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On People Skills, we’ll show you how to conduct yourself next to people, increase your influence and sweep colleagues and employees off their feet with both charisma and charm.

People Skills

10 Reasons why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

wrote this on May 1, 2014 /1 comment
why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

While not quite productive, reminiscing has its perks! …and hey, it’s Labor Day! Recently I’ve been watching the A-Team series. The ea...Read more

People Skills

The 3 Most Annoying Work Scenarios (and How To Get Out Of Them Unscathed)

wrote this on March 25, 2014 /no comments
Annoying Work Scenarios

Sometimes, we get into a situation in the office that we wish we could avoid. We get there because let’s face it; we’re not alone there… ...Read more

People Skills

How to Ignore your Managers and Still Keep them Happy

wrote this on November 20, 2013 /1 comment
Ignore your Managers and Keep them Happy

Whether you work for a boss or are self-employed where your boss is your customer, you are always trying to follow instructions, deliver res...Read more

People Skills

How to Never Waste Time on Meetings Again

wrote this on November 6, 2013 /1 comment
waste time on meetings

I hate meetings. In my opinion, there’s nothing more time consuming and annoying; and it’s often such a waste of everybody’s time. With a f...Read more

People Skills

Lead by Example – The Stuff Leaders are Made of

wrote this on June 26, 2013 /1 comment
lead by example

Leaders like Napoleon, Washington and MacArthur shared a common trait, they all lead by example.  This trait made them great in the eyes of ...Read more