super impressed, and I’m done looking around for solutions.

Mary Hester

Love having everything in one place–email, contacts, Evernote, calendar as well as projects, actions, reminders, phone and meeting notes. Finally, a way to really become organized and stay on top of things by using just ONE program.

Martin Cortes

IQTELL it combines the great theory of GTD with your everyday applications, email, calendar, Evernote etc in one place and lets you get more done – Highly recommended.


Never knew Inbox Zero would be so easy, thank you

Kennard Harmsen

One of a kind!

Jeremy Morfitt

IQTELL – Simple, everything in once place. Productivity made easy, easy to be productive. It’s great, really enjoy using the software.

Jan Verhoeven

IQTELL’s Team: great in developing the product and answering questions of users.
The product: real integration, flexible, quick start is possible

My congratulations!

Jacob Tanz

Great cloud based email. My primary work tool!

Erik Nielsen

I would love to support you, unfortunately, right now, I cannot. While I admire and understand your ambitious undertaking, it is too burdensome an incompatible with my work life at this point for it to be practical to me. I have tried nearly every single GTD software for Mac, web-based, iOS, BB7, Android there is. I have yet to find the one that strikes the right balance.

In your case, the Achilles heel is you have no on system presence, and for a guy who lives on his MBP, and who does not always have access to the cloud, this is a show stopper. The hybrid app is the future for survival. I would like to continue to follow your development, and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I love your quest!

Dr. Pavan Kumar

I am an Orthodontist with private practice and also working as a Visiting Professor at a Dental College. My career involves lot of clinical, research, academic and personal projects. I was in search of a good tool to implement GTD methodology to assist me maximize my productivity and I explored many implementations.

Reaching IQTELL has concluded my journey and I am highly satisfied and impressed at how simple the application looks, how easy it is to navigate, and how powerful and customizable the App is.

I add a project in the App for each patient I treat, each student I train, each research project I take up, break the steps as actions and add few details to it and link supporting materials. Now IQTELL takes care of providing me a bird’s eye view for total control on every possible action optimized by context, date, time, person etc..

I highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about adapting the GTD Methodology.

Dilan Rajapakse

Probably the best GTD tool I used so far. I’m gradually moving all my stuff to IQTELL. I even have a picture of all the shortcuts of IQTELL as my desktop wallpaper.

Diane Thompson

I have found IQTELL to be ahead of its time in so many respects. Task and Project Managers are in abundance, but so few of them also include linking to contacts and email. None of them have the same flexibility of arranging the workspace or creating databases for other important data. If you are a GTD advocate, this program is just what you are looking for!

Deirdre Beecher

I have found IQTELL really useful and relatively easy to use. The support team have been fantastic and the developers have taken on board many user suggestions to create a product for users.

David Gilliland

Great system that pulls all of my electronic inbox together and helps me organize it in a way that fits my work flow. I love how helpful the team is in teaching me how to customize it to my way of working after trying several different GTD programs, this is by far the best!

Clive Jenkins

I have been using IQTELL for a number of months and find it to be the best GTD software for me.

Everything in one place! It’s easy to use and amend to suit your own way of working; however scratch below the surface and a whole raft of extras appear to further improve the experience.

Being able to get reminders direct to your mobile is also fantastic. Empty your mind of all its clutter – choose IQTELL.

Chris Cooter

I have been trying to find a way of integrating Evernote into my GTD system, IQTELL has resolved this issue for me. The support team and tutorials are very good and provide excellent detail.

Cameron Whitfield

IQTELL is an amazing program that organizes your life into an easy, flexible format. It will save you hours of time and stress so you can focus on the things that truly matter”

Brian Rush

IQTELL is great for me and my workflow, as everything is connected and in context. I don’t have to go digging through or get distracted by other apps as it’s an all-inclusive solution.

