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Changing Habits

Sloth – The Deadliest Sin

wrote this on April 8, 2013 /2 comments
Don't be a sloth

“Evil exists when good people fail to act.” Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins and in my opinion, the deadliest sin. It’s described as s...Read more

Changing Habits

The Rewarding Habit of Rewarding Habits – part 2

wrote this on February 25, 2013 /1 comment
Making new year's resolutions stick

I recommend that you read The Rewarding habit of Rewarding Habits part 1 to make sense of this Post. Almost 2 months passed since you've ma...Read more

Personal Productivity

Jumpstart Problem Solving

wrote this on February 17, 2013 /no comments
How to solve problems

Avoidance is probably the number one reason behind all major problems. When something happens which requires your attention, you have to dea...Read more

Personal Productivity

Master The 10 Foundations of Personal Productivity

wrote this on December 17, 2012 /9 comments
Master Personal Productivity

At the core of human desire, there’s the need for “more”.  Getting more done, experiencing as much as we can, and looking for the next big t...Read more

Changing Habits

Perfectionism – Turn the curse into a gift

wrote this on November 12, 2012 /2 comments
Focus to avoid Perfectionism's traps

Perfectionism is a path many people walk but only few get to enjoy. According to Wikipedia: “Perfectionism is a personality disposition ch...Read more