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How to Make a Wish List Come True

Learn How to Make a Wish List Come True
wrote this on October 31, 2013

Make a wish list come true

Are You Tackling Your Ticklers and Someday lists?

How to Make a Wish List Come True

Your wish list is a list of things you’d like to do someday.

You can make them happen as long as you have a roadmap.

Connecting your roadmap items to events and people will trigger your wishes into reality.

Having a self destruct date on your dreams helps make them real too…

Wishes can come true! Make sure your have a tool to help. Check it in the link above. 


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4 responses to “How to Make a Wish List Come True”

  1. I just installed IQTELL, and synched w/ my Evernote, to give it a try. Great post too.

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