The Ultimate Android Productivity App

IQTELL's native Android app will help you Get Things Done anywhere, anytime, offline or on-line! You'll be able to quickly manage your lists, set Context, perform Weekly Reviews, search and more. Everything on the app will automatically sync with the IQTELL Web app as well as any Android devices.


Jeff Estep

This is a potential revolution in managing the digital noise that she's too get louder every day...


  • Full Task Management – actions and projects can be created from within email or independently.
  • Complete Email Functionality – access all your email from within the app.
  • Push Notifications - notifications for all your email and reminders. Even snooze or park reminders for later.
  • Swipe Left to Process – Archive, trash, move to folder or quick reply to email
  • Swipe Right for Productivity – create actions, projects, sub-actions of a project, reminders, etc. from email.
  • Customizable Swipes – productivity swipes are fully customizable. Add specific folders, flag emails for reference, track prospects, and much more. Organize your way.
  • Inbox Zero – clear your email in minutes and enjoy the peace of Inbox Zero.
  • Linked Emails – emails used to create actions or projects always stay linked for reference and easy reply. No more time wasting searching for important emails.

Awesome GTD setup!

Gary Girouard

This app is EXACTLY what I needed to take IQTELL to the "next level"! This is, by far, the best GTD implementation out there. Highly recommended. Keep up the great work IQTELL!

Even More

  • Due Dates and Reminders – easy settings like “tomorrow” or precise timing down to the minute. Stay organized across email, tasks, projects and calendar. Never forget again.
  • Flexible Sorting – organize tasks by due date, start date, priority or context (Home, Office, etc.), time needed, and more.
  • Star Next Actions – always be ready to move with a list of next actions for each project.
  • Watch Lists – create ‘smart lists’ based on any search.
  • Evernote Integration – two-way integration with Evernote (available with the web app - coming soon to our mobile apps as well).
  • Calendar Integration – turn to-dos into appointments from the web app (coming soon to mobile as well).
  • Batch Operations – Archive, Complete, Move, set Due Date, Context, Star and more.
  • Add GTD Power Features – add in additional GTD© features including Context, Waiting For, Tickler File, Agendas, Phone Call, Prospects and Reference. No in-app purchases required.


Paul Freathy

This app, when used in conjunction with the web is just the most incredible tool to GTD. I can't believe it's free. Really worthwhile checking out!