Take control by turning email into action!

Sync Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, IMAP & POP3

Quickly sync your email accounts. Using IQTELL, you have access to your email accounts and email folders. Everything is auto-synced between IQTELL and your native email client!

Turn emails into actions!

Using IQTELL macro shortcuts, you can quickly turn email into clearly defined tasks, projects, and more. For example, receive an email asking you to prepare a presentation, simply swipe it into a clearly defined task with a due date, priority & reminder. The email will be out of your Inbox, and part of your task; eliminating the need to keep an overflowing inbox or search for that email in the future.

Emails on iOS

Efficient task management

Actions on Android

Get things done

It’s easy when all your tasks are in one place regardless if they’re stand-alone tasks, part of a project, or resulting from an email. Quickly sort and filter your tasks by Due Dates, Priority, Contexts, Tags, and more.

Email is just a click away

Let’s face it; many emails ultimately lead to tasks. IQTELL eliminates the need to switch between different email and tasks apps. Anytime you need to view, reply, forward an email associated with task, just open the task. No need to search in email folders, it’s just a click away.

Set reminders and rules

Obviously, you can set reminders for each task, but why? Save time and eliminate risk of forgetting by setting up reminder rules. For example, set a rule: remind me one hour before a Due Date. Set the rule once and it will be enforced on all tasks.

Actions on Android

Everything your project needs

It’s not just tasks

Projects are not just a high-level objective, a due date and some tasks. Projects generate lots of support material which are in IQTELL. Easily view and link emails, calendar events, files, references websites, contacts, information stored in other apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Tasks, reminders and calendar events

Easily manage tasks related to a specific project. If needed, you can even set sub-projects, and sub-tasks. Clearly manage deadlines for various project phases. Be sure to set calendar events for status and key meetings on your synced Google, iCloud, or Exchange calendars.

Sharing and collaboration

When you collaborate on your project in IQTELL, you can do much more than simply delegate a task. Everyone has access to the most recent information and can easily add comments.

Evernote & IQTELL seamless integration

IQTELL & Evernote – a perfect match

Evernote is the leading notes application. It’s perfect for taking notes, web-clipping, and capturing thoughts, pictures, and ideas. IQTELL is a perfect productivity app to manage your emails, tasks, project, and calendar. Learn More.

Link to Evernote and be prepared

Use Tags in Evernote to automatically create tasks, projects and more in IQTELL. Perhaps you outlined a project with checkboxes in Evernote that you’d now like to manage as a project with related tasks in IQTELL – just tag it “Project”.
Watch Evernote & IQTELL Video.

Reminders & calendar events

Now that Evernote is part of your productivity app, leverage IQTELL’s features for Evernote. Easily set reminders on Evernotes as well as create Calendar Events that will link back to any Evernote!

Sync your Calendars – see the big picture

Gmail, Exchange and iCloud Calendars

Your calendar is an integral part of your productivity so why should it be separate? Manage your calendars in one place: personal, work, community, etc. View calendar distinctly or overlay them for the big picture. Easily set meetings, invite attendees, etc.

Add anything to your calendar

Since your calendar is part of IQTELL, easily create calendar events from Email, Evernote, Contacts, Actions, Projects, and more. Your event will provide a link back for quick reference.

Web, iOS and Android

Since your calendar is synced to your phone as well as the IQTELL web app – you can trust your calendar to show you the most recent and updated information!

Calendar on web

Leverage your contact list

Sync your Google contacts

You can sync your Google contacts, as well as import contacts from iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo and more.

Not just email

Of course, contacts are used in email, but what about everything else? Set contacts as delegates in actions; team members of projects, etc.

Manage the relationship

Because everything is in one place, you can quickly see
everything related to a contact. Pull up a contact, and quickly see related emails, tasks, projects, and more.


New folders

IQTELL can help you manage other aspects of your life and organize your personal information. Be sure to check out what else is available to help simplify your life. Stop integrating and hopping between apps, let us worry about that.

Personalize web & mobile apps

IQTELL is built around flexibility and catering to your specific way of doing things. Easily edit email processing macros, remove folders, create sub-folders, change list views, add/remove fields, set reminder rules and more!

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