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Motivational Quotes

Passion and Patience Once Combined Open The Heart and Mind

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Never Settle

Patience is the most important virtue for those who have passion... And I think that it's safe to say that Steve knew a thing or two abou...Read more

Changing Habits

Perfectionism – Turn the curse into a gift

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Focus to avoid Perfectionism's traps

Perfectionism is a path many people walk but only few get to enjoy. According to Wikipedia: “Perfectionism is a personality disposition ch...Read more

Personal Productivity

How Creative People Transform Their Creativity into Creation

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Creativity and Productivity

What’s the common thread between Leonardo De Vinci, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein?  We all know they were extremely creative people but is ...Read more

Personal Productivity

The Visionary and Me

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The way Steve Jobs influanced my life

Last week, Steve Jobs, one of the world’s greatest innovators, passed away at the young age of 56. It would be difficult to find anyone who ...Read more