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Personal Productivity

Are We Managing Our To-Do Lists All Wrong?

wrote this on February 6, 2014 /18 comments
Are you managing your to-do list wrong?

Like me, I’m sure you’d like to be more productive.  You prioritize your lists, break big projects to bite sized tasks and you try to keep i...Read more

Personal Productivity

One Shot One Kill – Plan Like a Sniper and Achieve your Goals

wrote this on September 4, 2013 /6 comments
Achieve your goals like a sniper

We already know that a critical component in reaching our goals is focus. The problem is that focusing is not too easy with all the temptati...Read more

Personal Productivity

7 Surprising Things Planning and Productivity Teach Us

wrote this on August 8, 2013 /4 comments
Planning and Productivity Teach a lot of things

Our quest for knowledge is never ending; at least that’s theory.  So, even if you are already a great planner, there’s always more to learn....Read more

Comic Strips

Hack Productivity – The Only Way to Stay Ahead is to Plan Ahead

wrote this on July 3, 2013 /2 comments
Plan ahead and wear lifejacket

Today on our hack productivity comic strip, we’re sending you an important reminder. Just when you think everything is going ok; things...Read more


The 4th of July Mid-Year Review

wrote this on July 2, 2013 /2 comments
The Mid Year Review

The 4th of July is nearly here.  A day in which we celebrate our forefathers’ victory over oppression and tyranny, a day in which we celebra...Read more