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The future of IQTell

/ June 29, 2017

Ran has decided to spend more time with his family and his many other personal activities. Consequently, IQTell will stop providing its services as of August 1st, 2017.  Notice to users was given on June 21, 2017. Ran’s decision is despite the enthusiastic reception of the ...Read more

Ideas to improve the productivity of your sales team

/ June 6, 2017

Unimaginative and unproductive employees are every company's worst nightmare as the future of a company is dependent on how well its employees perform and how motivated they are. However, low productivity may not exclusively be the employee's fault as there may be problems in the...Read more

Why It’s So Important to have a Specific Goal and Commit to It

/ May 13, 2017

What’s driving you in life? How do you determine what’s important and what’s not? Setting highly specific goals is crucial for maintaining the needed level of motivation and pushing forward. There’s something incredibly powerful when it comes to committing a goal you know will...Read more

Launching our new web app

/ April 5, 2017

The approach of the fully integrated email productivity solution Just as a quick recap, IQTell is the only fully-integrated platform providing a powerful email client along with task and project management capabilities. Since most business correspondence is based on email, the e...Read more

No worries. We’re watching for you…

/ March 26, 2017

When awaiting a response is important With a small number of emails where expecting a reply is important, keeping track of whether you received a reply can be quite simple. However, that isn’t the case when your pipeline is rather large - when the number of “Waiting for” is subs...Read more

The sun is setting, no response to my email yet…

/ March 1, 2017

How often do you find there is no response to important email you sent? Examples are numerous.  A proposal to a client; a paper you submitted; requested information you provided, etc. On all these occasions, you are expecting a response and overall, to achieve closure.  You want...Read more

Keep Track of your Meetings in Evernote and Get Things Done with IQTell

/ February 20, 2017

For all of you freelancers, self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs - meeting with prospects and clients most likely plays a key role in your business.  During such meetings, using Evernote on your mobile device, tablet or laptop is the easiest, most effective way of taking n...Read more

GTD – Mastering Workflow Series Level 1

/ March 26, 2016

Earlier this year, I signed up and attended “Mastering Workflow Series Level 1”, which is a GTD course provided by the David Allen Company that took place in Boston, MA on February 18, 2016. Time well spent! Mike Williams, CEO of the David Allen Company conducted this cours...Read more

If I Could Have Only ONE App on My Phone…

/ September 20, 2015

The Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, IQTELL actually helps you get it all done. If you're a GTD guru, you'll love this. If you're not, you may find it challenging at first because it's so powerful. Think of it as a sports car with a tremendous engine that can turn your dail...Read more

7 Morning Habits for a Productive Day

/ August 25, 2015

How you start your day has the potential to impact how you’ll spend the rest of it, and we can’t all be morning people. Getting yourself into good morning habits can inspire optimism and motivation for those of us who don’t have enough of it on our own. Utilizing your freshly wok...Read more

Slash your task list

/ February 17, 2015

Slash your task list To-do lists have a habit of growing and growing and growing… We often speak to people who have hundreds of items on their task list.  Initially, this may sound impressive, but it’s quite the opposite.  With those kinds of numbers, it’s not a surprise that ...Read more

How to do a Weekly Review

/ January 13, 2015

The Weekly Review is often regarded as the pinnacle of personal productivity.  Introduced by David Allen in his ground-breaking productivity method – Getting Things Done, almost every other productivity guru has introduced a similar periodic review into their methodology. This...Read more

New Year’s Resolution Fails

/ January 7, 2015

With every passing year, we make New Year’s resolutions, only more often than not (probably 100%), we fail to achieve them.  Why do we insists on continuing with this ritual?  Or better yet, why don’t we change our approach so we can finally succeed? Whether we want to get fit...Read more

Productivity Tips for Office Managers

/ December 29, 2014

Whether you are an Office Manager or Executive Assistant, the challenges hindering productivity and organization are very similar.  These tend to hit smaller businesses harder since headcount may be limited.  Surprisingly, these challenges can be easily overcome by taking a step ...Read more

Guest Post, IQTELL – my favorite productivity system

/ October 27, 2014

Great post by IQTell User - -Jens-Petter Berget I have been using IQTELL for a few weeks. I’ve been using the free trial. But, it has already become my favorite productivity app. I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be much against Todoist. I still think Todoist is an awesome syste...Read more

Stop losing money on productivity

/ October 7, 2014

Whether you follow the teachings of GTD®, Inbox Zero, Pomodoro or any other productivity method, money is a key driver.  This is especially the case if you are a business owner.  Many tasks on our ever growing task can and be assigned a $$$ value that affects our bottom line. ...Read more

My Top 10 Productivity Quotes from some famous people

/ September 23, 2014

We all need a bit of inspiration to stay on top of our useful habits.  We’re human after all. Problems often stem from good habits that were not collected on time and bad ones that we were unable to shake. It’s never too late to acquire new habits and drop old ones. Here’s ...Read more

Guest Post – Old school, new technology.

/ September 11, 2014

IQTell? Another productivity tool? Yes. Yet another productivity tool? No. This one makes email archiving like manual filing and physical photocopying.  Old school, new technology. How does it feel like manual filing? When an email comes in (or goes out), you decide what...Read more

Fuel your Mornings with Small Victories to Propel your Days

/ September 3, 2014

Like me there are a lot of people who find it hard to get out of bed in the morning; for us, every day the struggle begins anew. My wife is one of those people who are a beacon of energy in the morning.  She begins her day full of energy on a regular-basis. While she sprints f...Read more

Guest blog – Julie

/ August 18, 2014

Check out a detailed IQTell review by Julie. "I am absolutely THRILLED to be launching “Tools Tuesday” with this app. IQTELL has become one of my go-to tools in a very short period of time, and that says a lot since I am not very faithful to my apps. "  Read More...Read more

Deal Effectively with Sent Mail

/ August 3, 2014

All too often we hear about processing our email inbox.  Inbox Zero is thrown around like it is the holy grail of productivity. It’s a topic that I’ve written about many times, so I am not saying anything bad about Inbox Zero ;-) But what about our Sent Mail? Why do we overloo...Read more

Deadlines, friend or foe?

/ July 28, 2014

Without a doubt having a deadline can push us to outdo ourselves by virtue of the deadline’s presence alone. There are usually four questions that we ask ourselves when confronted with deadlines: What will happen if I miss it? How far away is the deadline? Will I be ab...Read more

Write the Right Email Subject Lines

/ July 21, 2014
Get your point across.

Why are we skimming through our email subject lines before we open them? Why not just roll up our sleeves and open them? This is a question that I’m sure you found yourselves asking more than once… When we skim, our ability to reach the right decision regarding which emails...Read more

10 Hacks to Boost Willpower

/ July 13, 2014
Boost your willpower

We've all had the feeling of struggling against our own self-control, whether it is to get an important presentation done at work or resisting dessert at a dinner party. The problem, science has discovered, is that we really are of two minds about keeping our diet or eating the c...Read more

Guest Blog – Dan Duncan

/ July 7, 2014

Hi Everyone, Below is a post written by an IQTell user, Dan Duncan. Dan is a consultant and uses IQTell to help run his consulting business.  Check out his IQTell story below and be sure to check out Dan's Evernote trick. I am a private consultant.  I work primarily with no...Read more

The Challenges Email Apps Face in 2014

/ July 2, 2014

We have been really excited to hear our user’s feedback lately.  We’ve heard that processing emails has become much easier.  More importantly, users were able to achieve and maintain InboxZero more consistently; which is great news! We have identified the following: Proces...Read more

Failure to communicate is a habit – It’s time to break the habit

/ June 23, 2014

Why do some people communicate better than others? Is it an innate ability that sets them apart or is it something else? “What we got here is a failure to communicate” Cool Hand Luck I won’t focus in this post on all the skills you should master in order to communicate effe...Read more

The Truth Behind Inbox Zero

/ June 17, 2014

A few years ago, Merlin Mann conceived the notion of Inbox Zero.  He eloquently described what it is we all want: to finally gain control of our overflowing inbox, and ultimately, our life.  The concept is simple; we need to aim for zero mail in our Email Inbox. Easier said than ...Read more

This is by far the easiest way to create a new habit!

/ June 9, 2014

By now you should have that New Year’s resolution under your belt, right? It’s been like more than a half a year since, right? Let me take an educated guess here...Your New Year’s resolutions fizzled into fairy dust two weeks into New Year’s, right? Why can’t you follow wit...Read more

Automatically Turn Evernote to Tasks and Projects

/ May 14, 2014
Connect IQTELL to Evernote

We just released a key enhancement to our integration with Evernote.  By simply tagging an Evernote, you can automatically create Actions, Projects and more in IQTELL. This works on any Evernote platform that you are on: desktop, web or mobile device.  Just tag your Evernote a...Read more

IQTELL latest iOS Features

/ May 12, 2014
Email Apps Release

In this short video, we highlight the latest features for the IQTELL iPhone and iPAD Apps. - Email Alias - Creating Calendar Events - Personalizing Macros (aka email processing shortcuts) - New Preference - Auto Advance Make sure you check how to: Set up Email Ali...Read more

10 Reasons why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

/ May 1, 2014
why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

While not quite productive, reminiscing has its perks! …and hey, it’s Labor Day! Recently I’ve been watching the A-Team series. The earliest lessons I’ve got in team building and management where from this show. Some were good; some were funny and some were just plain aweso...Read more

Why some people remain cool at work while others fall apart?

/ April 30, 2014
Why some people remain cool at work?

Some people just look, act, and perform like they were born to do the job… Of course, this perplexes most of us because let’s face it; being a knowledge worker nowadays ain’t easy.  Knowledge worker is a term coined by Peter Drucker in his 1959 book ‘The landmarks of Tomorrow’...Read more

IQTELL’s Recorded GTD® Webinar!

/ April 24, 2014
Our Recorded Wevinar

As you know, we hold Live Weekly GTD® and IQTELL Webinars.  We receive many requests for a link to the recorded webinar.  Your wish is our command; below you’ll find the link to the recorded webinar as well as the links to the webinar slide.  As always, a big thank you to David A...Read more

l will teach you how to learn something new today!

/ April 16, 2014
Productivity mind hacks

Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn something new today, or every day for that matter? You’ll probably say something like: “Sure, that sounds great! But I can’t because…”. Just about everyone I know wants to learn new skills and habits, but only a select few are able to muste...Read more

How to find what motivates you (and use it time and again)

/ April 10, 2014
what motivates us

I published a post a few weeks ago talking about unconscious motives and how they can either supply us with heaps of motivation or sap it away. In a comment I was asked (by Brett) if I had tips for people in search of their personal unconscious motives. And as a matter of fact...Read more

March 2014 – Our iPad Mini and Lifetime Premium Account Winners

/ April 8, 2014
Contest winners

We are truly honored to have such a great user community.  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s willingness to help spread the word about your IQTELL experience with.  Thank you all for your support! It was quite a challenge to select the winners and again, thanks to everyone wh...Read more

The 3 Most Annoying Work Scenarios (and How To Get Out Of Them Unscathed)

/ March 25, 2014
Annoying Work Scenarios

Sometimes, we get into a situation in the office that we wish we could avoid. We get there because let’s face it; we’re not alone there… An office is a hive of people that works toward the same goal. But unlike real hives, there is no central brain that controls everyone’s ...Read more

Work with Boredom, Procrastination and Laziness. Don’t fight them

/ March 20, 2014

Work WITH boredom, procrastination and laziness. Don’t fight them. 1. Many times we find ourselves fighting boredom, procrastination and laziness. Why? Because that’s what we were told... 2. But what if I told you that they have a work around, but you’ll have to be bold? ...Read more

How to Spot Those ‘More Than 2 Minute Emails’ Before You Open Them?

