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Your Inner Clock and how It Influences your Productivity

How your inner clocks influence your productivity
wrote this on October 3, 2013

Your Inner Clock and how he Influences your Productivity

Work with your Inner clock on IQTELL

Your Inner Clock and how It Influences your Productivity

Did you know that we have three biological clocks?

One of those clocks determines when and if you’ll get things done…

Scheduling work according to it’s beat improves your productivity.

Follow the 90/20 rule and boost your productivity (source).


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One response to “Your Inner Clock and how It Influences your Productivity”

  1. wizonesolutions says:

    I incorporated this a few months ago after reading about it on the Buffer blog. I totally stand by it. I do a lot of programming and analytical work, and I used to get worn out (and SORE) after working for hours. I stand up fairly regularly, but it’d still happen. Since switching to working in 90-120-minute periods and then taking 20-30 minute breaks, I haven’t felt as worn out after the day. I wouldn’t say I have much more energy; I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. It’s a good thing, though.

    One thing that the Buffer blog went into more is that the ultradian rhythm can vary a bit from person to person. I’m not sure if I’ve formed a habit or what, but I sort of have a sense of it now. The first couple work sessions in a day I can often go for 120 minutes (which is the upper bound). Usually this drops to 90 after that, and in the evening I feel more like taking 30-minute breaks. I try to keep them to 20 before that. My breaks are often way too long. Using a timer usually helps with this.

    Do any workplaces support this rhythm? I’ve been working for myself for so long that I have no clue what current workplace practices are.

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