Brad Wohlgemuth

The ability to have the integration of EN, calendar, email, and Projects/actions is just unsurpassed! I really appreciate the tech supports efforts to create what we envision, and fix what needs fixing

Bill Laffin

IQTELL is exactly the kind of one stop shop dashboard my life needed to help me get control of my inputs and stay on top of what’s pulling at me… the ease of use, the potential for self-customization set it far above and beyond all other tools I’ve tried. I really love the new feature ‘Get Started’ with quick links to tutorial videos to refresh on the power of the tool. Life is complex, especially digital life, but with IQTELL in my corner supporting my GTD habits.. I’m able to stay on top of the game of work and get on with the business of life.

Ben Kopf

After many false starts and stops, I never thought I would fine a trusted GTD solution until I started using IQTELL’s all-in-one solution. They have managed to gather all the “stuff” that enters my world and combine it into one easy to manage yet highly customizable interface I actually enjoy using.

Bal Simon

For anyone looking for a better way of dealing with Gmail; for anyone looking to integrate Gmail, Evernote and more in a GTD context, I highly recommend you take a look at IQTELL. And yes — they welcome your ideas too!

Robert Kemp

After solving the initial problem linking my Office 365 work email my experience with IQTell has been excellent.

I am using IQTell to manage all of my major consulting projects. With the iPhone and iPad app I have the flexibility to access IQTell when and where I need to. The iCloud calendar sync allows me to update my Outlook calendar seamlessly.

Looking forward to using the system in the future This is now my favorite GTD application.

Andi Lo

The most powerful, most customizable tool to get things done… ever!

Alvaro Luis Campos

IQTELL has gone beyond my expectations. I loved it when I started. Now it is indispensable.

Ricardo Valls

All in one place… nice! This is an application that I would recommend to my friends. With the proliferation of apps, calendars, e-mail accounts, etc., it is nice to have a large % of those in one place. Hope you keep including other things like Zoho, Mendeley, etc. Also… it would be nice a direct link to Apache Open source…or the possibility to work with MS Office from the application. Great job! Great customer service! Keep it on!

Jason Comely

So far, IQTELL is like a GTD dream come true. I’m really happy with it.

Daniel G. Taylor

Now that I’ve had some time to use IQTELL, I’m using it more and more every day. It’s an amazing app. I use the web, Android and iOS versions of the app every day. Before I started I was already familiar with the GTD system. You’ve created the best GTD system on the planet and you consistently exceed my expectations. Thanks.

Alexander Levchenko

I joined IQTELL with primary purpose to aggregate my multiple mail accounts in one place. I was pleasantly surprised to receive so much more than I expected. Contacts, bookmarks, tasks and so on. Evernote integration implemented some time ago was a huge benefit. And all these functions are getting better and better. Thank you, IQTELL and keep up good work. For those who didn’t join, I strongly recommend to do it.

Andrew Giles

I love it – inbox zero for over two weeks. Unheard of before hand.   I have struggled with GTD, as I have never found a good way to capture all the “stuff” that drops on me – but your systems allow life to continue. whilst not dropping the ball. Two days of meetings can really ruin any plan – but back I come and everything is there waiting, ticking down and reminding me, along with a string of inbox items I’ve thrown at the system as outputs of the meetings. Brilliant.

Adam Hirshan

No GTD system works unless it’s trusted and you use it consistently. IQTELL is sophisticated enough to integrate all your email accounts, contacts, to dos, calendars and notes. It’s simple enough to start using right away. After repeated false starts with other online tools, IQTELL actually makes getting things done easier.

Andrew Coulson

I’ve been using IQtell for about three weeks now and slowly getting to grips with it.  Last week I took the plunge and ditched my to do list manager and installed IQtell on my Android too.  I’m still getting used to both as I am tweaking my ways of working to suit this new set up.  I am really glad I made the switch, as what I have now is everything in one place.