/ March 13, 2014
Spot 2 minutes emails

Have you ever paused to ask yourself how one identifies the amount of time it takes to process an email before opening it i.e. via title alone? When we survey our email list, most of us would like to have some kind of estimation on how much time it’s going to take to process t...Read more

This Advice Will Change the Way you look at colors

/ March 12, 2014

This Advice Will Change the Way you look at colors 1. Did you know that you can increase your productivity by looking at certain colors? 2. The color red symbolizes danger. 3. Research found that when we look at this color, our mind gets more alert and we get a mental boost!...Read more

Want a Stress-Free Weekend? Do your Weekly Review Midweek

/ March 6, 2014

Want a Stress-Free Weekend? Do you Weekly Review 1. If you review your work on a weekly basis then you probably know the value of a good review. 2. Reviews help us remember what we've done and what still needs to get done. 3. Reviews ensure that we don’t drop any balls. 4. ...Read more

Winners of Lifetime Free Premium IQTELL Account

/ March 5, 2014
IQTELL lifetime premium account

As promised, we selected users who assisted with Beta Testing the IQTELL Email App.  We really appreciate your invaluable testing, findings, and suggestions! Thank You. English Atkins Philip Blakemore Dan Duncan Thom Horton Steven Lederman Fernando Monera Julie Roberts D...Read more

Your Unconscious Motives And How To Get Motivated

/ February 28, 2014
Unconscious Motives

Your Unconscious Motives And How To Get Motivated 1. Motivation has a secret ingredient that gets you motivated more than anything, it's called Unconscious Motives. 2. Unconscious Motives are inner incentives that we're not aware of. They can drive us to action or sabotage ou...Read more

Just Released – IQTELL Email App for Android and iOS

/ February 19, 2014
Email Apps Release

We’re excited to introduce the long awaited IQTELL Email App for iOS and Android. The Email App are fully integrated into your current IQTELL productivity app, helping you manage and connect emails to tasks, projects, and more. What can you do with the new email app? Swipe l...Read more

10 Work Hacks that will make your Manager Cringe

/ February 17, 2014
Work Productivity Hacks

When you think about increasing your productivity by using productivity hacks, you naturally assume that it will bring about applause from your peers or praise from your managers.  However, nothing can be further from the truth… People at your work are probably used to certain...Read more

A Quick Hack to Rid yourself of Re: Re: Re Emails Once and For All

/ February 13, 2014
Rid yourself of Re Re Re Emails

Rid yourself of Re: Re: Re Emails Time spent on processing email is extremely valuable. Processing the same email again and again means you do less work! If your inbox has too many Re: Re: Re: Re's. Just pick up the phone and be done with it!...Read more

Are We Managing Our To-Do Lists All Wrong?

/ February 6, 2014
Are you managing your to-do list wrong?

Like me, I’m sure you’d like to be more productive.  You prioritize your lists, break big projects to bite sized tasks and you try to keep it tidy. However, we still struggle, right? One night, while writing down my to-do list for the next day, a thought occurred to me… Why...Read more

10 Ways to Stay Warm at Home Until the Polar Vortex Passes

/ January 8, 2014
10 Ways to Stay Warm

After the New Year’s celebrations subsided, we got a chilly surprise! This winter is by far the coldest winter in decades according to National Weather Service. This means that a lot of us are stuck at home waiting for the polar vortex to pass; some without electricity, others...Read more

Why you are having Email Backlog Problems?

/ November 27, 2013
email problems

For quite a while now, I’m hearing voices from around the web telling everyone that emails are the source of all evil.  That we should treat them as some else’s agenda shoved down our throats… Why the bad rep? Because allegedly, our real goals and tasks are not a part of the ema...Read more

The Best Productivity Hack is not a Hack At All

/ November 21, 2013

The Best Productivity Hack is not a Hack At All Are you still looking for the perfect hack to get things done? I'm letting you on on a little secret You don't need to be intelligent or overly bright to get things done. Start by strengthening the one habit all people who ...Read more

How to Ignore your Managers and Still Keep them Happy

/ November 20, 2013
Ignore your Managers and Keep them Happy

Whether you work for a boss or are self-employed where your boss is your customer, you are always trying to follow instructions, deliver results, and manage expectations.  We’ve all been in the situation where our boss expects more from us.  But alas, he can’t do anything about i...Read more

How to Never Waste Time on Meetings Again

/ November 6, 2013
waste time on meetings

I hate meetings. In my opinion, there’s nothing more time consuming and annoying; and it’s often such a waste of everybody’s time. With a few exceptions like updating non-tech-savvy higher ups, establishing initial contact with new peers or potential customers - There’s no real ...Read more

Productivity Mind Hacks – Get More Focused Instantly

/ October 31, 2013
Productivity mind hacks

Welcome again to our productivity mind hacks series! On our previous mind hack post, we discussed techniques to improve learning capacity.  In this post, we'll learn how to get more focused! Improving the way we work is an ongoing process. It requires paying attention to certain...Read more

How to Make a Wish List Come True

Learn How to Make a Wish List Come True

Are You Tackling Your Ticklers and Someday lists? How to Make a Wish List Come True Your wish list is a list of things you'd like to do someday. You can make them happen as long as you have a roadmap. Connecting your roadmap items to events and people will trigger your ...Read more

Customizing your Space and Time Like a Lifehacker

/ October 29, 2013
Customizing your space and time

Are you a lifehacker, or trying to be one? Do you belong to this tribe of comfort seeking guys and gals eager to innovate for the sake of convenience? This is a basic but often overlooked checklist for hacking and tweaking your life. If yours is causing a headache sometimes, plea...Read more

Embrace Email and Inbox Zero will Follow

/ October 23, 2013
Email and Inbox Zero

People tend to think of Inbox Zero as an absolute state.   It’s talked about as if it’s some magical destination at the end of some mystical journey.  Who are we kidding? To keep our sanity, it’s much better to think of Inbox Zero as part of a larger productivity method.  Try th...Read more

4 Questions that will Help you Reach Inbox Zero

/ October 17, 2013
The 4 questions you need to answer with a yes in order to reach inbox zero

4 Questions that will Help you Reach Inbox Zero 1. Can you answer the following questions with a YES? Are you reviewing your emails twice a day? Do you read an email only once? Do you create tasks and project and then clear the email? Are you avoiding “mark as ...Read more

How to Reach Inbox Zero: Addiction, Insanity, the Cure

/ October 10, 2013
How to Reach Inbox Zero Addiction, Insanity, the Cure

Email can suck away your time and productivity. Inbox zero, the long sought after dream, is indeed an elusive one. In today’s work environments, email volumes are on the rise, and you can almost guarantee that next year, you’ll see exponentially more email than you see today. A ...Read more

Hack Productivity – How to Build Mental Endurance

/ October 9, 2013
How to develop mental endurance

Hack Productivity - How to Build Mental Endurance Sometimes your willpower runs faster than you. To ensure you keep up, increase your mental endurance by: 1. Sleeping & eating better. 2. Controlling your stress. 3. Training. Your brain is like a muscle, the more y...Read more

Be Wary of the Fruits of Success

/ October 8, 2013
The influence of the Fruits of Success

…Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? If you’re following this blog, you probably know that the only thing preventing you from reaching your goals is your perception of them.  Failure is a bump in the road, not a roadblock. You can stop being the roadblock on the ...Read more

Your Inner Clock and how It Influences your Productivity

/ October 3, 2013
How your inner clocks influence your productivity

Your Inner Clock and how It Influences your Productivity Did you know that we have three biological clocks? One of those clocks determines when and if you'll get things done... Scheduling work according to it's beat improves your productivity. Follow the 90/20 rule and ...Read more

How to Power up Your Discipline and Willpower

/ September 25, 2013
How to Power up Your Discipline and Willpower

How to Power up Your Discipline and Willpower Getting an unwanted task done requires a lot of discipline. But why does discipline eludes us? Why are we emotional about it? This is funny because emotions are exactly what we need to get it done. Turn your emotions around an...Read more

44 Things We Tell Ourselves that Hurt Productivity

/ September 18, 2013
Things We Tell Ourselves that Hurt Productivity

There are many factors that affect our productivity.  The way we think and feel about ourselves and our environment can have a significant impact on if and how we get things done.  Often, we are not even aware of what’s holding us back. Knowledge is power.  In order to fight the...Read more

What is the Best Day to Conduct a Weekly Review?


Conduct a Weekly Review on... This graph shows average productivity levels per weekday (source) As you can clearly see, here we suffer from the dreaded Monday blues. But it's nothing compared to weekends. Your focus just drifts away... Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...Yo...Read more

Be More Productive – Have Fun

/ September 13, 2013
What's the most important lesson you can learn from doing more?

The Most Important Lesson Being More Productive Has To Offer! The older we get the more we want to achieve and do. Responsibilities are a part of life ...for me and for you. So instead of lamenting on lost time and lessons not learned soon enough. Work on making the mos...Read more

Learn To Say No – Why Is It So Hard? And What Can You Do About It!

/ September 11, 2013
Learn To Say No

Your time is like a delicious cake and everyone wants piece. Usually, cakes are meant to be shared evenly.  However, unlike the cakes you and I learned to appreciate and share with others, your time was not meant to be shared evenly and blindly. My time is extremely valuable to...Read more

Inbox Zero – How to Process 4 Emails in less than 60 seconds

/ September 10, 2013
Reach inbox zero in in less than 60 seconds

Check out our first video Tip of the Week.  Email...Gone in 60 seconds.  Process 4 emails in less than 60 seconds and reach inbox zero.  Without the narration, it's something like 15 seconds ;-). Hope you enjoy it.  If you have any ideas and suggestions, please email us at team...Read more

Is Inbox Zero a Myth?

/ September 5, 2013
Achieve Inbox zero with IQTELL\s macros

Inbox Zero is not a myth! We just released the long awaited EZ Email feature. This feature was developed with and for our great user community. Achieving Inbox Zero, processing email into tasks, projects, reference information while setting reminders, due dates, calendar e...Read more

One Shot One Kill – Plan Like a Sniper and Achieve your Goals

/ September 4, 2013
Achieve your goals like a sniper

We already know that a critical component in reaching our goals is focus. The problem is that focusing is not too easy with all the temptations and distractions which surround us. After serving in the army, the one thing I learned is that snipers can teach all of us a thing or t...Read more

Hack Productivity – Manage Your To Do List Like a Circus Act

/ August 29, 2013
Manage your to do list

Hack Productivity - Manage Your To Do List Like a Circus Act Every day you have to complete two types of tasks… Must do tasks – that drain you and Want to Tasks – that energize you. Must do tasks are important, but it’s those Want to tasks that keep you going. Treat you...Read more

New IQTELL Release – EZ Email Processing

IQTELL release EZ Email Processing

We're happy to announce EZ Email Processing, a major IQTELL development. Using EZ Email, you can now achieve Inbox Zero in the most efficient manner possible. With a single click, for example: While viewing an email, create a Next Action and archive the email. Repl...Read more

How to Achieve Laser Focus without Pulling any Hocus

/ August 22, 2013

How to Achieve Laser Focus without Pulling any Hocus The only way to achieve what you’re after is to be fully engaged. The power of full engagement allows you to move things with your mind. It gives you the strength to navigate your life, the way you want... And it ensu...Read more

4 Non Obvious Ways To Be More Consistent

/ August 21, 2013
Be more Consistent

Success has several laws that when practiced improve considerably its probability to manifest.  One of those laws, and probably the hardest to enforce, is the law of consistency. Consistency requires you to practice and work towards a goal over a period of time.  The length of t...Read more

Master the Art of Doing Using Martial Arts Principles

/ August 15, 2013
Use Martial Arts Principles and do more

I trained at martial arts most of my life; both in the martial aspects of the training and in the art behind the movements. There are many lessons to be mastered both in the martial part and in the art itself.  Some lessons are more physical in nature (what goes up must come dow...Read more

What triggers your personal productive montage

What triggers your Productivity montage?

