The sun is setting, no response to my email yet…

wrote this on March 1, 2017
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How often do you find there is no response to important email you sent?
Examples are numerous.  A proposal to a client; a paper you submitted; requested information you provided, etc. On all these occasions, you are expecting a response and overall, to achieve closure.  You want to see your proposal generate additional business; your submitted paper to be accepted and published; the information you provided satisfying the inquiry you received in the first place, etc.

Email – the de facto business communication channel
Like it or not, email in the course of conducting business has become the most common means of correspondence.  Sending proposals, exchanging comments and making progress with business opportunities and client correspondence is now mostly facilitated through email.

Email is very conveniently accessible everywhere, on your desktop as well as on your mobile devices. However, email may not always get necessary attention, if any at all.

No response to your email?
So, you wrote an email to your client, attached the pertinent files, clicked ‘Send’ and now you are in ‘waiting mode’.  You may have flagged the email as ‘important’, ‘waiting for reply’, set up a reminder, or even created a Waiting For with a Due Date (something you can easily do in IQTell).  Some people even claim to have it all ‘in their head’ and that they know everything they did and what needs to happen next.

Regardless of how you keep track of all email awaiting a response, what happens next is quite similar. In particular, when time has passed and you realize that you have not received any response.  Action is required.

Follow up
Realizing follow-up is required, you may opt to make a polite phone call, talk about the weather and, by the way, “Not sure whether you have received my email…”  Other times, you may prefer to follow-up via email.

And the responses you get?
“Oops, haven’t seen / received your email. Can you please resend?”
“The attachments didn’t come through. Please resend.”

Resend that email
Most often, the outcome will require resending the original email, to address it to the same recipients and quite importantly, re-attach the same files as in the original email.

Resending email should be simple!.  Is it really?
Using ‘traditional’ email, here are your options:
Look for your previously sent email and:

Reply All. With this option, you would have to re-attach all the files that were there in your previous email.  Alas, where do you find all these files now? And what if any of these were modified or even deleted since the last time you sent them? Potential for embarrassment right there…

Forward your original email, but now, you need to re-enter all the original recipients.  This may be a straightforward task if just a few, but what if the recipients list is rather long? You may miss some on the ‘2nd round’.  Not so desirable…

Resend = Reply All + Forward
Imagine that in addition to Reply All and Forward that you also had a Resend option? Here is what you would then expect:

  1. All the recipients automatically re-populated (To, Cc and Bcc), same as in the previously sent email.
  2. All the originally attached files – automatically re-attached to the new email.
  3. Enter your ‘follow-up’ language
  4. Press ‘Send’

Resend functionality is now here!
Addressing common needs is IQTell’s main mission. Hence, Resend was conceived and implemented in IQTell’s new web app.  Please see our forum post to learn how to use this powerful feature.

PS. The new web app is currently in its final Beta stages, scheduled to go live in April.

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Ran Flam

Ran Flam is the founder of IQTell, a versatile productivity and a professional information management platform. In his more than 30 years of experience, Ran has founded Sparta Systems, Advanced Medical Systems (currently CMT), and Advanced Data Systems - all with worldwide acceptance and with millions of users. Ran’s passion is in providing solutions that help streamline workflows and improve productivity. LinkedIn

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