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Why It’s So Important to have a Specific Goal and Commit to It

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What’s driving you in life? How do you determine what’s important and what’s not? Setting highly specific goals is crucial for maintaining t...Read more


Launching our new web app

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The approach of the fully integrated email productivity solution Just as a quick recap, IQTell is the only fully-integrated platform provid...Read more

Personal Productivity

Why some people remain cool at work while others fall apart?

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Why some people remain cool at work?

Some people just look, act, and perform like they were born to do the job… Of course, this perplexes most of us because let’s face it; be...Read more

Changing Habits

How to find what motivates you (and use it time and again)

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what motivates us

I published a post a few weeks ago talking about unconscious motives and how they can either supply us with heaps of motivation or sap it aw...Read more

Comic Strips

This Advice Will Change the Way you look at colors

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This Advice Will Change the Way you look at colors 1. Did you know that you can increase your productivity by looking at certain colors? ...Read more