The web product is fantastic for helping you organise yourself well in a “Getting Things Done” (GTD) or GTD like way, so you can be productive.  The ability to bring all of the threads of my productivity system into one place is the game changing feature for me.  It also does it in a way that means I don’t have to change that much, but acts as an aggregator, in the way that a feed reader does.  What’s more most of the integration was as straightforward as using a feed reader too.  Where you do get stuck the quality of the support material is excellent.  The how to videos are especially good, clear, short and well focussed, so you can figure out how to get things working

The evernote integration was important as I have so much stored in there, and that was evolving towards a productivity system on it’s own.  Again the initial set up was very simple and clear.  I can see how, using linked evernotes, I can finally sort out my projects and someday or tickler items in a meaningful way.  Another neat feature is the way that all your tags become available to use with anything in the IQtell workspace, which gets me a long way towards tidying up and rationalising my wayward cloud of tags.

The ability to make virtually anything actionable is another strong feature, as it cuts out an opportunity to procrastinate.  An email comes in and you need to act on it, but it’s not a two minute job, so you make it actionable, give it context and perhaps a due date then link in other information to let you get that job done once you have time – brilliant!

As I mentioned I’ve just taken the plunge with the Android app. I like the user interface a great deal.  On my little Samsung Galaxy Ace with big fingers the date and other selectors are very finger friendly.  At present I find I haven’t really used it as anything other than a to do list application and it works well for this with neat icons for contexts helping to make good use of screen space.  The one downside is that it does not store data on the phone, so has to fetch it every time and if, like me you live on the edge of good mobile data, this means the app is slow.  However it is still early days and it is usable enough

All in all IQtell is an excellent product and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.  It has been put together with GTD in mind and to make best use of the common tools many people use around their productivity system.  The really clever bit is that everything is brought into one place and makes it easy to turn things into actions, helping you to get things done and not just plan to do things.

Sherry Agee

I’ve just started using IQTELL, and I think I’m already hooked! I see great power and potential here. Response time on support issues has been great, as well. Thank you , Team IQTELL!

Jorge Rosell

Just a brief note to say how much I love using IQTELL. I just started using it, but I am very impressed in what I’ve seen so far. Keep up the good work.

Richard Martel

I have been looking for an application that would allow me to integrate emails, tasks, notes and my calendars in the same UI. IQTELL does just that and more. It is a very powerful program that allows you to customize it the way that makes sense to you. The knowledge base is rich in content and the numerous webinars are a great bonus. I think I may have finally found the time/project management program that I was looking for.

Aukje Johanna Jansen-Olthuis

The makers of IQTELL know about GTD and learn more about GTD from their user community every day. This productivity tool is flexible enough to adjust it exactly to my personal work flow organization so my IQTELL workspace now totally supports my GTD lifestyle.

Anna Deregowska-Watza

IQTELL is the best GTD and the best for task and time managing application I have ever used. Easy enough for start in few minutes after registration, full of many useful solutions facilitating daily work and also very flexible. Integration with tools like Evernote and Dropbox (I hadn’t changed any of my habits :)), ability to synchronize emails or simple sending some of them to application converting them to tasks as well as convenient extension for Chrome, make IQT very comfortable and efficient application.

I’m in love with mobile version of IQTell. Simple design and capability of personalization of visible elements (I don’t need many of them on my phone, so I choose Next Actions, Actions, Projects and Tickler) make it fast and productive.

At the end – their support is very helpful and as quick as lightning. What else do anyone need? :)

Hansjürg Hürzeler

I was in between jobs – so my trusted old GTD implementation using the corporate Exchange server gone. Was struggling with paper. Or should I use gmail? Maybe evernote? Then several consulting engagements in different companies. Teaching at a professional college. Now in a new job with a new company.

What a relief I came across IQTELL! Integrating 2 Gmail Accounts that in turn bring together several email addresses. Integrating Evernote for my documentation. Access to IQTELL from my company iPhone. From my private Android phone. From my Nexus tablet. From the corporate PC. From home.