What triggers your personal productive montage? Do you have a personal montage clip running through your head when working on a goal? You know what I’m talking about, when “you’re dancing like you never danced before…” Or when you “rise up to the challenge of your rivals...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – Another IFTTT Recipe

/ August 12, 2013
Productivity App Hacks - Another IFTTT recipe

Happy Monday Everyone! We came across a cool IFTTT recipe created by one of our users and we’d like to share it.  Thanks Trevor!  Using this recipe you can create an IQTELL inbox item using a simple text message. Click Here for the Recipe While you are at it, you may want to c...Read more

The Only Thing Your To Do List Needs From You

/ August 8, 2013
your to do list

The Only Thing Your To Do List Needs From You Attention is the highest form of respect. You have a to do list that waits for you every day with hopes you’ll pay it the respect it deserves. It is willing to do everything with you, as long as it has you as a partner… If y...Read more

7 Surprising Things Planning and Productivity Teach Us

Planning and Productivity Teach a lot of things

Our quest for knowledge is never ending; at least that’s theory.  So, even if you are already a great planner, there’s always more to learn. The Socratic search for knowledge assumes that you know nothing.  This approach enables you to pick up information that other people may mi...Read more

20 Motivational Quotes About Productivity

/ August 5, 2013
20 Motivational Quotes About Productivity To Swear by Daily

Happy Monday Everybody! This week, we are taking a break from our regular productivity app hacks.  I wanted to share with you my favorite motivational quotes about productivity. Personal Productivity is like a roller coaster ride; it has it's ups and downs.  From time to time, ...Read more

Productivity hack – Why Are We More Productive and Creative When Alone?

/ August 1, 2013
More productive and creative when alone

Productivity hack – Why Are We More Productive and Creative When Alone? There are three major reasons why we're more productive and creative when we work alone. First. If your work gets interrupted, you make 50% more mistakes and take twice as long to finish it. Second. If...Read more

10 Counter intuitive Ways to Increase Productivity without a Productivity App


Here, at the home of the IQTELL Productivity App, we struggle each day with a single question: “How can we increase productivity among our users?” We do battle on two fronts: improving the IQTELL Productivity App and educating about productivity.  In today’s post, I’ll focus th...Read more

Productivity App Hack – OAuth Heads Up

/ July 29, 2013
Productivity App Hacks - OAuth Heads Up

Happy Monday Everyone! We’re using this week’s Productivity App Hack as a Head Ups for an upcoming Change. Google has changed the way that 3rd-party access Gmail, Calendars and Contacts. It can now be accomplished through OAuth, which allows for a secure authorization in a simp...Read more

Hack Productivity – The Best Way to Use Your Brain

/ July 25, 2013
How to use your brain

What kind of tasks should you use your brain for? If the first answer that pops to mind is "Everything", you are both wrong and right. Wrong! Your mind is a horrible storage device, so clear it as soon as you can. Right! Your mind is an excellent "thought-processor" and ...Read more

The Truth About Personal Productivity – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

/ July 24, 2013
The Truth About Personal Productivity - The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The truth about personal productivity - the good the bad and the ugly from Haim Iqtell Arranged by slide number... 2 - Our environment, the way we work and even what we work on is constantly subject to change… Change is the second constant in life, the first being death. ...Read more

Productivity App Hack – Adding Saved Searches to Your Mobile App

/ July 22, 2013
Main on Mobile App hack

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s been a few months since we released our iOS and Android apps. We are often asked how the mobile apps can be personalized; there are a few ways.  Today, I’ll discuss adding custom saved searches to the mobile app. First – create a saved search on the ...Read more

Being Change Averse is like Working in Reverse

/ July 18, 2013
Don't be Change Averse

A happy farmer doesn’t fight the things he can’t control. He controls the things he can …And changes with the seasons. That’s why a happy farmer is a tired one… Because he knows that he’ll reap what he sowed....Read more

The Problem with ASAP

/ July 17, 2013
The Problem with ASAP

When I work on things, I like to take my time.  I think that everyone will agree with me that nothing beats having enough time to work on your tasks at hand… But alas, time is money.  Time is not an unlimited resource; neither for you nor for your business/employer. Looking int...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – IQTELL’s Knowledge Base

/ July 15, 2013
Discover IQTELL's Knowledge Base

First, thank you all for your input last week.  We were pleased to receive so much positive feedback on the current state of IQTELL, and of course, constructive input as to future improvements and features. We also realized that several features that currently exist today are no...Read more

You Can’t Predict Success – You Must Earn It!

/ July 11, 2013

Wilbur Wright said in 1901 that “Man will not fly for 50 years." In 1943, Thomas J. Watson - the CEO of IBM said “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." There’s nothing magical or predictable about success… Success is achieved by doing what you like and...Read more

The No Mess No Stress Equation

/ July 10, 2013

By just looking at the amount of things you own, the way you organize them, and how you treat them after you finish using them, I’ll be able to get a good idea of how much stress you're under..  Impressed? You see, there’s a direct correlation between the amount of things you ow...Read more

Hack Productivity – The Only Way to Stay Ahead is to Plan Ahead

/ July 3, 2013
Plan ahead and wear lifejacket

Today on our hack productivity comic strip, we’re sending you an important reminder. Just when you think everything is going ok; things may change and ruin your day. The only way to stay ahead is to plan ahead! That way, you’ll always have a plan B. When the conditions ...Read more

The 4th of July Mid-Year Review

/ July 2, 2013
The Mid Year Review

The 4th of July is nearly here.  A day in which we celebrate our forefathers’ victory over oppression and tyranny, a day in which we celebrate our nation's heritage, laws, history, society, and people… And in my opinion, an excellent day to reflect on all those things we take for...Read more

Productivity App Hacks Ctrl + Shift + E and more

/ July 1, 2013
Productivity App Hacks that will help you build speed

Continuing in the spirit of last week’s post, here’s another hack for speed!   Remember, the quicker you get “stuff” into IQTELL, the faster you’ll get “stuff done”! This hack is for Chrome users because you’ll need to install the Free IQTELL Chrome Extension. Now, anytime ...Read more

Hack Productivity – Multitasking is Like Kissing Your Elbow

/ June 27, 2013

Today in the hack productivity comic strip we’re talking about multitasking – something most of us try to do on a daily basis. For some reason, the myth of multitasking has struck deep roots in our modern nomenclature.  For some reason, most of us are still convinced that we...Read more

Lead by Example – The Stuff Leaders are Made of

/ June 26, 2013
lead by example

Leaders like Napoleon, Washington and MacArthur shared a common trait, they all lead by example.  This trait made them great in the eyes of their subordinates and in the eyes of history buffs like me.  This single trait also provides an explanation as to why they were successful ...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – EZ Date Picker

/ June 24, 2013
Productivity App Hacks - EZ Date Picker

Being productive is a function of many things. One of which is the speed of your Productivity App. With the help of our user community, we are always looking for ways to improve the speed of getting “stuff” into IQTELL. And ultimately getting “stuff done”! With this latest new f...Read more

Hack Productivity – Make Time

/ June 20, 2013

Today Well talk about how to make time for yourself and the things you love to do. As you can see, wishing for time won’t do you any good. Time is an asset. Like all assets, you need to manage it. You need to actually DO something to regain your time. So take the more a...Read more

Productivity Mind Hacks – Learning

/ June 19, 2013
Productivity mind hacks

Our brain is such a fascinating tool that most of us don’t know how to use it to its full extent. In it, you’ll find a treasure trove of abilities that you (probably) were unaware of.  Many of which you can start using today to improve your life. Since we want to make sure that ...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – IFTTT

/ June 17, 2013
Productivity App Hacks hacks with IFTTT

As many of you know, email integration for our mobile apps is in the works.  Also, in a previous hack we talked about how today you can use IQTELL’s Email Gateway to process email on the go. Well, one of our users took this to another level!  This week’s hack is inspired by one ...Read more

Hack Productivity – The Power of Positive Thinking

/ June 13, 2013
Positive thinking advantages

Today on the hack productivity comic strip we're talking about thoughts in general and the power of positive thinking specifically. Do you ever stop to think how many thoughts you have each day? Never? Good, there's a limited amount of thoughts you can think per day. So wh...Read more

Increase Productivity – There is More to Productivity Apps

/ June 12, 2013

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. The only way to increase productivity is by educating ourselves about it. If you think that all it takes is a good try; one boost and you’re done, you’re in for a...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – Tags and Productivity Badges

/ June 10, 2013
Productivity App Hacks Tags and Productivity Badges

We just did a mini-release this past weekend.  We have a few cool additions to help you become more productive with our Productivity App.  There were also a few fixes and other improvements; thank you again for sharing your input with us. Tagging in List View Many users asked...Read more

Hack Productivity – How to Make Things Happen

/ June 6, 2013
How to Make Things Happen

Trust makes things happen. Trust in your partners, trust in your tools trust your in methods. ...But most of all, trust in yourself. Today on the hack productivity series, we talked about our number one partner - Ourselves, and our trust issues with him/her. Take a look a...Read more

Productivity Apps from the future

/ June 5, 2013
Productivity Apps from the future

Ever wonder what the next-gen productivity apps will have in store for us? I battle with this question often.  What sort of features and capabilities can we expect from apps after we’ll pass the next technological barrier? Seeing into the future requires breaking down the exist...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – Inbox Zero on Mobile and Web App

/ June 3, 2013
Productivity App Hacks on IQTELL

My colleague, Sahaf, always pushes everyone into trying Inbox Zero.  As he likes to say, once you do, you’ll never go back to the days of having 100’s (if not 1000’s) of emails in your inbox.  He is that emphatic about it.  After being pushed into it, I have to agree; it’s very a...Read more

Hack Productivity – The Ultimate Success Hack

/ May 30, 2013
Hack Productivity – The Ultimate Success Hack

Today on The Hack productivity comic strip we're going to reveal the ultimate success hack! A daily routine that helps the greatest leaders of our generation do the things they do i.e. perform like a boss day in and out... So what's the ultimate success hack? You can also wa...Read more

How To Get Things Done With Style – James Bond Style

/ May 29, 2013
How To Get Things Done With Style – James Bond Style

When I grew up, all the kids in my neighborhood wanted to be like James Bond. He had fancy/deadly toys (remember the suitcase and cufflinks?), charm, wit and he always emerged victorious even when the odds piled up against him. But the one thing that always made him special was...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – IQTELL’s Latest Update

/ May 28, 2013
Productivity App Hacks - IQTELL’s Latest Update

This week’s Productivity App hack is about our latest release.  Not quite a hack, but useful information nonetheless!  Of course, the features and fixes in every release IQTELL's Productivity a[[ are coming from you, so thanks! I am not going to mention all the fixes and enhancem...Read more

Hack Productivity – How To Be Unstoppable

/ May 23, 2013
Hack Productivity - How To Be Unstoppable

Today on the Hack productivity comic strip we're going to show you how to be unstoppable! The secret is to aim as high as you can! Why? Because there's no other way to reach the stars :) Failure is the worst thing that can happen...And failure is not the end. If you really ...Read more

The Getting Things Done Diet

/ May 22, 2013
The getting things done diet

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. Getting things done is just like a balanced, nutritional, and sustainable diet. It helps you feel good and ensures you’re fit to take on both mental and physical c...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – Android Widgets

/ May 20, 2013
Productivity app hacks - our new Android Widgets

IQTELL Android Widgets As we practice GTD®, we all need a quick way to clear our mind.  One of the main obstacles to achieving a stress-free life style is the many "things" that are floating around in our mind.  We constantly think about them, make a decision, and then repeat th...Read more

The Power of Incomplete Actions

/ May 16, 2013

Today on The Hack productivity comic strip we're going to talk about The Power of Incomplete Actions. Everyone talks about those actions you've completed, but what about those actions you didn't?  Actions once they're done, stop to bother your mind. Allowing  you to progres...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – Personalizing your GTD Criteria

/ May 14, 2013
Productivity app hacks and GTD creteria

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. Many of us have come to realize that there is no one-way to implement GTD.  Here’s a simple example.  In his book, David Allen discusses Areas, Time Needed, Priori...Read more

Why Are We So Sensitive When It Comes To Interruptions

/ May 13, 2013
Why are we influenced by Interruptions?

