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Personal Productivity

Master the Art of Doing Using Martial Arts Principles

wrote this on August 15, 2013 /4 comments
Use Martial Arts Principles and do more

I trained at martial arts most of my life; both in the martial aspects of the training and in the art behind the movements. There are many ...Read more

Life Hacks

Planning Zen – How Planning Calms You Down

wrote this on February 5, 2013 /11 comments
Planning calms you down

If you’re a person who knows how to plan, then are probably calm, positive, and resourceful.  Why? Planning has several effects on your nerv...Read more

Personal Productivity

The 10 Most Popular IQTELL Productivity Posts of 2011

wrote this on December 30, 2011 /1 comment
The 10 Most Popular Stories of 2011 - 12.29.2011

New Year's is here and we decided to reminisce and check the 10 most popular IQTELL productivity posts of 2011, enjoy. #1 5 Anti-Laziness T...Read more

App Updates

First Things First, IQTELL

wrote this on September 26, 2011 /8 comments

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been interviewing users who were invited to IQTELL’s Early Beta User Group.  We received an overwhelming posit...Read more