What more would I want?

Bill Gross

IQTell is the first application I open every morning and usually last one I look at and close in the evening.

IQTell is one the very best applications developed. I have tried and tested almost every other comparable application and nothing else comes close. I consider IQTell a must have tool for managing my everyday life and work schedule every day.

Suzy Koch

Easy to set up, and the very first productivity app that I was able to fully use it to my benefit. It keeps me focus by making sure I stay on track on what I have to prioritize, and most important, start getting things done in my life! I used to have tons of lists, overdue tasks, and eventually I started losing track of important dates, and things I had to renew or be remembered at. Projects that involved many smaller tasks, like remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, became overwhelmingly complicated using lists, calendar, email, folders. Why? Simply because they are somehow not linked to each other! So I am glad to come across this gem! Now IQTell is like my little secret of productivity. Once you get used to go to IQTell either on your computer or on your phone, it becomes highly addictive. I really feel relieved knowing I have all my stuff in one place. It works like a charm! Work and personal life can be overwhelming if you are the type of person who makes things happen. So here you go, IQTell is my first public recommendation because I am sure you won’t need anything else for getting things done.

Jeff White

Simply the BEST GTD system on the market – bar none!

When asked by members of my high-performance business work-group to advise them on a better way of managing their time and being productive, I thought it’d be useful for me too.

I didn’t realise at the time that the journey into GTD and how best to use it, would lead me to discover a truly wonderful application like IQTELL.To cut a lengthy story short(er), I tried many applications and read dozens of reviews with only moderate success in finding an all-round useful product.Like all good things tend to do, they expose themselves to you, or come into your view clearly, when the time is right. That’s how I feel about IQTELL. I think if I’d found it first, I might not have realised how truly wonderful this product is.

So it seems that after investigating many alternatives – the time was right… IQTELL came into my view and where previously I’d looked past it, this time, I took the next step, to sign up and have a look, watch the videos and give it a try myself.

Being able to have all my email addresses centralised in one place, Evernote synchronisation and so on, was absolutely perfect and EXACTLY what I was looking for, not just for me, but this is the perfect tool for me to present to my high-performance business classes, to help them improve their productivity and time management.

So impressed am I, that writing this “praise” or testimonial, is something I couldn’t wait to do.

I started using it today and I already know that I’ve found the epitome of GTD devices and the learning curve on how to use it, is something I’m looking forward to (and I’m one of the most impatient bastards you’re likely to meet, so it says a lot).

Well done to the folks who created, improve and support this product – It’s early days, but I will certainly be recommending it to all of my clients.

Ruben Porporato

I am a GTD fan, Inbox Zero addicted, mad about IQTELL since October.
With the newly introduced email full functionality on mobile devices, IQTELL is the tool.

Tried almost everything before… used for some weeks, very high expectations… then moved to another one… and so on for months (years). Now, I’m sure I’ve found the treasure. Thank you, guys.

Michael Reed

Love your apps, am inspired to use them and GTD! I am WOWed by how much functionality your apps have. Rich interactions and connected options and assets. Very nicely done. You’re on the right path here.

Adam Koch

Just wanted to take a few minutes to write to you and sing my praises of the great product and team you’ve put together. After starting and stopping with so many task management tools, I’ve finally found one that sticks and for the first time I feel like I’m in the ballpark of my ideal life in terms of productivity and efficiency.