In our beginnings, the tendency to fall prey to interruptions actually saved us from predators. We needed the ability to do one thing but at a moment’s notice shift our attention to something else.  It is an evolutionary mechanism that made sure we’d survive. Our sensitivity to ...Read more

Productivity App Hacks – Personalize the iPhone and Android Apps

/ May 8, 2013
IQTELL's Productivity App hacks

We listened to your requests, and will be adding the IQTELL Weekly Tips to our blog as well – hoping to publish every Wednesday.  That’ll get you over the mid-week hump. Although the beautiful blog header image (Thanks Yael!) is titled Productivity App Hacks; the content will no...Read more

How to Never Miss an Opportunity Again

/ May 6, 2013
Practice 5 Leadership Behaviors and Never Miss an Opportunity Again

In America, gold rolls in the streets, or at least that’s the way the slogan went. Everywhere you turn there’s a new opportunity to do something great or create something out of nothing.  It’s the land of the free after all, and we’re free to do whatever we want! That’s all nice...Read more

The Not So Comfortable Zone

/ May 2, 2013
Your Comfort Zone is like a desert Island

Today on The Hack productivity series - The not so comfortable zone! Yes, you heard me right! It is not the comfort zone. It's the place, or more accurately the state you reach once your comfort zone becomes a burden. You know what I'm talking about, that non pleasant place you...Read more

Introducing the New IQTELL iOS App – iPhone and iPad

/ April 29, 2013
IQTELL's iPhone iPad iOS Release

Download iOS App (iPhone & iPad) We'll keep this one short & sweet....Our new iOS app is here!   It'll work beautifully on your iPhone & iPad. Your generous review on the App store is greatly appreciated.  Thanks! Highlights: 1. Redesigned look and feel ...Read more

Wake Up Early

/ April 25, 2013

It's time to wake up early beginning tomorrow, that's right! Welcome back to our new comic strip - The Hack productivity series! Today we have a simple hack for you to follow, it doesn't requires a lot of planning on your part, only indiscipline and courage. It's a "wake up ear...Read more

How I Gradually Improved My Review Process

/ April 22, 2013
Improve your weekly review process

Today, my review process is quite effective, but that was not the case when I began. Nobody starts as an accomplished reviewer.  My first weekly review was all over the place; it took me quite a while to develop and improve the way I review. As a GTD® practitioner, I review my w...Read more

Hack Productivity – The To Don’t List

/ April 18, 2013
To do lists

 Welcome to the Hack productivity series. Every week, we will introduce a quick productivity hack that will help you tackle anything the day throws at you. Shall we begin? Today we have a simple productivity hack that fights procrastination, helps you accomplish things when y...Read more

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Approach to Goals

/ April 11, 2013
Understanding Napoleon Bonaparte's Approach to Goals

Today on our Quotivational Thursday post, Napoleon Bonaparte's Approach to Goals. Learn how a simple statement changes both the way you see things and your ability to achieve them. Napoleon shows us that nothing is impossible. Although crude, Napoleon's belief system won som...Read more

Keyboard Shortcuts Science and Stardom

/ April 10, 2013
Do you work with keyboard shortcuts

In my opinion, we may be wasting our time, if we don’t strive to inject joy, smarts and improvement in our daily routine.  So let’s talk about my number one time and energy saver, the so often ignored phenomenon of keyboard shortcuts. Some people haven’t ever even heard of them, ...Read more

Sloth – The Deadliest Sin

/ April 8, 2013
Don't be a sloth

“Evil exists when good people fail to act.” Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins and in my opinion, the deadliest sin. It’s described as spiritual and emotional apathy; a condition in which you neglect all your duties and become inactive in all matters requiring both action and...Read more

Self Respect Advice From Clint Eastwood!

/ April 4, 2013
Gaining Self Respect

OneToday on Quotivational Thursdays - A self respect advice from Mr. Clint Eastwood One of my favorite actors, Clint Eastwood embodied throughout his career ideals that we all can relate to. A feat he was able to accomplish by staying true to himself. A good self respect ad...Read more

14 Enemies of Productivity and Why You’re Losing

/ April 2, 2013

Knowledge is power; power to make changes, power to do what’s right and power to increase our productivity. Over the past several years, I've battled my own  enemies of productivity.  I think we all battle them on a daily basis, some enemies come up more than often.  Whatever yo...Read more

8 Writers and Their Productivity Hacks

/ March 28, 2013
The Productivity Hacks of Famous Authors

As someone who’s in the business of writing about productivity hacks (i.e. what I’m doing now), I have certain routines and rituals.  My wife, also in the writing business, has her own routines.  This has led to some interesting discussions, shall we say, as to which of our routi...Read more

12 Ways To Workout Near Your Desk To Improve Productivity at Work

/ March 25, 2013

You can improve productivity at work by exercising. It's one of the secrets behind Richard Branson’s success. It improves your focus by pumping more oxygen into your blood stream; it accelerates your metabolism allowing you to utilize energy more effectively. In the process, exer...Read more

Prometheus and Icarus Are You and Me

/ March 18, 2013
Prometheus and Icarus Greek Mythology issues

First democracy, then mythology, and now a productivity tale; the lessons from the ancient Greeks never end.  I’m sure that you’re familiar with Prometheus and Icarus.  We can learn a lot from these two cautionary tales about the crime of getting carried away, being impulsive and...Read more

It’s Never Too Late To Do The Right Thing

/ March 14, 2013
Action flowchart

A simple flowchart that shows that it's never too late to do the right thing A single action towards the right direction, that's all you have to do in order to get things going. Procrastination will only lead to remorse, a sense of disappointment and inner anguish that will p...Read more

Hack Your Deadlines with Headlines

/ March 11, 2013
Change the way you think

Deadlines…We fear them, ignore them, stress about them and work our butts off to meet them.  It doesn't matter what our disposition is towards them, succeeding in meeting them is always a matter that concerns calculations, determination and having the right approach. That's why I...Read more

The GTD Energy Level Averages Equation

/ March 4, 2013
Calculate your energy level

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. Knowing just the right amount of energy (GTD energy level) required to perform a task might make the difference between done and didn't. You can always find an “E...Read more

Save The World – Start Working

/ February 28, 2013
Frank Zappa quote

Frank Zappa thinks that meteors are the least of our problems Everyone needs to pitch in! :)...Read more

The Rewarding Habit of Rewarding Habits – part 2

/ February 25, 2013
Making new year's resolutions stick

I recommend that you read The Rewarding habit of Rewarding Habits part 1 to make sense of this Post. Almost 2 months passed since you've made your new year’s resolution, right?  I have a question for you: Are you still progressing on that resolution as you thought you would? We...Read more

Things Come To Those Who Hustle

/ February 21, 2013
Abraham Lincoln quote

Are you the kind of person who never hustles and waits until things happens? Or are you the type of person who actively pursues his goal and does whatever needs to be done, never waiting for others to pick up the glove? Abraham Lincoln was the kind of guy who took the initiativ...Read more

Why Time Management Advice Is Like Drilling at the Dentist

/ February 20, 2013
Time Management Advice

This is a guest blog post by Timo Kiander, a.k.a. Productive Superdad. Just recently I went to the dentist to get my tooth fixed. It had a hole and therefore it had to be drilled. Although I didn’t like the idea of drilling at all, I knew that the sooner it was done, the better....Read more

Jumpstart Problem Solving

/ February 17, 2013
How to solve problems

Avoidance is probably the number one reason behind all major problems. When something happens which requires your attention, you have to deal with it as soon as possible. Choosing to confront it and committing to a path that (you hope) leads to a solution, will help you jumpstart...Read more

In Love Lays all The Motivation You Need

/ February 14, 2013
Love Motivated You

When You're in Love, Challenges seem small and goals look reachable... Cherish your loved ones, in them lays all the motivation you need....Read more

IQTELL and Superstorm Sandy – A User Story

/ February 10, 2013
IQTELL User case

On the evening of October 29, our family living in the South Shore of Nassau County thought we were finished making modest preparations for what was forecast to be the largest and most powerful storm to hit New York greater area: Superstorm Sandy. By coincidence, I had started b...Read more

Even The Dalai Lama Wants Everything In One Place

/ February 7, 2013
Make me one with Everything

Today we got inspired (source - The Today Show), if you want to have one with everything there are easier ways to do it :)...Read more

Planning Zen – How Planning Calms You Down

/ February 5, 2013
Planning calms you down

If you’re a person who knows how to plan, then are probably calm, positive, and resourceful.  Why? Planning has several effects on your nervous system that can help you achieve Zen.  Planning releases endorphins when planned objectives are reached, helps with the creation of habi...Read more

Believe in yourself Like Muhammad Ali

/ January 31, 2013
Muhammad Ali Qoute

You are likely to live up to what you believe is true. Believe in yourself Like Muhammad Ali......Read more

Task Management Redundancy and How to Solve It

/ January 30, 2013
Choose one Task management app

How many task management apps do you have in your workflow? Be honest about it! Two you say? You sure it’s not three? What about that calendar app that is poking from your iPhone? Ah, that’s better. What if I told you… Most of productivity enthusiasts out there are passionate ab...Read more

Keep Dopamine under Control and Reach Your Targets – Part 2

/ January 28, 2013
Reach Your Targets

On my previous post Keep Dopamine under Control and Reach Your Targets - Part 1, I discussed how our brain is wired to seek out the next shiny toy, play with it a bit and then discard it like yesterday’s trash.  It’s a behavior pattern that compromises our ability to reach our go...Read more

Passion and Patience Once Combined Open The Heart and Mind

/ January 24, 2013
Never Settle

Patience is the most important virtue for those who have passion... And I think that it's safe to say that Steve knew a thing or two about them both...Read more

Keep Dopamine Under Control and Reach Your Targets – Part 1

/ January 20, 2013
Resist dopamine's take over you

Have you ever received a new toy that made you feel extremely excited or met someone who inspired you? Are you following every new release your favorite brand pushes through the media? I’m sure that on some level you do because everyone loves that “shiny toy feeling”. You know w...Read more

For Creative People, Less is More

/ January 17, 2013
Hard at work or hardly working?

