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Plans & Features Basic Premium Business Platinum
Price (monthly)
$30 / year
$70 / year
$96 / year
$160 / year
Complete Task & Project management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Sync (max email accounts) No 3 3 15
Calendar No Yes Yes Yes
Contacts No Yes Yes Yes
Evernote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schedule sent email, Snoozed email, Pinned email, and Email Follow-up No No Yes Yes
Support Within 5 business days Within 3 business days Within 3 business days Within 1 business day

*iOS and Android apps: Free for Task & Project Management


Why should I upgrade?

A paid IQTELL subscription provides seamless cross-platform integration among your email accounts and calendars and helps you be most productive. Any of the paid subscriptions listed above will ensure your email, calendars and contacts are always in sync on any mobile device and the web app. Your subscription fees help us continue improving IQTELL. Thanks!

Auto-renewal and canceling my paid subscription

I understand that the subscription will be renewed automatically and that it is my responsibility to cancel my subscription any time I no longer wish to be subscribed to this service.

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time. Canceling an annual subscription will entitle you to a refund for all unused months. Refund policy

Can I try IQTELL before I purchase it?

Yes. As soon as you sign up, you’ll be using a free Premium account with no commitment to purchase. At any time, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to maintain sync services beyond the first 60 days.

Does IQTELL work on my mobile devices?

Yes. IQTELL is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini), as well as Android phones and tablets. Our mobile app offers powerful email processing combined with task management. It is 100% operational while offline and syncs automatically to the web when connected to the Internet.

Which email providers do you support?

IQTELL enables you to connect to and sync your IQ workspace with any and all email providers, including: Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, AOL, iCloud, cPanel, Hotmail,; as well as any other providers using either IMAP or POP3.

What about your tech support?

We pride ourselves on our personalized support. We have a very active user forum, provide direct tech support via email at and offer 1:1 sessions to our users. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Knowledge Base.

IQTELL is perfect for...


Who doesn’t want to be more productive? Getting control of our email and tasks is a big challenge. Whether you are a working parent, need to take care of home-related errands and projects, a small business owner or regardless, have decided to finally get organized – IQTELL is for you.

Business Owners and Freelancers

As a business owner or freelancer staying on top of your projects and getting things done is critical. IQTELL is your perfect solution for keeping track of your clients, phone calls, meeting outcome, commitments you made and overall, effectively process your email to achieve your goals.

GTD Practitioners

IQTELL has become the number one solution for GTD. Though we are not affiliated with the David Allen Company, IQTELL was built implementing these productivity principles in a most practical fashion.

Evernote users

We love Evernote for taking and organizing notes. Leverage our integration with Evernote to convert notes to tasks, attach notes to existing projects, set reminders & calendar events, as well as set due dates, priority, context, delegation – whatever is needed to get things done!


Better organization means better grades! Use IQTELL to keep track of your classes, assignments and projects. Stay on top of email by converting email correspondence to tasks and projects.

Virtual / Executive Assistants

Staying organized is a challenge; multiply that when doing so for several people. IQTELL lets you manage all your email accounts, calendars and contact list in one place. Easily convert and organize incoming emails to tasks and stay on top of all your clients’ requests.