There are so many things to highlight, but three really jump out:

1. Customizability: The sheer number of modules means that I can organize all aspects of my life in one location (this was especially useful to me as a full time employee who recently completed his MBA in the evenings). Beyond the standard GTD modules, not only was there a portal for anything I’d want to capture (from meetings to classes to reference material), but each was so customizable, so that I could have exactly the info I needed, where I wanted it, without extraneous details
2. Ease of use: The system flow seamlessly, so that if I get an email that needs to be attached to a file in reference, I can do that with the click of a button. If I have an Evernote that needs to be connected to a project, same thing. Plus there are tools that make it so easy for me to file information in IQTell, so that if I’m on the subway and suddenly remember a task I need to do, there is no worry that I’ll forget it. The introduction of macros has only amplified how easy it is to work with the program and the new release with email capability seems to be the final piece in the puzzle which I anticipate will only make things that much easier to get whatever information I need filed in the correct place quickly.
3. The Team: Whenever I’ve had an issue or question the IQTell team has responded to me in a matter of hours, and fixed whatever issue I might have had within 24 hours. They have often volunteered to have a Skype conversation with me as soon as I report an issue so that they may better understand what is going on and are great with taking suggestions from the entire IQTell community and constantly looking to improve the product.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my IQTell experience. For anyone who is a heavy user of Evernote, and balancing a number of roles, projects and tasks, there is no product that competes with it for getting your life more organized, more productive and as a result more at peace.

Thanks again!

Brandon Morrell

Thanks for the great product. It’s made a significant impact to my productivity and daily workflow. Being the administrator at a private school, music director at a fairly large church, small business owner, husband and father… productivity is very important to me.

Taica Patience

IQTELL is the quintessential task management app! My friends may think I am a little strange sometimes that I get so excited about it, but they understand once they realize what a life saver it’s been for me.

Over a year ago, I decided that the “little pieces of paper everywhere” method of keeping track of information wasn’t working for me. I had tried every kind of pen a paper system. Once I got a tablet, I finally decided to go digital. Before I started using IQTELL I researched every option out there for task management and narrowed it down to the three best ones for me to try. The others paled by comparison. I have an extremely complex information life, and IQTELL is up for the task. I am using it to keep track of just about every aspect of my life.

I have been using it for a year now, and it keeps getting better and better as they develop the program more. It is in beta still, and free right now (including tons of helpful videos and even live online classes in how to use it). Also, when I have had any major learning curve in the last year, they will get on the phone with me and walk me through with respect and intelligence! Their customer service and support is amazing. One time in the beginning, I had an idea to add a “history” folder to track the past, and they have now added to it as part of the app. So responsive!

The app itself is incredibly versatile, feature rich and customizable. It incorporates email, Evernote, calendar, contacts, history and more. One of the things that I love most is that my entire information life is stored on IQTELL, which is web based, so if anything malfunctions I still have access to all of my important information from any computer or device.

This app is the best thing that happened to my organizational life, ever.

Todd Martin

Exceeds your expectations. If you are looking for an all in one cross platform planner that will exceed all your expectations this is the one. This is the one program that lets me consolidate and organize accounts, businesses and devices. I continue to be amazed at how this program has incorporated so many of processes I would love to have. To top it off Evernote is already integrated into it. The customization features make this program truly outstanding. As a bonus it works great on BB10.

José Fonseca Pires

I’ve used IQTELL since 2013 on desktop and mobile. IQTELL integrates everything: emails, tasks, contacts, events, notes. IQTELL follows GTD method; it’s 100% customizable; it’s reliable. IQTELL has a great help support. IQTELL it’s a must have! For me IQTELL means: Getting everyThings Done! José

Kari Matthews

Usually I disable the “sent from …” tags at the end of emails, but I purposely did not in IQTELL. I love the tool so much, I want to share it with everyone. I used to keep a notebook by my desk, and I’d take notes on phone calls and projects. I filled notebook after notebook, but it was nearly impossible to find notes later. I also had a browser with a pile of tabs open: 10 different webmail addresses, Evernote, a project management tool, etc. I also had unwieldy bookmarks. I had all the info I needed an no way to find it. Although this is completely normal behavior for us creative, divergent types, it is not efficient and is often frustrating. IQTELL saved me. I spent some time organizing my notes, emails, and projects in IQTELL, and now I have all the creative splash I need plus the ability to find it all. I put my notebook scribblings in either my project notes on in Evernote, knowing I can now find anything and everything in my IQTELL tab. I also have the app installed on my phone, and it is absolutely outstanding.