That's why Bill gates said ...Read more

Become a Leader through Productivity

/ January 13, 2013
Become a leader

All men (and women) were created equal; it is what they do that sets them apart. The amount of work you get done has a direct effect on the quality of work you deliver.  This includes the level of proficiency in controlling outcomes and your ability to promote personal agendas. ...Read more

Have You Tried Hard Enough?

/ January 10, 2013
Pulling a rope

Every time you think you reached your limit... You'll find an extra 20% waiting for you at the end of the rope. Have you tried hard enough?...Read more

The Weekly Review – how it is done, and why it is by far the most rewarding activity of your week. Period.

/ January 6, 2013
and why it is by far the most rewarding activity of your week. Period.

Those of you who practice GTD® ambitiously and enthusiastically probably know that the weekly review is the least easy GTD habit to adopt. Not only for the fact that it is done only once a week, obviously. It is just too easy to do another one of your juicy bite size actions inst...Read more

Explore Dream and Discover – Mark Twain’s Wisdom

/ January 3, 2013
Mark Twain Quote

Never leave room for regret. Starting today......Read more

Build a Trusted GTD System that Works: The 2013 Guide

/ December 31, 2012
An alternative GTD workflow guide 2013

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. How to build a trusted GTD® system? That’s easy! Collect, Process, Organize, Do, Review…swallow and repeat There! Now you know everything there’s to know about G...Read more

Don’t Wait For Inspiration

/ December 27, 2012
Stephen King quote

Aspire and do, Inspiration will take care of itself. See you on the app :)...Read more

Beat The Christmas Blues

/ December 24, 2012
Post Christmas Blues

Christmas is one of the most, if not the most, exciting time of the year.  Who isn’t excited with all the Christmas Cheer? It all starts with shopping for gifts, food, ornaments and, of course, picking out the perfect Christmas tree.  From the youngest to the oldest family member...Read more

Time Flies? Be The Pilot!

/ December 20, 2012
Behind the wheel

Complaining gets you nowhere... Remember, your time needs a pilot and you need to learn how to fly!...Read more

Master The 10 Foundations of Personal Productivity

/ December 17, 2012
Master Personal Productivity

At the core of human desire, there’s the need for “more”.  Getting more done, experiencing as much as we can, and looking for the next big thing constantly. It pushes us.  It fills our lives with the Dopamine induced euphoric feeling of impending success. However, while we have ...Read more

What Bruce Lee Taught Me about Limits

/ December 13, 2012
Overcoming your limitations

If you say you can't do something...you're probably right! Bruce Lee mainstreamed martial arts, created his own fighting style and was the only person to ever beat Chuck Norris in a movie...Limits? I think not!...Read more

The Rewarding Habit of Rewarding Habits

/ December 10, 2012
How to create habits

Christmas time is fast approaching.  It’s a time to shop for presents and even get a few…or many… sit down with family and enjoy togetherness.  We all love Christmas, but why?…  Every year, we and everything around us is engaged in the holiday cheer and corporate enticed shopping...Read more

No Guts No Glory

/ December 6, 2012
No guts no glory

Fear is debilitating, open yourself to new experiences, try new things …No Guts No Glory....Read more

Winners Know when to Quit

/ December 3, 2012
Winners Quit

I know… this goes against the coach’s favorite saying: Winners Never Quit.  But, the fact is, the hardest thing to do is to realize our current path is wrong, it won’t bear fruit, and that we should close shop and move on.  For some reason, we find it really hard to stop an ongoi...Read more

John Lennon’s simple planning lesson

/ November 29, 2012
John Lennon quote

John Lennon with a simple lesson in planning... He sure had a way with words...Read more

The Lone GTD Practitioner – DIY Getting Things Done

/ November 27, 2012

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. Most of us have projects we want to get done when we are home; ranging from huge undertakings like planning our financial independence or something smaller in scal...Read more

A Lesson in Change from Dr. House

/ November 22, 2012
A lesson in change

A valuable lesson from Dr. House who tells it like it is ...Read more

A Non Magical Tale About Success by J.K Rowling

/ November 19, 2012
a little tale about the magic behind her success

You have to start somewhere... ...Read more

IQTELL’s Chrome Extension – New Update

/ November 15, 2012
An update to our EZ Bar Extension for Chrome.

We're excited to announce an update to our EZ Bar Chrome Extension. Click Here to Download Here's what's new: Next Action - quickly set an Action as a Next Action. (Shortcut: “Ctrl+Shift+S”). Chrome Badge – shows the number of Next Actions; click it to view them. ...Read more

IQTELL’s New Release is Here!

/ November 14, 2012
New features Release

First, our heartfelt thanks to you and all of our users who have been involved in our Beta Program.  Without your dedication and recommendations, we wouldn’t be ready to move forward with our awesome new release! LOGIN HERE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW RELEASE IQTELL's New Release Hi...Read more

Perfectionism – Turn the curse into a gift

/ November 12, 2012
Focus to avoid Perfectionism's traps

Perfectionism is a path many people walk but only few get to enjoy. According to Wikipedia: “Perfectionism is a personality disposition characterized by an individual striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical se...Read more

Good Enough Or Almost Perfect?

/ November 8, 2012
Don'tfocus on the perfect

Voltaire Though that people who do a good job never regret! And those who try to be perfect, almost always do....Read more

Cure the Monday Blues

/ November 5, 2012
How to deal with Mondays

During the weekend, we relax and lower our tension levels to get much required R&R.  We meet with friends and family, engage in hobbies, and if we can, get a real good night sleep. By midday Sunday, some us start to get antsy.  Anxiety slowly starts its attack.  Some of us p...Read more

The Secret of Getting Ahead By Agatha Christie

/ November 1, 2012

The famous mystery writer knew a thing or two about Getting Things Done, her secret? Common Sense!...Read more

Productivity Will Decide The Next President of the United States

/ October 29, 2012
presidential debate

In 2008, Obama’s campaign team was clearly one of the key reasons he raised so much money and won the election.  His campaign had clear goals, objectives and outmatched McCain’s by a wide margin.  But this is not 2008.  Obama is facing an equal adversary, both in productivity and...Read more

Have You Built Your Castle In The Air?

/ October 25, 2012
Building castles in the air

Only Dreamers Get to fulfill dreams ? It Ain't Heavy, It's Your Castle... ...Read more

Productivity Methods of the Romans, Vikings and Mongols

/ October 22, 2012
The big empires and their Productivity Methods

The Romans, Vikings and Mongols overcame tough adversaries.  They succeeded where other nations failed and ultimately became rulers of vast empires. They all had humble origins, but they carved their names into history nevertheless; fascinating our minds with their great achievem...Read more

Be a Life Trailblazer With Ralph Waldo Emerson

/ October 18, 2012
Don't follow

Trailblazing is the path to creativity, innovation and fulfillment After you'll conquer the path, others will follow....Read more

Use the 3 P’s to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

/ October 15, 2012
Change The Odds

It’s all about the odds.  Whether in Vegas or in life, it’s all about the odds.  Fortunately in life unlike Vegas (unless you can count cards which is illegal in Vegas), we can tilt the odds in our favor. Various factors can determine our success or failure on any given task.  B...Read more

Take a Break With Tolkien and Increase Your Productivity

/ October 11, 2012

One of the most Creative people to ever write a book (in our opinion) said: Sometimes you need to get off the chair to get back to work, take a break and regain your focus!...Read more

Use Those 5 Keywords To Accelerate Work and Get Things Done

/ October 9, 2012
Use Those 5 Keywords To Accelerate Work and Get Things Done

There are 5 keywords that control my daily workflow and spring me into action.  Combined, they focus my work and function as a strong base for my daily operations. Along with my tool (IQTELL) and method (GTD), they help me finish my tasks, regardless of interruptions, the number ...Read more

Exploring and Challenging Your Limits

/ October 4, 2012
Don't be afraid to explore

How Can You Know What You Can Do Without Trying? Try And You Might Succeed, Avoid And You'll Surely Fail....Read more

How To Break Bad Habits Before They Break You

/ October 1, 2012
Getting rid of bad habits

On our road to Productivity-Elysium we often find ourselves passing through the dreaded Task-Tartarus, Procrastination-Purgatory and sometimes even Hades-satisfaction…it’s a treacherous road full of challenges and tests that can corrupt even the most focused mind. It starts from...Read more

Think Like Albert Einstein

/ September 27, 2012
Albert Einstein quote

Change was always in the center of Albert Einstein's Thoughts What's in yours?...Read more

Ease Yourself Out of the Comfort Zone

/ September 24, 2012
How to get out of our comfort zone

Contradictory to what most people might tell you, the comfort zone as it’s called has a purpose. It has been serving that purpose from the beginning of time – making sure that only the fit survive. The name of that purpose is evolution. The comfort zone is a state of safety.  W...Read more

Warren Buffett Talks about Feathers, Chains and Bad Habits

/ September 20, 2012
Warren Buffett quote

Never tickle a bad habit... Today's deviance, can become tomorrow's morality!...Read more

Time is Money – 10 Time Management Tips for Businesses

/ September 17, 2012
10 Time management tips for businesses

- This is a guest blog post by Bonnie Joy Dewkett about Time Management Tips for Businesses - Small business owners are often responsible for lots of things; administrative work, marketing efforts and management of the company.  It’s a lot to handle and a lot of things to get do...Read more

A Lesson About Strength From Arnold Schwarzenegger

/ September 13, 2012
A Lesson In Strength From Arnold Schwarzenegger

An important lesson About strength from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The tougher the road ahead of you, the tougher you'll get!...Read more

Get Into the Zone

/ September 10, 2012
Getting into the productivity zone

We all get up on the left side of the bed every once in a while.  Everything just seems to go wrong. We hit snooze on our alarm (assuming we heard it), and wake up only after something (or someone) drags us out of bed.  Perhaps it’s our kid, spouse, or in my case, my dog barking...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – It’s Time To Get Going

/ September 6, 2012
Sometimes you just have to do.

Being smart helps, but it doesn't get the job done. It's time to get going, don't wait until the going gets tough!...Read more

Avoiding Avoidance Creatively

/ September 4, 2012
Avoiding Avoidance Creatively

Human creativity is credited with the advancement of the human race.  Of course, some are more creative than others; it’s the combination of creativity, drive, and ability that separates the great ones from mediocrity. That’s all fine and dandy but let’s talk brass tacks.  We ar...Read more

Quotivational Thursday – Believing Like Bruce Springsteen

/ August 30, 2012
Believers have Dirty Fingernails

What will you do in order to achieve your goals? Bruce Springsteen was willing to do it all! No Job was too small for him, He always took care of things (including paychecks for his band members), that's why they call him the Boss! :)...Read more

11 Paperless Office Efficiency Tips

/ August 27, 2012
11 Paperless Office Efficiency Tips

During the week, the office is buzzing with activity.  Whether it’s reading or sending emails, answering calls, attending meetings, researching and working on projects, there are always things that need to get done and never enough time. With all this activity, and usually chaos...Read more

Quotivational Thursday – Practicing like Bruce Lee

/ August 23, 2012
Practice makes perfect

Are you a novice practitioner of many arts or a master of one? And In Bruce Lee's Case, Deadly....Read more

Partner With The Kid Inside – 3 Tips to Fight Adult Procrastination

/ August 20, 2012
3 tips to fight procrastination

Do you remember how it was to be a kid? The world was full of wonder, our imagination had no boundaries and the sky was the limit. But then…reality came knocking. We began going to school and discovered that the world is not all fun, we can’t do everything we want.  For every ac...Read more

Quotivational Thursday – How Michael Jordan Views Failure

/ August 16, 2012
The best measure of success is how you deal with failure

Ask yourself this: have you failed enough to be successful? The best measure of success is how you deal with failure! ...Read more

How IQTELL Can Help Your Business – User Perspective

/ August 15, 2012
IQTELL's Productivity App configuration

Originally written by Rebecca from The SewPixie Shop Blog. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or my rare blog posts you may have noticed that I babble on quite a bit about things like ‘GTD’, ‘Inbox Zero’, and ‘Next Actions’. GTD stand for Getting Things Done which is an o...Read more

3 Technology Tips for Educators

/ August 13, 2012
Education with organization and collaboration

Back in 2004, I volunteered to teach math at a center for children who came from under-privileged backgrounds. I remember that we, as instructors/teachers, often had challenges in organizing our information, class assignments, and parent / teacher conferences.  In addition, there...Read more

Doctor Seuss meets GTD Workflow

/ August 9, 2012
GTD workflow Illustration

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. Hello friends! Having some fun with the GTD Workflow. Who says we can't be productive and have fun at the same time? Check our Doctor Seuss & the Getting...Read more

Effectiveness and Efficiency – Why You Need Both to Succeed?

