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Guest Blog – Dan Duncan

wrote this on July 7, 2014
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Hi Everyone,

Below is a post written by an IQTell user, Dan Duncan. Dan is a consultant and uses IQTell to help run his consulting business.  Check out his IQTell story below and be sure to check out Dan’s Evernote trick.

I am a private consultant.  I work primarily with nonprofits, governments and communities that are interested in increasing their effectiveness through the power of Asset-Based Community Development and Results-Based Accountability.

Because my work is different with every client, I usually have engagements with multiple clients at any given time. I use IQTell to manage all of my client’s contacts, emails, projects and action steps.  In addition, I use IQTell to manage my prospects and marketing efforts.  Finally, I am also an adjunct faculty member at a University and I use IQTell to manage all of my student contacts and assignments.  IQTell has been a lifesaver.  It helps me keep all of my projects and activities on track and organized.

Before, I discovered IQTell, I was doing what everyone does, keep multiple lists in multiple locations, with an overflowing email inbox. Now I really do have everything in one place and I can achieve Zero Inbox whether on my computer, phone and tablet. The cross-platform capability is key to managing my work.

In addition, I love the integration with Evernote.  In my quest to become paper free, I take my business notes on my Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet, using its notes app and pen.  The notes then automatically sync with Evernote, which then syncs with IQTell.  It is a great combination: Tablet to Evernote to IQTell.  Below is a sample of one my notes from one of my client’s projects.  I now can be totally paper free at my meetings and other client contacts and all my notes are accessible and up to date.

Evernote Pen notes embedded in IQTELL project

For consultants, professors or anyone managing multiple projects, actions steps, contacts and emails, I think IQTell is an amazing tool that can really help someone stay on track where ever they are.

One of the key benefits for me is the mobile app; particularly, the integration with email and Evernote which allows me to access all my information when I need it. For example, one of the amazing features of the mobile app is that you can still access all of your project/action related emails even when you have no internet access.  In May, I was in Aruba consulting and I did not have internet access on my phone, yet I could still access all of my saved emails for the project.   Something I could not do on my phone without internet access.

Dan Duncan

H. Daniels Duncan Consulting

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