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10 Ways to Stay Warm at Home Until the Polar Vortex Passes

10 Ways to Stay Warm
wrote this on January 8, 2014
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After the New Year’s celebrations subsided, we got a chilly surprise! This winter is by far the coldest winter in decades according to National Weather Service.

This means that a lot of us are stuck at home waiting for the polar vortex to pass; some without electricity, others with kids that are bored out of their mind, all looking for ways to stay warm.

We decided to warm you up with 10 practical & easy to tips will keep you warm and in good spirits so when the weather clears a bit you’ll be back on the horse in no time.

So sit tight and check our tips, the first one is really important (just in case you were wondering…)

1# Instead of alcohol, grab a cup of tea or soup

If you think that you can fend off the cold with a bit of alcohol you’re in for a surprise. Alcohol actually reduces your body temperature, increasing the likelihood of you getting hypothermia.

According to Professor Colin Drummond, head of the Section of Alcohol Research at King’s College London:

“When you drink, it dilates the peripheral blood vessels near your skin, which means more blood – and heat – flows to these vessels”

That takes blood and heat away from the core of your body. So while it feels like you’re warm because your skin is warm, your vital organs aren’t as warm as you might think they are.

“If you then go out in the cold after drinking, because you’ve got a lot of heat on the periphery of your body, you can lose heat very easily and quickly. And that can be dangerous.” 

Try instead tea, coffee, hot coco or even a hot steamy soup full of nutrients.

Grab a cup

2# Go out with a shovel

There’s nothing like getting some blood pumping to shake the freeze away.

Your driveway, front porch, and doorway are covered in snow. As a rule, you should always keep them clear in case you’ll need to leave the house hastily or alternatively help emergency services reach you faster.

So take a shovel and start plowing through the snow, you’ll get a much need exercise that will provide you with an elevated heart rate that will pump blood through your body and with it warmth.

Grab a shovel

Just make sure that you’re covered while doing so.  P.S. – if you do break a sweat, change your cloths quickly after.

3# Cook! Preferably with spices

As I mentioned above, you can stay warm by doing some wintry activities.  The best wintry activity (by far) that I know off is conducted in the comfort of your own house over a steamy cauldron!

Cook! Preferably with spices

Keep yourself occupied and find ways to stay warm over a few bubbling pots.  You’ll find that, in no time, that pesky cold sting of winter will make way to a warm sensation, wonderful smells and a full stomach!

And while at it, try to spice things up a bit! Spices affect your pallet and improve your blood’s circulation.  If you’ll go for superhot, you’ll even sweat a bit :)

4# Eat healthy fatty rich foods

While cooking, consider using fish, meat, eggs, dark chocolate, avocados and nuts… especially nuts! Healthy fatty acids will keep you warm during the blizzard.  Don’t worry; it won’t add to your love handles once the cold goes away.

Much like animals that live in extremely cold weather, we need fat to regulate our body’s temperature. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to go all polar bear on your fridge, nope.

Eat healthy fatty rich food

What this does mean is that you need to increase your intake of healthy fatty foods for the time being to keep yourself warmer. Nuts are my fatty food of choice, since they provide benefits far more than just a cozier feeling during the chill.

5# After you’re done cooking, keep a steamy kettle burning on low fire

Did you know that inside your kitchen lays the cheapest way to warm up your house?

Fill up a kettle with water, put it on the low burner and watch how your house gets heated up with steam…

Hey, it powered up the industrial revolution so it can definitely heat up your home!

keep a steamy kettle burning on low fire

6# Stay in one heated room

Heat is a precious resource during the storm and heating up your house electrically can be quite expensive.  To stay comfortable and warm during the blizzard and to save on energy expenses, make sure that you confine yourself to one room in your house.

make sure that you stay in one heated room to save on energy

Another thing, make sure you place towels under the doorways and garage door. Closed heavy curtains over your windows can help too as well.

7# Soak into a hot tub or take a cold shower

Say what?

Regular cold showers help limit heat loss, decrease core body temperature and regulate overall body temperature which contributes immensely to your sense of overall warmth.

True, you might want to consult your doctor before starting. But unless you’re suffering from a heart condition, he might even recommend it since people who live in extremely cold environments still practice ice-diving and ice-hole swimming after hot saunas in places like Finland.

But if you’re not the masochistic type, the alternative is of course soaking in hot tub full of aromatic oils or in a case you have access to one, a hot sauna!

Soak into a hot tub

On top of helping you warm up, it will make sure you’ll fall to sleep faster.  Before we go to sleep, our body’s temperature falls which helps us to fall to sleep.  After we get out of a hot shower, our body’s temperature drops faster which helps us to fall to sleep better.

8# Most of our body heat is lost via our extremities

That’s why you need make sure they’re covered for the next couple of days.

If you can, wear several layers of socks preferably made out of fleece; cotton works just fine too. Also, make sure you wear gloves or mittens; a warm knitted hat makes a huge difference since you lose a lot of body heat through your head, you can try one of these for size…I think they work better :)

Most of our body heat is lost via our extremities

(Source Think geek)

9# Warm your relationship with your kids

Since school’s probably off, you have your little clan all huddled up under one roof.  You may be out of electricity, so they’re probably bored out of their mind!

Yes, I know, your kids are different and can probably occupy themselves. But let’s face it; you rarely get an opportunity like this to spend some quality time with them, right?

So why not do something together?

If you don’t have a specific project in mind, choose something that you know will keep your kids occupied long after that snowman melts.  Checks these out — newspaper forts or one of these great DIY kids toys, pick your pick.

Warm your relationship

(Source: buzzfeed)

10# Stop looking for ways to stay warm and just share your body heat!

Cuddling is by far the best winter activity…

Aside from its obvious benefits i.e. shared warmth; huddling and cuddling together for 20 seconds or more releases that wonderful feel good hormone called Oxytocin.

Oxytocin, also known as the love molecule or the bonding hormone, makes us more emphatic, increases trust, makes use more generous, it reduces fear and even heals wounds faster!

Share your body heat

So get under the blanket and stay safe, until next time!

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