/ August 6, 2012
Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

“Efficiency”, “Effectiveness”…we’ve all heard these buzz words.  I think business consultants and gurus all around throw these words because they sound right.  One of my other favorites is “Synergy”, another all-time favorite used by the “elite”. Let’s drill beneath the superfic...Read more

Quotivational Thursday – Efficiency

/ August 2, 2012
Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Efficiency or Effectiveness? Be a Jack of all trades, go for both!...Read more

How Olympic Athletes Train For The Gold

/ July 30, 2012
Training and focusing like athletes

We’ve all heard tales of the physical preparation Olympic athletes undergo during their training.  Athletes, at that caliber, have to train more than five or six hours per day and even that does not guarantee a medal. There’s another side to Olympic training, the mental side.  T...Read more

Quotivational Thursday – Potential

/ July 26, 2012
Stop Thinking and start reaching for your Potential

Sit for a moment and think… Are you Still sitting?...Read more

Motiva8 – 8 sure ways to stay motivated while on your to do list part 2

/ July 25, 2012
How to finish what you've started without losing motivation

In our Part 1 of our previous post – Motiva8 – 8 sure ways to stay motivated while on your to-do list, I talked about the four lists that will help you build the motivation you need to end all your tasks with enough motivation to fuel you in the weeks to come. In part 2, we’re g...Read more

Decisions That Feel Good Might Lead To Bad Choices

/ July 23, 2012
Take stress out of the decision making process

We will face decisions all our lives and most of those decisions will be made under stressful conditions. The wealth of information around us shapes the choices we make regarding our health, financial state or even our leisure. Since we understand better the repercussions of our...Read more

Quotivational Thursday – Purpose

/ July 19, 2012
Don't go through life without purpose

Don't go through life without a purpose, grow through life with a purpose! ...Read more

Can you imagine what having more time feels like?

/ July 16, 2012
Treat your tasks with all seriousness and get more time on your hands

You probably encountered this several times in the past, people talking about their tasks as something that saps their energy and leaves them powerless. Most of us treat our tasks with discontent; like they’re stealing from us what little time we have. Being productive and comple...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Success

/ July 12, 2012
How to be successful

Success. How someone becomes an overnight success story? There's nothing to it my friends, just years of hard work and determination!...Read more

Motiv8 – 8 Sure Ways to Stay Motivated While on Your To Do Lists Part 1

/ July 9, 2012
How to manage your to do list effectively

Did last week feel unproductive? Do you find yourself with a boatload of tasks still pending completion? If you’re having those kinds of problems it can stem from three reasons: You’re not motivated enough. You’re not organized enough. You’re only human and as a result ...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Ambitions

/ July 5, 2012
The first step

All you need is just a little push But to pick up speed you'll need momentum!...Read more

3 CrowdSourced ways to complete tasks and have fun!

/ July 2, 2012
Crowd sourcing apps that increase productivity

Have you heard about crowd sourcing? If you are you looking for extraordinary ways to complete mundane tasks or improving your productivity in the long run, you should know that there are a lot of apps out there that can help you complete even the most tedious tasks faster with ...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Teamwork

/ June 28, 2012
There are three types of people you can work with

How well do you work in a teams? Be a Team player and help your Colleagues Get Things Done!...Read more

Procrastinating Like a Pro and still Getting Things Done

/ June 25, 2012
Learn how to GTD while Procrastinating

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. We are not perfect, in case you haven’t noticed, so why do we insist on perfection? We strive for perfection mostly because we have huge gaps in our understanding...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Your Thoughts

/ June 21, 2012
Your thoughts create your destiny

Control Your Destiny... ...Shape Your Thoughts!...Read more

New IQTELL Release

/ June 19, 2012
New feature release

First, our heartfelt thanks to you and all of our users who have been involved in our Beta Program.  Without your dedication and recommendations, we wouldn’t be ready to move forward with our awesome new release! Login here to see the new interface and experience all of the new ...Read more

Why Do We Fail?

/ June 18, 2012
Why do we fail?

Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Batman, wasn’t always the fierce crime fighting hero we now know him to be. In the movie Batman Begins, you get a glimpse into his childhood and a significant event that shaped his life. In one specific scene, Bruce falls into an old shaft and encounters...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Our Nature

/ June 14, 2012
Plan To achieve your goals.

Are you preparing for faliure or planning for success? Start mirroring success!...Read more

The Post-Apocalyptic Decision Making Guide for Zombies

/ June 11, 2012
Learn how to bounce back from a zombie state of mind

There is a reason why missing deadlines stresses the heck out of us…it’s because they make us feel like time is running out.  When time is running out, on a subconscious level, we associate it with death.  For the procrastinator, this causes an internal conflict.  On one hand, we...Read more

What type of GTD meme are you?

/ June 7, 2012
Tell me all about how you gtd like a rockstar

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. I enjoy following the GTD methodology, but don’t get me wrong, like most people I have my ups and downs!  Over the past years, my experience has taken many forms a...Read more

The Decision Committing How To Guide

/ June 4, 2012
How to make decisions faster

Decision committing is not an easy thing. Our brain can only make a set number of decisions everyday which is why most of the time we either automate them - choosing to go with what works (according to our limited experience) or instead, we waste considerable time and effort just...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Persistence

/ May 31, 2012
Achieve things by taking baby steps

Baby Steps can Take you All the way! Persistence! ...Read more

The Body Language Connection To Productivity

/ May 29, 2012
What does your posture tells about your work

Did you know that by looking at your body language and posture, I’m able to determine how much time you’re going to spend on any given task? …And no, I’m not a psychic. It’s pretty simple (like “thank you captain obvious” simple), when it comes down to figuring out if you are ab...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Preparation Abraham Lincoln Style

/ May 24, 2012
How to much time you need to prepare before going to action?

Today we're going to teach you kids about some good old preparation, Abe Lincoln style! The more you prepare the better you preform! ...Read more

The Little Things That Make Big Ideas Happen

/ May 21, 2012
Create something great with baby steps

This Monday is a special Monday; it’s my one year anniversary here at IQTELL. It was a wonderful year, full of experiences that solidified our mission and purpose.  I remember when our alpha users first trickled; it was the first time users heard our mission statement and saw wh...Read more

What GTD Has Taught Me About Defining Project Outcomes

/ May 17, 2012
Tara Rodden Robinson

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. It’s true: I’m Ready-Fire-Aim Girl. I am really, really good at coming up with great big ideas that lead to great big projects and leaping into said projects at a ...Read more

How Many Accountability Groups Do You Have?

/ May 7, 2012
join a group of successful and driven likeminded people!

A few months ago, I wrote that personal accountability can drive action probably better than any other method.  The more I dive into the depths of improving my personal productivity, the more evidence I find that the drive to do must be met with an inner ability to act. But alas...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Priorities

/ May 3, 2012
Set your priorities straight

   ...Read more

Are You Tackling Your Ticklers and Someday lists?

/ April 30, 2012
Make sure you do your ticklers by tackling them

When we don’t have time for something, we just defer it.  David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done (GTD), calls those items Someday/Maybe Items; I call them “the things I’d like to get done if I had more time to get things done”. The best way to get to those “I’ll do them ...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – A Helping Hand

/ April 26, 2012

  [caption id="attachment_2464" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Looking for help takes time, get the ball rolling until reinforcements arrive!"][/caption]   ...Read more

The Apps That Make The Man (Or Women)

/ April 23, 2012
How to "dress" for virtual success

Roleplaying is fun…and as it turns out, also practical. According to a recent study conducted at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, if we wear clothes and use tools that correlate with what we’re doing (e.g.,  a doctor wearing white doctor’s robe as opp...Read more

Quotivational Thursdays – Goals

/ April 19, 2012
Achieve your goals

Are you a Clark “Can’t” or are you a Clark “Can”?!

/ April 17, 2012
What determines if you succeed or fail?

Our language determines our perception of objects and events around us; it’s our consciousness expressed.  We use our language to categorize, distinguish, and create our personal universe, inner and outer. Some languages are structured around quite different basic words, nouns a...Read more

The Number One Enemy of Productivity

/ April 10, 2012
Be less stressful

One of the best feelings anyone can have is that “job well done” feeling, you know what I’m talking about, right? You did your best and everything fell into place, just the way you planned it. One of the worst feelings you can have is that “I’m stuck and falling behind” feeling....Read more

4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started GTD

/ April 6, 2012
4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started GTD

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. I first dabbled in Getting Things Done (GTD) – David Allen’s book about productivity during my college years; I was looking for a way to tackle stress from exams, ...Read more

IQTELL’s Productivity App Explained

/ April 4, 2012
IQTELL explained in a few slides

We prepared a quick Prezi guide that will explain: - How IQTELL’s Productivity App works. - What can you expect to find inside the App. - Why our beta users love their IQTELL virtual workspace. - And how you can join them! Click on the play button to move between slides, you...Read more

How Creative People Transform Their Creativity into Creation

/ April 2, 2012
Creativity and Productivity

What’s the common thread between Leonardo De Vinci, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein?  We all know they were extremely creative people but is that it?  We probably know half a dozen people that are extremely creative…and although gifted, they have not achieved greatness. Being cre...Read more

Build a Business using GTD Principals

/ March 30, 2012
Organizing to build a business with GTD

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. If you’d like to build your business while you’re still on the 9-5 payroll, you’ll have to get creative with the time you have and organized on a level that will a...Read more

Move From Stuck to Unstuck

/ March 26, 2012
Achieve your goals by getting the ball rolling

We all either been there or are still are in that cycle: Go to work >> Reach system overload >> Go on vacation to try to restore our energy levels >> Repeat! …most of us are stuck in this cycle of rewind and unwind with hopes to get unstuck one day. The type ...Read more

5 Tips to Boost Productivity by Getting Others to Work for You – Part 2

/ March 23, 2012
How to Influence people to boost your Productivity

We received a lot of positive feedback from my previous blog post “5 tips to boost productivity by getting others to work for you”, so without further a due, here are 5 more tips. The previous tips were all about your own confidence and leadership.  The following tips are more a...Read more

Lao Tzu and His 2500 Year Old Goal Achieving Wisdom

/ March 19, 2012
Lao Tzu Teaches about goals

The biggest lesson Lao Tzu taught me without a doubt is that life is a road, not a destination….you reach your destination by walking on that road. Lao Tzu, the father of Taoism and one of China’s most revered historical figures, teaches a lot in his writings about getting thing...Read more

5 Tips to Boost Productivity by Getting Others to Work for You

/ March 16, 2012
by getting others to work for you

On my last blog post, I wrote about how being a productive person makes you more successful socially. But sometimes, we need help from other people.  Seriously, there’s only that much that we can do.  Our projects will sometimes require us to interact with other people and their ...Read more

The Perks of Getting Things Done!

