Changing Habits

On Changing Habits, we’ll show you how you can get rid of pesky old habits and instead, focus on acquiring new ones that will upgrade your life!

Changing Habits Personal Productivity

7 Morning Habits for a Productive Day

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How you start your day has the potential to impact how you’ll spend the rest of it, and we can’t all be morning people. Getting yourself int...Read more

Changing Habits Personal Productivity

Slash your task list

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Slash your task list To-do lists have a habit of growing and growing and growing… We often speak to people who have hundreds of items on ...Read more

Changing Habits

New Year’s Resolution Fails

wrote this on January 7, 2015 /no comments

With every passing year, we make New Year’s resolutions, only more often than not (probably 100%), we fail to achieve them.  Why do we insis...Read more

Changing Habits

Productivity Tips for Office Managers

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Whether you are an Office Manager or Executive Assistant, the challenges hindering productivity and organization are very similar.  These te...Read more

Changing Habits

Stop losing money on productivity

wrote this on October 7, 2014 /no comments

Whether you follow the teachings of GTD®, Inbox Zero, Pomodoro or any other productivity method, money is a key driver.  This is especially ...Read more