Why It’s So Important to have a Specific Goal and Commit to It

wrote this on May 13, 2017
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What’s driving you in life? How do you determine what’s important and what’s not? Setting highly specific goals is crucial for maintaining the needed level of motivation and pushing forward.

There’s something incredibly powerful when it comes to committing a goal you know will transform your life. Just think about it – most of us want to accomplish something and most of us keep that dream vague. Once clarity is achieved, a goal becomes a whole lot more tangible.

Setting a Specific Goal: How to

The first step of the process involves learning how to set goals. Many people focus on self-improvement. Some want to lose weight, some want a better job. In other instances, people dream about accomplishing something in life or building meaningful relationships. It’s important to understand that all of these goals are valid. Choosing one dream or the other is simply a matter of some mindfulness and a good understanding of who you are.

When setting goals, you need to forget about societal pressures. It’s typical for individuals to set accomplishments that others accept them. Such goals, however, aren’t going to contribute to personal satisfaction.

Evaluate where you are right now and what’s still missing from your life. Knowing who you are right now and what you’ve managed to accomplish will make it much easier for you to figure out what you’d like to do in the future.

Think about what excites you, what you want to spend your life doing. For so many, it’s not the destination but the journey that brings a sense of accomplishment. Set a realistic goal. If you attempt to accomplish too much in a single goal, you’ll fail and you’ll probably give up on the idea due to discouragement.

Reasons Why People Fail Achieving Their Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is one of the biggest reasons why people fail. We’ve already touched upon the importance of the goal determination process. This, however, isn’t the only cause of failure.

Once you’ve determined your life goal, it’s now time to attempt accomplishing it. A few things may stay in your way.

The first one is excuses. What we’re familiar with is comfortable. Even if our everyday existence isn’t exciting and fun, it’s something that we know well. It doesn’t demand conscious efforts and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Accomplishing one’s goals can be uncomfortable. It will necessitate change. Sooner or later, you may start desiring the comfort of your routine. This is when you’ll start making excuses and forget about the specific dream you had a few months ago.

Having a goal that doesn’t mean too much to you will also be a massive de-motivator. Solid goals will stand the test of time. They’ll be something you’re eager about today and something that you’ll be eager about in a few years. If your goal needs a revision, chances are that you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

There are also people who attempt to accomplish too much. They want a good relationship, they want to help others, change the world, be artistic and accomplished in just about every aspect of life. Such expectations are simply unrealistic. If you don’t have a focus, you’ll do a mediocre job in terms of making your dream(s) come true.

Commit Your Goals to Writing

Now that you know how to set your goal and how to avoid the common mistakes, it’s important to keep yourself accountable in terms of execution. One of the best ways to maintain a high level of motivation involves writing down what you’re trying to accomplish.

Describing a dream in writing makes it much more tangible and close to you. For many people, writing also unleashes a powerful brainstorming effect. Describing the specifics of the idea can narrow it down, improve the original concept and even provide some options for making the dream come true.

Writing down your goals creates a vision and makes it measurable. You can also device an action plan to follow through setting benchmarks and patting yourself on the back each time you get there. Accomplishing your goal isn’t just about setting it and being highly specific. It also involves keeping yourself accountable along the way.

It’s interesting to point out that 60 percent of people abandon their New Year’s Eve resolution within six months. Researchers have found out something remarkable in terms of accomplishments. Dominican University   California researchers figured out that people are 42 percent more likely to achieve their goals by writing about them.

You will be forced into getting clarity, it will help you keep track of progress and maintain your focus. Don’t hesitate to start a journal in any way that you deem appropriate. You don’t have to share the document with anyone. The more time you spend on your own, developing the idea, the better you’ll feel about it and its execution.

The Final Verdict

A laser-focused action time necessitates some thinking and a bit of effort. You can’t just wait for specific goals to materialize themselves. If you want to accomplish something in life and make your existence meaningful, you’ll have to seek change consciously.

Remember that moving forward may feel uncomfortable. It will push you, it will challenge you and embarrass you sometimes. Being passionate about what you’re doing will provoke an emotion. Anyone who’s going through life without having powerful feelings is simply not attempting to pursue the right goal.

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