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IQTELL is a proud sponsor of NAPO as we have a common goal – getting people organized. With better organization comes peace of mind, reduced stress, and ultimately increased productivity.

IQTELL in brief

IQTELL is a productivity app that combines and integrates email, tasks, projects, Evernote, Calendars and Contacts in one place. Rather than hopping across several apps that don’t talk to each other, IQTELL organizes everything in one app so people can focus on getting things done. Available on Web, iOS and Android

What do our users say?

“I am sincerely overwhelmed at the quality, feature-set, comprehensiveness, and usability of IQTELL. I had previously looked at 6 other programs, and even the premium paid subscriptions weren’t able to compare. Many thanks for creating such an excellent tool.”

Eriel Nash

“Having tried just about every GTD app going I have to say that iQtell stands head and shoulders above the rest. Solid GTD methodology combined with user configurability is a real winner. Combine this with an ultra responsive development team and you can’t go wrong. Loving it!”

Nick S.

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IQTELL supports your favorite productivity methods

Organize... your way

As a professional organizer, you can tailor IQTELL to your clients’ specific needs. No tech knowledge required. After analyzing your clients’ needs, you can add and remove lists, tailor fields, set filters, and set up email processing shortcuts to get your clients organized and productive. You can contact us at any time for questions, feedback, ad suggestions.

GTD®, Inbox Zero, and more

IQTELL is perfect for anyone trying to achieve Inbox Zero. Using our email processing shortcuts, users can quickly clear their inbox: turning email into tasks, projects, and more. GTD practitioners feel at home when they log into IQTELL because all their GTD lists are organized and ready to go.
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