It’s all about you. IQTELL was developed with the understanding that we are all different.We all organize ourselves a bit differently. IQTELL not only gives you tons of apps to choose from but also the flexibility to make it your own. You can easily pick the folders you want to use, change the look and feel, customize forms, and more.

How Do You Get Things Done Today?

Your Email

Most of us use email, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL. It’s also quite common to have multiple email accounts. As a result, you have to log in and out of multiple accounts to handle all your email.

Your Contacts

To manage contact information, you may be saving your contacts in your email account. But, what if you have several accounts – you need to decide which contacts you save where.

You also have contacts saved in your mobile phone, written in your address book (your “little black book”), and possibly have additional contact information in some files and documents. So, quite frequently, you’re asking yourself, “Where did I place this contact?”

Your To-do List

What about your to-do items, tasks, and assignments? Clearly, managing your life includes keeping track and managing these as well.

So, how do you manage your to-do lists and tasks today? How do you keep track of what needs to get done first and avoid forgetting things altogether? Are you using your notebook? Are sticky notes lining your monitor or stuck to the refrigerator? Maybe you use your email account for task management? Oh, same question again – what if you have multiple email accounts?

Your Notes and Ideas

Need to jot down a quick note, a tip, a knowhow, or any other useful information? How do you keep track of this valuable information today?

How often have you thought of a great idea, just to lose the piece of paper, napkin, or page in a book that you wrote it down on?

Your Documents

Are your documents, bills, statements, and papers all over the place?

You probably have important correspondences, applications, leases, other agreements, insurance policies, warranties, and manuals of all sorts scattered all around.

How do you manage them today? Where do you keep what? How do you find what you’re looking for?

Your Favorite Sites

How many times have you asked yourself, “Where are my bookmarks?”

You log on to your computer at work, and you’re looking for the bookmark you created for that great site. What was it? You’re searching for this bookmark only to realize that you saved it on your computer at home!

Also, where do you track all that additional information related to your favorite sites? Your browser lets you to enter a “bookmark name” and the URL for the actual webpage. So, where do you keep track of orders you placed from these sites? Your overall experience and satisfaction (service, product quality, etc.)?

And, quite importantly, how do you find the bookmark that addresses your specific need at that time? Can you search for it? And, same dilemma again – on which computer do you search? Which browser do you use?

Your Accounts

How do you manage and keep track of all your accounts? These are your utilities, bank accounts, credit card accounts, and all your online accounts.

How do you keep track of account information, login information, and how to contact customer support for each of your accounts today?

Where do you currently save all this information? In your secret notebook? Where is it? What happens when you lose it?

Have you ever tried to log in to your online account, just to realize you can’t remember your username or password? It’s frustrating! After you make several attempts, you find out your account has been blocked because you had too many failed login attempts.

Your Orders

Oops! My order was not delivered!

You placed an order over the phone or through a website. You want to organize all your orders – know what you ordered, where you made the purchase, the price you paid, and its expected delivery date.

Your Important Phone Calls and Meetings

“Did we discuss this?” “I don’t recall agreeing to that!”

Does this sound familiar?

How do you manage and keep track of your important phone calls, conversations, and meetings today?

You have phone calls with your contractors, people at work, your real estate broker, and your travel agent. You met with your project team, your tenant, your advisor, and your insurance broker. You had a discussion, reached an understanding, and discussed next steps. You remember all that?

Other Aspects of Your Life

What else goes through your daily agenda? Likely, much more. How do you keep track of important events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and give yourself enough time to take action?

What about managing your gifts given and received? Not an easy task, especially when holidays are approaching and you want to make informed decisions about the gifts you buy for your family, friends, and clients.

How do you manage it all today?

Yes, “modern” life, with everything it has to offer, has not necessarily made our lives simpler. Maybe even the opposite. Just think of the myriad of information and “things to do” that you currently go through to manage your daily needs…

Simplify Your Life!

Your Computer on the Cloud

Access your IQTELL Virtual Workspace from everywhere!

IQTELL allows you to manage all aspects of your life and all your daily needs over the Internet. All you have to remember is your IQTELL user ID and password.

