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On Inbox Zero we will cover the inbox zero methodology and explore new ways to make you more productive while you process your emails.

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Guest Post – Old school, new technology.

wrote this on September 11, 2014 /no comments

IQTell? Another productivity tool? Yes. Yet another productivity tool? No. This one makes email archiving like manual filing and physi...Read more

Inbox Zero

Write the Right Email Subject Lines

wrote this on July 21, 2014 /no comments
Get your point across.

Why are we skimming through our email subject lines before we open them? Why not just roll up our sleeves and open them? This is a questi...Read more

Inbox Zero

The Challenges Email Apps Face in 2014

wrote this on July 2, 2014 /2 comments

We have been really excited to hear our user’s feedback lately.  We’ve heard that processing emails has become much easier.  More importantl...Read more

Inbox Zero

The Truth Behind Inbox Zero

wrote this on June 17, 2014 /1 comment

A few years ago, Merlin Mann conceived the notion of Inbox Zero.  He eloquently described what it is we all want: to finally gain control of...Read more

Inbox Zero

How to Spot Those ‘More Than 2 Minute Emails’ Before You Open Them?

wrote this on March 13, 2014 /2 comments
Spot 2 minutes emails

Have you ever paused to ask yourself how one identifies the amount of time it takes to process an email before opening it i.e. via title alo...Read more