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10 Reasons why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

why the A-Team is better than Your-Team
wrote this on May 1, 2014

While not quite productive, reminiscing has its perks!

…and hey, it’s Labor Day!

Recently I’ve been watching the A-Team series. The earliest lessons I’ve got in team building and management where from this show. Some were good; some were funny and some were just plain awesome.

Here’s my Labor Day tribute the team that taught me the value of a good plan, hope you’ll enjoy :)

1# They always have a plan

They always have a plan

2# Everyone is a specialist 


3# Failures are just bumps in the road

failures aremare bumps in the road

4# They know they’re good

They’re good

5# They are focused


6# They know when to be patient and when to act

when to be patient and when to act

7# They have history

They go way back

8# They watch each other’s back

watch each other’s back

9# They’re team players

They’re team players

10# They thrive under stress

A team under stress

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Have an excellent Labor day!

Until we meet again.


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