At last, stop the email nightmare of working endlessly to keep your Inbox clean. No more endless labeling, tagging, and moving email around to countless sub-folders. No more forwarding emails to other apps to track tasks and notes. Finally, quickly empty your Inbox in minutes into real tasks.

Process emails once

Read your email once and decide – is it a: Task, Project, Someday, Reference Info, or Trash. IQTELL combines everything in one place, so you can get things done and achieve Inbox Zero. Use our EZ Email to quickly process & clear your Email Inbox. For example, one click to create a task, set a reminder, and archive the email. Significantly reduce email processing time!

IQTELL is the only app combining email and GTD®.


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Powerful features

  • Sync all your email accounts to one place: Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP, and POP3.
  • No hopping between apps. One app for Email, Calendar, Evernote, Tasks, Projects, and more.
  • Unlimited macros to help you process email faster and clear your Inbox.
  • Emails are embedded in your Tasks, Projects, etc. Always available for quick access when needed.
  • Peace of mind

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Achieve Inbox Zero Consistently