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Comic Strips

This Advice Will Change the Way you look at colors

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This Advice Will Change the Way you look at colors 1. Did you know that you can increase your productivity by looking at certain colors? ...Read more

People Skills

How to Ignore your Managers and Still Keep them Happy

wrote this on November 20, 2013 /1 comment
Ignore your Managers and Keep them Happy

Whether you work for a boss or are self-employed where your boss is your customer, you are always trying to follow instructions, deliver res...Read more

Personal Productivity

The Problem with ASAP

wrote this on July 17, 2013 /6 comments
The Problem with ASAP

When I work on things, I like to take my time.  I think that everyone will agree with me that nothing beats having enough time to work on yo...Read more

Motivational Quotes

For Creative People, Less is More

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Hard at work or hardly working?

That's why Bill gates said ...Read more

Personal Productivity

Can you imagine what having more time feels like?

wrote this on July 16, 2012 /2 comments
Treat your tasks with all seriousness and get more time on your hands

You probably encountered this several times in the past, people talking about their tasks as something that saps their energy and leaves the...Read more