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Keep Track of your Meetings in Evernote and Get Things Done with IQTell

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For all of you freelancers, self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs - meeting with prospects and clients most likely plays a key role in...Read more


GTD – Mastering Workflow Series Level 1

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Earlier this year, I signed up and attended “Mastering Workflow Series Level 1”, which is a GTD course provided by the David Allen Company t...Read more

IQTELL's Blog Personal Productivity User Stories

If I Could Have Only ONE App on My Phone…

wrote this on September 20, 2015 /no comments

The Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, IQTELL actually helps you get it all done. If you're a GTD guru, you'll love this. If you're not,...Read more

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My Top 10 Productivity Quotes from some famous people

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We all need a bit of inspiration to stay on top of our useful habits.  We’re human after all. Problems often stem from good habits that w...Read more

Changing Habits IQTELL's Blog

Failure to communicate is a habit – It’s time to break the habit

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Why do some people communicate better than others? Is it an innate ability that sets them apart or is it something else? “What we got her...Read more