I’ve kept track of my performance since using IQTELL, and much to my surprise, I’ve increased my productive working hours by about two hours a day. For me, this is more than a 20% increase. I spend much less time doing unproductive activities like flipping through notebooks and making (and then losing) task lists on sticky notes. It is great to be able to take a phone call from a client and look at my call history with said client while I’m talking to him.

GTD always seemed great to me in theory, but IQTELL was just what I needed to start doing it in practice.

Alex Kelly

I ultimately chose IQTell because of the integration with everything I was already using. Email is a major source of input for my workflow, and other solutions require me to either forward the emails and process them later, installing plugins to a desktop mail client (which then doesn’t work for my phone) or suffer through cutting and pasting the information and then dis-joining my communications from my work (Plus I really hate working in Outlook or OWA, so getting that out of my life makes me happy). IQTell gives me an actual, trusted system that I can manage every aspect of “stuff” that comes in. The action/macros on email really streamline the workflow and with email linking to tasks/projects, I know that I will always have all the pieces in one spot when I am working on a project. Add to this the fact that the mobile version has all the functionality in a modern interface. I do not use the default mail app on my phone anymore. Everything is managed through IQTell. The icing on the delicious cake that is IQTell is developers who are active in the community discussions, and who work with users to help them learn how to better use the system and to continually work on the system. All of these things have made me extremely happy I made the choice to jump my last solution and move to IQTell.

Garmon Garth

I work at a university in London, as Head of Student Recruitment and choose IQTell to manage my workflow. The key thing for me was the email integration that it offers, and the ability to link emails to projects and actions.  I manage a team of 7, and find that IQTell allows me to manage my work so much easier than previously. I make a lot of use of the Agenda widget, which allows me to jot down notes when they occur which I then bring up for my weekly individual and team meetings with my staff. The saved searches also enable me to bring up all the actions that I’ve allocated to each member of my staff for when I meet them. I would appreciate a bit more flexibility with the print options though – it would be great to be able to select which columns to print out as I want to see a different set of columns on the screen for my own use, but to print out and share only selected parts of that. 

The integration with Evernote has enabled me to make much better use of evernote than previously. I now feel that I can use each piece of software for its intended use – ie I don’t need to used Word to keep notes, I no longer have to keep emails as a reminder to an action, but can change them into Actions immediately.   It really has changed the way that I work, and look forward to its continued development. 

Justin Baker

I’ve had been searching for a new productivity tool for a long time.  IQTELL has done way more than that.  It’s email and workflow management reinvented!  I haven’t had zero emails in my inboxes for over 10 years.  Inbox zero every day now with little effort and zero fear of dropping the ball!

Nick S.

Having tried just about every GTD app going I have to say that iQtell stands head and shoulders above the rest. Solid GTD methodology combined with user configurability is a real winner. Combine this with an ultra responsive development team and you can’t go wrong. Loving it!

Lee Laslo

I’ve been building web apps for more than a decade. I’ve been an early adopter of all kinds of things — Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. I think I’m pretty good at finding products that work well, and I have to say that what you’ve created here is just fantastic. In terms of GTD, it’s great. In terms of improving productivity, it’s great. In terms of interaction design, it’s great. In terms of connectivity with other platforms and services, it’s great. Really, really nicely done!

Sheila Penton

I was looking for a task manager that fully integrated with my Google Calendar – I found IQTELL it does this and way more! I’m very impressed by all of the integrations it has and I love how customizable the Web App is, I’ve set it up the way that works for ME to get things done. I’ve never been so productive and felt so organized, as a Mom that runs a home based business this is no easy feat. Thank you for giving me my sanity back IQTELL!

