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How to Achieve Laser Focus without Pulling any Hocus

wrote this on August 22, 2013

Laser focus

Achieve laser focus with IQTELL

How to Achieve Laser Focus without Pulling any Hocus

The only way to achieve what you’re after is to be fully engaged.

The power of full engagement allows you to move things with your mind.

It gives you the strength to navigate your life, the way you want…

And it ensures you get an eggs and ham breakfast every morning!


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  1. Kent Norton says:

    AS our Sun has decided to reverse his magnetic field, will this help or hurt my focus. i was focusing on a kind of clock-wise field i understand this is a type of mobiu¨s topological issue. LOL Shakespeare did write that the gods kill and torture us for their sport. Now that i am on the subject of productivity and heaven knows we all want to be more productive in a less Productive USA, where is the software that uses natural language algorithms to take the original stories and summarize them for speed reading.

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