/ March 12, 2012
The added value of productivity

* GTD® and getting things done are a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. We are big fans of “Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity”. The author, David Allen, talks in his book about methods h...Read more

Are your Tags Managing You?

/ March 8, 2012
Manage all your tags in one place

Tags…we all love them.  If we are honest with ourselves and its ok to say it out-loud: “We are Tag Crazy”.  Any note, email, action, project gets multiple tags associated with it.  Hey, we’ve even created sub-tags – those are actually tags within a tag group.    What started out ...Read more

IQTELL and Evernote® – Together At Last

/ March 5, 2012
The IQTELL and Evernote integration

We’re big fans of Evernote – it pioneered the way to capture and store information on the cloud. We especially love the way it can store and retrieve information – clipping entire webpages, recording text, audio and video notes, and much more. But until now, that’s all that you ...Read more

Moving from inbox zero to inbox hero

/ February 27, 2012
Tips that will help you to keep your inbox clean

A few days ago we released a major update and our inboxes are overflowing with emails! Our fans, users, and a substantial amount of newcomers told us that they want to test the app during the weekend and the result was a large amount of emails waiting for us on Monday morning wi...Read more

From Anarchy to Organization and Productivity

/ February 20, 2012
decisions that will keep you more organized and productive

Decisions… One of the major reasons many people don’t have much success with getting organized is simply that they did not make THE decision to master their focus and to “start getting more organized – period!” As the old saying goes: “The first step towards getting somewhere ...Read more

How to use your intuition to drive immediate action

/ February 13, 2012
take immediate action easily

For the ancient Greeks virtue was earned by action.  Action came from inspiration.  Intuition was our soul guiding us through the process.  Intuition is the tension between thought and action, it’s the area between what “feels right to do” and what you think needs to be done. Wh...Read more

All in One App

/ February 6, 2012
IQTELL, the app that manages everything

It all started with our founder’s vision to create a single platform – a single tool that will be a central hub for everything you do online, just login and everything is there - an "All in one app". Do you know how much time you currently invest in organizing your work?  Can yo...Read more

What Master Yoda Can Teach Us About Goals

/ January 30, 2012
How to achieve your goals

I wrote a lot about productivity and getting things done in the past… Among my influences (and there are quite a few) I can count Buddhism and Zen which I learned when I practiced martial arts; books like David Allen’s Getting Things Done which I now dwell on day and night, and ...Read more

The Reason You Get It Done – Personal Accountability

/ January 23, 2012
Personal accountability

So you read about David Allen’s method - Getting Things Done.  Every time the word productivity pops on the web you’re getting a notification via Google alerts.  You organized everything you’re doing online in an awesome productivity app that sends you notifications and reminders...Read more

Follow the GTD methodology using IQTELL to get organized in school

/ January 19, 2012
Creating a GTD workflow in school

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. Procrastination is an easy habit to fall in to, especially for students. The Getting Things Done management system by David Allen is an excellent way for any stude...Read more

Why Forgetting Phone Numbers is a Good Thing!

/ January 16, 2012
Find out why forgetting information is better than storing it in your brain

A funny thing happened in the last 10 years, a strong memory full of information, once a noble quality is being regarded more and more as a burden rather than an advantage.  The availability of apps and tools allowed us to forget information that we previously used on a regular ...Read more

Making Progress – A Special Thanks Post

/ January 12, 2012
New feature release

A big thank you goes out to all of our fantastic Early Beta User Group participants. We have been making incredible improvements since our last feature release that would not have been possible without them, and I’d like to highlight just a few of those.  International Time...Read more

3 Tips to Stay Fit and Save Time during Winter

/ January 9, 2012

I've written many times before about how being well mentally and physically increases our productivity.  During the cold winter, we often find ourselves confined to our homes without an option to go outside and exercise.   As a result, our productivity decreases, our immune syste...Read more

Optimize your New Year’s resolution success!

/ January 3, 2012
Find out how to achieve your New Year's resolution

2011 is almost over, and like every year, I reflect on what I achieved and what I hope to achieve in the coming year.  No matter what I set out to accomplish, I always follow my tried and proven method for setting goals and achieving them.  Of course, I am not a robot and don’t a...Read more

The 10 Most Popular IQTELL Productivity Posts of 2011

/ December 30, 2011
The 10 Most Popular Stories of 2011 - 12.29.2011

New Year's is here and we decided to reminisce and check the 10 most popular IQTELL productivity posts of 2011, enjoy. #1 5 Anti-Laziness Tactics When you are too lazy to do anything, how can you break out of the cycle? We presented 5 simple steps to get you back in gear. #2 F...Read more

Organize Christmas with Tips from the Experts

/ December 19, 2011
Productivity on Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it's time for a little treat that will help you organize your holiday. We’ve gathered some of the best Christmas advice around in one mega inspirational post that brings tips from professionals who know a thing or two about keeping it tidy...Read more

Productivity and Organization – What Makes Them So Important To Us?

/ December 13, 2011
If you're secure you'll be productive

It’s hidden in plain sight, it had a major influence on us during our past as hunters/farmers, and it continues to push us to action by haunting our dreams….the answer is security.  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, without security we can’t do anything else.  In the Pyra...Read more

Take a Break from Coffee – Not a Coffee Break

/ December 8, 2011
How taking a break form coffee improves productivity

The smell, the taste, the steamy warm feeling you get when you hold the mug during cold winter mornings… Coffee is without a doubt one of the cornerstones of our lives, fueling our days (and nights) with “wake up juice” that keeps us productive even in the harshest non-sleep con...Read more

IQTELL’s New Feature Release – This is How You Get Things Done!

/ December 5, 2011
IQTELL's GTD Interface Released

We rolled out a major update to all of our users this past week, and now is a great time to highlight some of the coolest new features. Thanks to our Early Beta users who are continuously helping improve IQTELL.  Special Note – to everyone who has been waiting to Get Things Done ...Read more

How to Shop For the Holidays – The Right Way

/ December 2, 2011
Shpping Smart

Did you go shopping on Black Friday this year? I’d like to say I was first in line for great door-buster deals. But, in all honesty, I slept in on the morning after my delicious Thanksgiving dinner. It was a pleasure to wake up relaxed and refreshed rather than to just be gettin...Read more

The Feng Shui of Productivity

/ November 28, 2011
The Bagua of Productivity

Unless blocked, chi flows through everything like wind and water. Feng Shui (or Wind and Water) is the 3000 year old art of balancing energies (Chi) in any given space. Usually when people are practicing Feng Shui, they do it in their physical environment…we all know that once ...Read more

Mind Mapping Fever

/ November 24, 2011
Mind Mapping with IQTELL

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me the most bizarre picture.  Stranger, he said it helps him be more productive because it helps him understand how everything he does is related and dependent on each other in one shape, form, or manner.  After the meeting, I asked myself...Read more

Vive La Resistance! A Rebel’s Guide to Overcoming Resistance

/ November 21, 2011
Learn how to Overcome resistance

We were born rebels… We sprang out of our mother’s womb kicking and screaming, we refused to listen to our parents’ requests to clean our rooms, we fought ferociously not to eat vegetables, and we refused to move when they said they won’t buy us a shiny, new toy. Rebellions eru...Read more

The Application that will Help you Succeed in College

/ November 18, 2011
The app the will help you in college

Most would say that college was the best time of their life. While it's important to have fun, college is the starting point for the rest of your life. Naturally, we want to do well in school so that we can succeed in life.  Good students know that the key is staying organized. I...Read more

How to Teach your Child to Be Productive in 5 Easy Steps

/ November 14, 2011
Teach your kid to be productive

Johnny came late to school because he was out playing.  His two teachers (Mrs. A and Mrs. B) caught him as he tried to sneak into his seat.  Let’s see how their different reactions can either “make or break” Johnny’s productivity. Mrs. A is quite irritated and raises her voice a...Read more

The Pomodoro Technique – Now on IQTELL!

/ November 11, 2011
How to use the Pomodoro Technique on IQTELL

The Pomodoro Technique is an excellent time management method created by Francesco Cirillo to help improve his study habits.  His method can be applied to nearly any task that needs completion and many people are already using IQTELL to track their progress. It’s easy to get sta...Read more

5 Anti Laziness Tactics

/ November 7, 2011
5 Counter laziness tactics to kick start your life

Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything. You find yourself lying on the couch, not even budging to get something to drink.  Staring at your TV becomes a habit and zapping between channels gives you a sense of purpose. When you sit next to the computer you start to browse ai...Read more

The Anti Computer Crash Superhero App

/ November 3, 2011
IQTELL's superhero app

Being that this is my first post for IQTELL, here are a few sentences about me.  I started using IQTELL pretty extensively and blogged about it a bit.  IQTELL asked me to join their team to help spread the word and also get input as to how they can improve IQTELL to meet the need...Read more

Words of Wisdom from Organizers and Productivity Experts

/ October 24, 2011
Wise words by wise organizers

Since we are trying to create the best productivity app in the history of doing, we often reach out and learn from leading productivity experts.  We often bump into an insightful piece of advice or tip that inspires us.  We often realize that the battles we fight against our unpr...Read more

How to Upgrade your Inner Processor in 4 Easy Steps

/ October 18, 2011
Increase your productivity by improving brain functions

Your brain is the single most powerful tool you’ll ever get to use. Inside your brain, at any given moment, there are millions of transmitters, connectors and cells working hard to keep our bodies functioning.  Some of the needs are more “basic” in nature and are automated like ...Read more

IQTELL’s Productivity Application Release

/ October 14, 2011
Product feature release blog

Before we start – we want to thank our Early Beta users whose invaluable feedback greatly contributed to this new release, Thank You! We have many features in the roadmap, and are looking for additional suggestions to make IQTELL “the best productivity app in the history of doing...Read more

The Visionary and Me

/ October 10, 2011
The way Steve Jobs influanced my life

Last week, Steve Jobs, one of the world’s greatest innovators, passed away at the young age of 56. It would be difficult to find anyone who was not touched by Jobs' passion.  Every dreamer can relate to his story, passion, dedication and even understand his intolerance for medioc...Read more

How to Plan the Best Weekend Trip of your Life!

/ October 3, 2011
A trip to paris

This weekend, I flew to Paris to have fun, do some shopping, do some sightseeing and meet my future in-laws.  My fiancé is from France and her family still lives there. On my last related post - How to Plan a Wedding without Stress, I relayed to you how my wedding planning was m...Read more

First Things First, IQTELL

/ September 26, 2011

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been interviewing users who were invited to IQTELL’s Early Beta User Group.  We received an overwhelming positive response; there have been some feature requests, of course, but it seems like we are moving in the right direction. Our Early Beta User...Read more

Anthony Robbins Time of Your Life and IQTELL

/ September 23, 2011
Time of your life with IQTELL

Bill, a friend of mine, mentioned that I should look into Anthony Robbins’ book, Time of Your Life.  He believes that IQTELL would be a great medium for someone to keep up with Robbins’ concepts.  As someone who’s unfamiliar with the concepts of Time of Your Life, I did a little ...Read more

Achieve Inbox Zero On a Daily Basis with IQTELL

/ September 20, 2011
You can achieve Zero Inbox on a daily basis with the right application

Recently, Litmus (a company that tracks and tests email campaigns) conducted a survey as to how people use their email.  The survey covered mobile devices, desktop clients and web mail providers.  According to the survey, email usage grew steadily and will continue to do so - it’...Read more

Top 5 Tips on How to Win at Fantasy Football

/ September 15, 2011
5 tips on how to win at fantasy football

The other day I had my fantasy football draft. I was really busy leading up to the draft, but it’s an annual tradition, and who am I to buck tradition? Besides, many of my friends have spread out around the country, and this is one of the few events that bring us all together (al...Read more

The Productivity Application That Fights Interruptions

/ September 13, 2011
How to deal with interruptions and win!