Eriel Nash

I am sincerely overwhelmed at the quality, feature-set, comprehensiveness, and usability of IQTELL. I had previously looked at 6 other programs, and even the premium paid subscriptions weren’t able to compare. Many thanks for creating such an excellent tool.

Martijn Luycks

IQTell is just that one app that can help chaotic people like me keep being organized. Just write down every thought, idea or to-do, collect emails that require action, write or record notes just to clear your mind. I tought my inner-leader to reserve 3 times a day to organise al the input and convert the input with (for me) the highest priority into projects and actions and IQTell supports me in giving me overview and focus. For convenience IQTell even introduced macro’s that let you convert e-mails directly into actions. After my ‘organizing sessions’, the rest of the day I trust IQTell.
When you assign actions to contexts your life gets even better (eg. if I’m shopping I always look at my ‘shop’ context to see if there’s anything useful I can do when my girlfriend is digging for some new clothes). I’m always executing my most important actions at the right place and in time.
As a professional Scrum Master in software development I see a lot of parallels between the IQTell way of organizing and the Scrum way of breeding a high-performance organisational unit. Scrum is a proven process, so why not use this way of thinking for your own high-performance personal time management? IQTell is ‘Getting Things Done’ the easy way!

Ted Brock

I’m a territory Sales Manager, Industrial Supplies. I use IQTell for everything. We quote a lot of different things for a lot of different customers. calendar, email… I love the level of detail and customization.

Ronald Gorman

As a real estate agent and a constant user of Evernote, I have found IQTell to allow me to make more efficient use of my time. To be able to coordinate my calendar, my Evernotes, my reminders, my follow-ups, and my mail program all in one is a great value at a very reasonable cost. Another big plus is the awesome support that responds to my questions very quickly and makes certain that my issues have been cleared.

Manuel Castaneda

As a Director in IT for a major school district, I have to manage many projects, schedules, personnel, and issues. Prior to IQTELL I struggled using many different tools to try to keep track of everything – Evernote for reference, Toodledo for tasks, MS Project for even small projects, and proprietary local systems for task delegation. IQTELL replaced all of them. I still use Evernote, but IQTELL integrates so well with that I often use the interface in IQTELL rather than Evernote’s. I can now triage my email, convert to actions, assign and delegate and manage short term projects all in one application. It has increased my productivity and allowed me to reclaim some of my sanity!

Christian Hanz

I’m an avid Evernote user and have been searching for some time for the productivity tool that would merge my Evernote and various work and personal email accounts into one virtual “inbox”. I’ve finally found that tool with IQTell. Not only does it allow me to tie actions directly to the original Evernote and email notes, but it facilitates the whole GTD process from collection through weekly review. I’ve never felt more in control of my projects and actions in both my work and personal life. I’m hooked!

Stephen Gardner

I highly recommend IQTell to anyone who is overwhelmed, using multiple applications, and is trying to take control and get organized.

IQTell’s complete GTD methodology is wonderful. Few other applications can come close to the all-in-one GTD style workflow that IQTell provides out of the box. On top of GTD, it has the flexibility to track my purchases, recipes, bookmarks, travels and so much more. This allows IQTell to be my one stop shop for my daily personal and business life. The ability to turn emails into actions/projects, or link them as needed with macros allows me to keep everything for a customer/project in one spot instead of piece mailing things together. The amount of time I save with IQTell daily is incredible, it allows me to continue growing my business and stop worrying about the “system” its in. The flexibility to customize IQTell to fit my needs is outstanding. IQTELL works based on my workflow, I’m not trying to make my workflow work around a preset system and hope it fits.

Darren Stehle

I’ve used some software or apps that didn’t offer all the solutions that IQTELL offers. When I looked at anything similar, it was way beyond my needs, seemed hard to learn, or too team focused (I’m the only one in my business.)

Your trial offer of two months was a great start, but honestly I was convinced of how well IQTELL worked for me within about three days! It took a bit of time to set up and coordinate, but that was to be expected. There’s no looking back now!