No software download is needed, whatsoever.

Your personalized Virtual Workspace provides you with everything you need to manage email, contacts, to-do lists, notes, documents, online shopping, bookmarks, projects, clients, and leads. And if you are a college student, use IQTELL for all your class work and assignments as well.

Access everything you need from any computer, whether you’re at home, at work, at a friend’s place, with a client, in a conference, or away on vacation – all your important information is always accessible to you!

All Your Information Is Secure

IQTELL stores your Virtual Workspace in a secure data center. IQTELL offers free backup and disaster recovery services so that you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing, or your computer being stolen or lost.

Also, IQTELL employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communications so all your Internet interactions with your Virtual Workspace are secure and protected at any time and from wherever you are.

IQTELL also allows you to encrypt the information you deem to be sensitive. Hide passwords, credit card numbers, and PINs and view them only when needed and when you decide it’s safe.

Search and Locate Anything You Need. Instantly!

Similar to any search engine, you can perform Quick Searches throughout your IQTELL Workspace. Simply type in a search phrase and press the “Enter” key and the results will be shown instantly. You can perform these searches across your entire Workspace or you can direct your searches to any particular folder or sub-folder.

Looking for information about your homeowner insurance policy, terms and conditions, or expiration date? Browse your IQTELL Virtual Workspace by performing a Quick Search from any computer, and you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for within seconds!

You can probably think of many other examples, like finding all your tasks due next week, the websites where you had good experiences purchasing Blu-ray movies, the parents of your son’s classmates, and what gifts you purchased your friends last Christmas.

Locating anything you need and accessing it all is just a click away.

Use a Single Tool for All Your Needs

IQTELL is simple to use.

It is a single tool enabling you to manage all aspects of your life. You can start using it immediately after you’ve created your free IQTELL account.

Once you logged in to your IQTELL account, you have access to your Virtual Workspace. From there, you handle all your email, contacts, tasks, important information, files, documents, bookmarks, and everything you can think of to manage your daily needs.

Secured and Backed-up at All Times

Your personalized Workspace is securely stored at a state-of-the-art data center, and your sensitive information is encrypted. All your information and documents are always safe.

Also, your entire Virtual Workspace is automatically backed up at all times. Eliminate worries about your computer breaking down, being lost or stolen, or your property being exposed to fire or other hazards.

There is no need to seek other costly solutions for just backing up your computer – using your IQTELL account, your data will always be safe, secure, and available to you wherever you are.

Share with colleagues… but only what is needed

IQTELL enables you to grant selective access to your family, business members, and classmates. These “guest user” permissions allow you to grant access to specific areas of your Workspace to selected people.

For example, your spouse can share responsibilities in managing bills and other household-related matters by giving them access to part of your Workspace.

Also, IQTELL allows you to Share certain information with others. For example, share bookmarks of interesting websites, a place that you travelled to (and took notes), or even just a bunch of recipes you saved in your “Recipes” folder with your friends and family. Sharing these entries will include all the useful information that you have documented in your own Workspace.

Productive is profitable

Using your IQTELL account will enable you to get things done faster. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more easily. Automatically receive notifications so you don’t miss deadlines or important follow-up activities, and so you avoid penalties and embarrassments.

Having an electronic copy of warranties, insurance policies, user manuals, and other documents will significantly reduce your need for physical storage (and archiving).

Having an account with IQTELL will streamline all aspects of your life.

Who uses IQTELL?

How does our user community use IQTELL?
Well, it depends on who you ask:

  • GTD® followers use IQTELL to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done® methodology. From Inbox to Actionable Tasks, Projects, Ticklers, References and more, IQTELL is the ultimate tool to help you Get Things Done.
  • Students manage classes, assignments, test preparation, and contact information for faculty and fellow students.
  • Business Owners centralize all their business information, client correspondences, projects, tasks, notes and more.
  • Parents and Homeowners keep track of children’s schedules, insurance policies, warranties, manuals, and other household-related items.

Easy Registration

Just enter a few pieces of information, choose your user ID and password, and submit.

Your IQTELL Virtual Workspace will be created for you instantly.

No credit card information will be requested.