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What is the Best Day to Conduct a Weekly Review?

wrote this on September 18, 2013
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When to Conduct a Weekly ReviewConduct a Weekly Review on IQTELL

Conduct a Weekly Review on…

This graph shows average productivity levels per weekday (source)

As you can clearly see, here we suffer from the dreaded Monday blues.

But it’s nothing compared to weekends. Your focus just drifts away…

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…You are in the zone!

Don’t fight the ‘natural order’. Conduct weekly reviews in the middle of the week.

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7 responses to “What is the Best Day to Conduct a Weekly Review?”

  1. Donald MacDonald says:

    A different viewpoint would be to use the most productive time for the creative work.

    Personally I find the weekly review is not the most demanding task for my creative energies.

    The graph does mirror my experience too. It takes a couple of days to build a head of steam.

    • Billjw says:

      I’m with you Donald and can I suggest the low productivity on Friday is likely from people who do not conduct a Weekly Review. If they did I’d suggest Saturday and Sunday would be higher….

    • Team IQTELL says:

      Donald, thank you for your comment.

      A recent study suggests that you’re more creative when you’re tired…

      Weekends are the best time to unwind and gather strength for the upcoming week – the thought of getting back to work during weekends is a bit daunting for some people. If this inner conflict continues, it may result in missed reviews.

      You are totally correct about weekly reviews, they’re not a demanding task. They are however located in the wrong time slot, at least in my opinion. According to the attached article you should use your peak hours for tasks that are more analytic in nature and that exactly what weekly reviews are all about, analyzing your week and planning.

      I found that weekends don’t work for me. I like to conduct my weekly review while everything is still buzzing around me.

      • Donald MacDonald says:

        An interesting read, thanks for digging it out.

        When a group I belong to was polled as to when people did their reviews it varied widely, personal preference and schedules influenced choices.

        The important thing for everyone to remember is that conducting a quality review before the system decays brings real benefit.

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