Glenn Huther

I picked IQTell because it allows me to link my emails and/or evernote notes to my projects and actions. Some data is best left in evernote (given the generous storage and flexibility of notes) and some is best kept within email conversations. Linking is much smarter than duplicating. Additionally, some emails are the cause for new actions or projects so having a solution that streamlines the creation of those new, automatically linked actions/projects is awesome. Alignment with the GTD model was another critically important factor to me and IQTell’s amazing flexibility to be customised surpasses anything else I’ve come across in my (lengthy!) investigations.

Dave Flowers

I manage everything in IQTell and find that I can now process my email in most efficient ways.  I can easily turn email into tasks an projects and, quite importantly, attach emails to existing tasks and projects so that when managing my work items I can see the entire picture without having to use all the separate applications I was using before.

Just a few examples, I use IQTell to manage our meetings; our give-away packages to guests on their second visit; organizing concerts of worship, where it’s just music; as well as when planning an upcoming retreat with my leaders, that becomes a Project in IQTell, and all my email communications with the team are tracked, as well as every bit of correspondence as I am lining up details for the retreat itself. Basically, I use IQTell for anything I need to track, remember, or act on.

IQTell support is extremely responsive. Tutorials and the user forum are really helpful. The product is constantly being updated and improved. The Android client allows me to do almost everything I can do on the desktop. I’m a fan, and an evangelist, for this product. I believe in it.
I love IQTell’s functions and the way it helps me run my life and my work. Thanks for a great product!

Colin Reid

As a financial advisor dealing with over 300 clients, the GTD methodology has helped me stay on top of things and to help provide the service my clients need. IQTell has been a great tool in helping to implement GTD and Evernote has always been an ideal complement. With the integration of IQTell and Evernote, it has made my job that much easier.

David Gross

IQTell offers the user an encompassing framework for implementing David Allen’s GTD workflow. While other solutions are out there, I really liked the customization and extra features that IQTell offered. Having Evernote integration was a nice plus. I also chose IQTell due to the availability across all platforms, including mobile. The support team at IQTell actively seek to listen to users input and work to improve an already fabulous tool.

Rob Burke, MD

I am a firm believer in the GTD system. However as a busy physician and ICU manager, I was frustrated trying to assimilate information from many sources into a reliable task processing system. I was more concerned about maintaining the system than trusting and using it to complete tasks. With IQTell I am able to process input from gmail, outlook, evernote, websites, policy references to create a reliable reference and task management system. Chairing 4 meetings, I am able to create tasks and delegate from within the agenda section of IQTell. IQTell allows me to be an effective manager of quality improvement projects without having the luxury of a managers desk time. IQTell grows with you.

Jay Wasson, PE

My main usage of IQTell is to add some semblance of order to my otherwise crazy and unpredictable days. “Processing” my email is key to effectively manage actions and associated projects. The integration with my Exchange email and calendar as well as Evernote provide me with the comprehensive tool kit to get things done and ensure that I am always working on the most important item with the limited discretionary time I have every day.

Lars Schwabe

Thx! for indeed the best productivity app(s) I have seen in the last 10+ years.

James Robson

Why IQTell? The ability to have everything in one place – I have so many areas to consider, it is vital that I can have confidence that I’ll get done what needs to get done when it needs to get done.  I use IQTell to ‘run’ my life – the different projects that I have to oversee, such as the validation of new degrees, the preparation and organisation of new curricula, and the planning of all my teaching, leadership and management responsibilities.

Scott Finneran

IQTELL is the best match I’ve found for David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) system which shifts the mental effort of remembering and organising into a tool. Hidden Gems such as the list widgets on the Android version mean that I can walk into a meeting knowing where we left off and what to tackle next. Frankly, I manage more people and projects than I can keep in my head at once so I let IQTELL do that for me and I focus on decision making and strategy