Earlier this month, David Allen (The author of “Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity”) released a video on how he deals with daily interruptions. Although GTD is a wonderful method, a recurring issue amongst GTD followers is – How to deal with the constant in...Read more

How to Plan a Wedding Without Stress

/ September 9, 2011
Planning a wedding in less than 2 weeks

Just a few days ago, I asked my girlfriend to marry me … she said yes! We were on cloud nine. We started talking, as most newly-engaged do, about our future plans, house and kids. The next morning, a bit of reality set in…I found out that we need to plan the wedding in three mon...Read more

The Top 7 Ways I Use Reminders

/ September 6, 2011
How to use reminders more effectively

  One of the most valuable features in my IQTELL Workspace is the Reminder. Reminders have saved me a lot of hassle by dropping important information into my lap at just the right time. I’m able to click a link in the notification that will take me directly to the relevant ...Read more

Online Employee Management – Manage Employees On the Cloud

/ September 1, 2011
Online employee management

Part of the ever-growing task of managing your employees is maintaining up to date contact information for them. Obviously, it’s important to have the normal stuff on hand – name, phone number, home address – so you can access them quickly and easily. But, perhaps the much more u...Read more

How to Survive Your College Exams

/ August 30, 2011
study for exams without stress

It's not easy to survive your college exams, preparing for exams is one of your toughest challenges during college. As if that wasn't enough, you're also juggling your “social activities” and and an ever-changing support network. It's enough to break even the most determined stud...Read more

Productivity Starts in Your Inbox!

/ August 22, 2011
How organizing your inbox keeps you productive

  The key to staying ahead of the game is to process and organize your inbox in a smart and intelligent way. Even basic email systems offer a number of features and options that include sending and receiving files, saving, deleting, creating and flagging emails. More often ...Read more

How Smart are your Contacts?

/ August 16, 2011
How smart are your contacts?

  Every now and then, I like to take a minute to highlight the hard work of our great developers. In the past, I’ve talked about some cool features like how I can link emails to a related to-do item and how you can identify otherwise unknown contacts by finding the email co...Read more

Productivity and The Marathon Runner

/ August 12, 2011
The marathon runner is an expert on productivity

  You plan to achieve a lot this year; you already listed the things you think you should do, broke them into micro tasks, found someone you respect and committed in front of him to achieve your goals. You’ve started performing quite well, and everything looks like it is pr...Read more

The Universal GTD Inbox

/ August 8, 2011
How to manage your Inbox with your GTD workflow in one place

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. One of the most important elements of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy is the ability to manage your inbox effectively. Your inbox is your lifebl...Read more

Learn a New Skill – Productivity!

/ August 4, 2011
How to be Productive in the morning

  Look back at what you have accomplished in your life and think: what was the road that led you to a great achievement? Did you have to work hard for it? When have you last achieved something that made you proud? What were the habits that supported that achievement? To ac...Read more

How to schedule phone calls and meetings effectively

/ August 2, 2011
A Meeting scheduled on IQTELL

For small and large businesses alike, much of our day is taken up by interactions with others. A phone call here, a meeting there, emails and text messages everywhere…. Is there another way? Can we schedule our phone calls and meetings more effectively? While we may long for som...Read more

Managing business paperwork, equipment and properties with IQTELL

/ July 29, 2011
Managing business stuff

  Business management solutions... I know that this isn’t the sexiest topic in the world, but I think it’s an important one to cover. There are many, often invisible things that a business owner must keep track of in order to run their business. Often times, information ab...Read more

A Free Tool To Organize Success – Coaching 101

/ July 26, 2011

When you are coaching someone to achieve their goals you are taking care of all the things they want to fulfill in the short term and their plans for the long term. But, as a lot of coaches find out, short term is easy. It’s the long run their clients are finding harder to dea...Read more

What Would I Do With an Extra Hour a Day?

/ July 13, 2011

It’s amazing how quickly things can pile up. How many projects are waiting for you to complete? How many simple tasks are weighing on your mind that, for one reason or another, you simply can’t (or won’t) get to today? How many times do you catch yourself thinking about one thi...Read more

Stop Procrastinating

/ July 8, 2011

Last week I talked about preparing the attack on procrastination. Today, I want to talk about understanding what makes it tick and why we are procrastinating to begin with - the source of procrastination on earth, if you will. As you probably know, we were hunters and gather...Read more

Moving your Apartment

/ July 5, 2011

A week ago, I moved. As I’m sure most of you know, there is a lot that goes into moving: planning, packing, cleaning, painting, staring at weather reports hoping for clear skies, and begging friends and family for help. I had a ton of boxes to move and organize. Fortunate...Read more

How to stop procrastinating

/ July 1, 2011

Pressure pressure pressure! You can’t breathe, your thoughts are saturated with guilt and suddenly you realize, you were sitting for the last couple of hours and you haven’t accomplished anything! You started with great intentions.You want to do a lot of things and you can’t s...Read more

How to Organize your Productivity Workflow

/ June 28, 2011

Over the past week, I have spent some time to personalize my workspace in order to follow David Allen’s GTD strategies. In particular, I focused on the how to “Organize” part, where he discusses how to handle new pieces of information after you’ve processed them. In his book, he ...Read more

Effective Time management, the next step!

/ June 24, 2011

Peter Drucker - one of the greatest management philosophers of our time said the following about time management: “Time is the scarcest resource: and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” We learned how to manage time better when we were hunters and gatherers...Read more

How to Start Getting Things Done!

/ June 21, 2011

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. I’m in the process of reading David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. In all honesty, I’ve never really been an organized p...Read more

9 Zen Tips for Awesome Task Management

/ June 13, 2011
Zen master's awesome 9 tips for task managmenet

A famous Shunryu Suzuki quote says the following about Zen: "Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine." Zen helps us get our mind aligned with our bodies. It helps us reach a point in which we see the entire picture, not only our point...Read more

Planning a Trip Without Stress

/ June 6, 2011

I'm always on the lookout for a good deal when I travel, which I do often enough that I’ve gained some experience organizing trips. Nowadays, I have a little help from my IQTELL Workspace. When I got off the phone with the airline after buying tickets for my upco...Read more

The Who's Who of Your Contact List

/ May 31, 2011

In the past, I've talked about how I'm using my IQTELL account with Email, Bookmarks, Online Shopping and Tasks. Another topic I'd like to talk about is Contacts and how I'm using IQTELL to make sense of them all. Have you ever taken a look at your Gmail contact list? I personal...Read more

May Alpha Upgrades and Update

/ May 26, 2011

Time flies when you’re having fun! Our Alpha Program has been progressing tremendously since I last spoke about it in April. Since then, there are a number of new features that were brought about thanks to you, our users and readers! For instance, you now have more user-friend...Read more

Email and Tasks, a Natural Relationship

/ May 23, 2011

I know that there are tons of task management tools out there – in fact, there’s a good chance you and I have used some of the same ones. But, none of them turned out to be the solution I was looking for. As part of the IQTELL.COM team, I’m actually thrilled that the solution is ...Read more

Managing Bookmarks Better

/ May 18, 2011

Call them Bookmarks, Favorites or whatever your current browser of choice calls them, saving your most-visited and important websites is important. Personally, I use Bookmarks to save my daily routine websites, when I’m shopping online, while I’m doing research and when I get a ...Read more

Adding Order to Online Orders

/ May 11, 2011

I do a lot of online shopping because I can quickly compare and find the best deals. However, the biggest challenge is keeping everything organized and tracking my orders. Each online order involves confirmation emails, tracking numbers and delivery dates. I would like to be a...Read more

You Ask, We Deliver

/ April 28, 2011

The Alpha is giving us some great feedback and we are working hard to update features based on your requests.  By popular demand we have increased the number of visible rows from 20 to 50.  This should be especially helpful for those of us with long task lists (ahem).  We have al...Read more

April Alpha Update

/ April 25, 2011

I've had the opportunity to speak to several of our users about their experiences with IQTELL.  The response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic!  As was mentioned in the earlier post, we’re getting tons of great ideas and requests for new features.  We love keeping our deve...Read more

Managing Multiple Email Accounts

/ April 21, 2011

Over the years, I've accumulated multiple email accounts. I have a Gmail account for my personal mail, a Yahoo mail account for family, and a work account. Managing all of these accounts used to be a complicated affair. I would have to go to each of my accounts individually, ...Read more

Reading Email Without Ads

/ April 19, 2011

Does anyone else find those ads that keep popping up while reading email really annoying? I know I do! All I really want to do is just read my email; not sign up for an online education course, switch my phone service provider or look years younger with some miracle cream!  Now,...Read more

IQTELL Made My Yahoo Mail Better!

/ April 12, 2011

My banks have all been going green recently. They send statements and notifications to me electronically instead of on paper. I’m a major fan of going digital, but this creates a challenge when I try to organize my statements. With the old paper statements from my banks, I had a ...Read more

Finally, Bookmarks I Can Love!

/ April 6, 2011

I think it’s awesome that so many people are producing content on the web.  Really.  The problem is; for every great new source of content there are 1,000 sources of crap.  Mitchell Kapor said it best, “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydra...Read more

Saving Time with My Virtual Workplace

/ March 31, 2011

As a new member of the IQTELL team, I’ve been using the application for only a week, but already I love having all my email accounts, contacts, documents, bookmarks and to-do lists in one place and accessible from any computer. I actually have more time in my day! Before IQTELL, ...Read more

Alpha Update

/ March 25, 2011

We are getting great feedback from our Alpha users!  Dozens of new feature recommendations and some incredibly thoughtful and helpful comments about our user experience.  We are busy implementing updates and prepping new features. We are also going to open up the Alpha to more...Read more

Beware the Ides of March

/ March 15, 2011

Good advice to Caesar and good advice to the old technology companies of the last decade that tie your personal data to a single device or treat your personal information as if it were their own.  Yeah, we’re looking at you Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.  Today, March 15, 201...Read more

Personal Cloud Computing

/ February 16, 2011

We have been getting a lot of questions about cloud computing, so here is a brief discussion about the benefits to you.  The “cloud” is a common metaphor for the Internet.  Cloud computing is a solution that has been in use by businesses for years.  The advantage for a business i...Read more

Password Tips and Tricks

/ February 11, 2011

Earlier, we talked about how to secure and store your passwords in IQTELL.  While you wait for our beta release, here are some tips and tricks to help you create safer passwords. Create a good password Start by making sure your password is not commonly used.  The most commo...Read more

Secure, Store Passwords Permanently


 Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months. -Clifford Stoll  If you’re like me, one of the challenges of modern life is remembering all the different passwords for all your different accounts.  I actually keep a ...Read more

Simplifying Your Life Just Got Easier!

/ January 26, 2011

Welcome to the Cloud! Our very first IQTELL Blog post!  We are very excited to announce that our blog is now live and we will be starting our invite-only Beta Test Program very soon – you can sign up here. (more…)...Read more

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