Keep Track of your Meetings in Evernote and Get Things Done with IQTell

wrote this on February 20, 2017
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For all of you freelancers, self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs – meeting with prospects and clients most likely plays a key role in your business.  During such meetings, using Evernote on your mobile device, tablet or laptop is the easiest, most effective way of taking notes and collecting information as well as recording takeaways and action items.

Same goes for team meetings at your workplace where decisions are made and tasks are assigned.

Keeping track of your commitments

In either case, the ease of taking notes is essential to a successful outcome of such meetings.  Especially, when remembering everything is translated into credibility and accountability – applicable to team members as well as when meeting customer expectations.  That is where the straightforward, yet powerful Evernote capabilities come in handy, i.e., the support of multiple platforms, the sharing of relevant notes and more.

You said you’ll do it?  Do it!

I guess this sounds familiar, right?  However, literally speaking, it is easier said than done.  To keep track of action items and make sure promises are met with deliverables we all need a systematic approach to ensure success.

I am a big fan of David Allen and the GTD® (Getting Things Done) methodology conceived and developed by David over the past two decades. GTD has proven to be an excellent protocol for achieving your full potential.  Evernote has proven to be the most effective and versatile solution for managing notes.  So, with these two key pillars, we may ask ourselves, is there anything else we can do to secure success?  The answer is a resounding “yes”.

Let me elaborate: what if we could seamlessly combine what we do in Evernote with a dedicated task management tool?  A system that has implemented the GTD methodology to ensure things actually get done!  Further, what if such combination means that while in Evernote, that we can tag notes to automatically create Actions, trigger new Projects and even new Prospects inside such a dedicated tool?

Meeting with your clients

Say you are a consultant meeting with a potential client.  During the meeting, rather than paper, you’re using Evernote on your iPad.  Collecting important information about your client’s business, their needs, and jotting down open questions (“I’ll get back to you with answers!”) as well as promises made (“I’ll send you a proposal as soon as possible”).  You have already achieved the obvious benefits – no need to read handwritten notes once you’re back in the office, plus an immediate backup of all this vital information onto the cloud.

Meeting with your team?  While going over your agenda for the meeting you’re also in ‘listening mode’.  You collect feedback, which most often requires follow-up actions.

I guess you get the point and can easily come up with numerous examples reflecting your own experience and needs where taking notes requires action thereafter.

Getting things done!

Throughout my career, I have been always intrigued by providing solutions to the most common needs. Thanks to the advent of GTD and Evernote I again saw a common need: – seamlessly converting notes into actions and the latter, into desired results, making sure that promises and commitments are fulfilled.

Having dedicated the past several years to founding and developing IQTell – providing a fully integrated productivity / task management tool, I challenged my team to implement a seamless connection between Evernote and IQTell.  And, that’s exactly what they’ve accomplished.

So, while in Evernote, you can tag any note that requires action with the ‘Action’ tag, which will automatically create a corresponding Action (task) in IQTell.  Same goes for tags such as ‘Project’, ‘Prospect’, etc.  The corresponding items are created in IQTell – triggered when such notes are saved in Evernote.

When we look at the examples listed above, notes we took with promises such as providing answers to open questions, proposals to be drafted, or follow-up actions – all these now become dedicated tasks in IQTell just by tagging these notes as ‘Action’ in Evernote.

You might be asking yourself, “how will this help me to get things done?”  The answer is quite simple.  IQTell has all the capabilities required to keep track of open actions and projects that require follow-up, manage progress and ensure you achieve closure.

As an example, Actions and Projects automatically show on your calendar based on Start and Due Dates; you can assign Actions to Projects, group by Priority, Context, attach cloud files and much more.  Also, “seeing the picture at a glance” is facilitated in IQTell through customizable Watch Lists such as “Due Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This week”, and “Overdue”. IQTell has everything that is needed to ensure you get things done, including a most powerful, built-in, and fully integrated email client, turning email into action and help you stay on top of things.

Best of Breed

Taking notes and ensuring things get done is a common need for everyone.  Using Evernote in conjunction with IQTell provides an optimal and powerful solution. A combination of a most effective and popular note management platform along with a dedicated and proven task management solution.

The wheel has already been invented, we just made it roll smoother and more efficiently!

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Ran Flam

Ran Flam is the founder of IQTell, a versatile productivity and a professional information management platform. In his more than 30 years of experience, Ran has founded Sparta Systems, Advanced Medical Systems (currently CMT), and Advanced Data Systems - all with worldwide acceptance and with millions of users. Ran’s passion is in providing solutions that help streamline workflows and improve productivity. LinkedIn

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