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March 2014 – Our iPad Mini and Lifetime Premium Account Winners

Contest winners
wrote this on April 8, 2014

We are truly honored to have such a great user community.  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s willingness to help spread the word about your IQTELL experience with.  Thank you all for your support!

It was quite a challenge to select the winners and again, thanks to everyone who participated!

With your feedback and suggestions, we remain committed to developing IQTELL into your favorite productivity application.

And the winners are:

Winners of iPad mini & Lifetime Premium IQTELL Account

Jonathan Prest

Rui Rego

Justin Sturgis


Winners of Lifetime Premium IQTELL Accounts

Joel Richards

Chris Petty

Luis Garduno

Jon Wood

Adam Brandeis

Marsha Iddings

José Fonseca Pires

Michael Blaschke

Thom Horton

Lea Lindsay

Mal MacKay

Nadia Buza

Doug Sinning

Daniel Williams

Sheila Penton

Petr Havelka

Erick Howenstine

Virginia Wells

Mark Mauler

Adam Rowe

Pasang Lepcha

Larry Schrof



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