Our Story

We are productivity addicts! We admit it. We had one goal in mind when we created IQTELL – the ultimate productivity tool. We built the tool we wanted for ourselves.

How did it all Start? Well, our founder says it best:

"The idea for IQTELL began a few years ago. I had just sold my previous company, a business that I started from our humble home and built into a global industry leader with 160 employees. At that time, I wanted to take inventory of my life. I began by organizing.

The problem was: I had things everywhere! Multiple email accounts, contacts stored in various places (on the Web, on my computer, and in several address books), documents on hard drives and stuffed into filing cabinets, to-do-lists on my calendar and in Word and Excel, and dog-eared notebooks with passwords to all my online accounts. My stuff was all over the place, and there was no simple and unified method to locate and retrieve what I wanted when I wanted it!

That's when I realized that there had to be a better way.

So I started with a very simple idea.

What if everything we need to manage our lives could be found in one single place?

As I explored this idea, it created more questions. How can that single place be structured so that all the different pieces of information required to "manage our lives" could be handled in the same (unified) way? How can it be accessed from any computer, regardless where you are, and be independent of the operating system, manufacturer or version? How can such a solution be simple to use, allowing you to quickly search and locate whatever you need when you need it? And, quite importantly, how can we ensure that all of your information is safe and secure? With that IQTELL was born...

Bye, bye retirement...

My thoughts of retiring had evaporated right then and there. I realized that there was a lot of work still ahead for me.

In the past, I identified other important needs that compelled me to come up with solutions. With the companies I founded and with the dedicated people who joined me, I am proud to state that we have successfully delivered solutions that have benefited - and continue to benefit - millions of users. After discovering the new needs ahead, I decided to face this new challenge as well. I made a commitment: develop a solution and deliver! And so, IQTELL.COM, LLC was founded."

Help Us Change the World

Are you ready to join a highly motivated, intelligent, experienced, and energetic team that is focused on getting things done? You will be part of an ambitious and dedicated team obsessed with improving the way millions of people store, access, connect and interact with information. Make history, help us change the world!

Core Values

IQTELL is a fast paced start-up environment with a fun and dedicated team.

  • We won't take "no" for an answer. Every challenge is an opportunity.
  • We are a team and we work together to get things done.
  • Everyone has a say.
  • Everyone's opinion is valuable.
  • Everyone contributes.

Open Positions

IQTELL offers competitive compensation, equity and benefits.

Web Application - Technical Support

Experienced mobile applications developers

QA Analyst - Web and Mobile Apps

If You Love IQTELL = Get Paid!

We're getting ready to launch! IQTELL has been in Beta for the past year. The consistent feedback we receive is "There's nothing like IQTELL in the market; it's NOT just another task list. It combines email, calendar, Evernote, tasks, and much more".

IQTELL's Affiliate Program will be launched in the next several weeks. If you are interested to get a head start and join us as we launch,

(Special incentives for early Affiliates)

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