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Productivity App Hacks Ctrl + Shift + E and more

Productivity App Hacks that will help you build speed
wrote this on July 1, 2013
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Continuing in the spirit of last week’s post, here’s another hack for speed!   Remember, the quicker you get “stuff” into IQTELL, the faster you’ll get “stuff done”!

This hack is for Chrome users because you’ll need to install the Free IQTELL Chrome Extension.

Now, anytime you’d like to quickly get an action into IQTELL – just click “Ctrl + Shift +E”.  You’ll able to type in your action (set the Context, if you’d like), and click Enter.  You don’t have to be logged into IQTELL; heck, you don’t even need to be connected to the internet.

So, as you take a break and catch up on latest internet gossip or hard at work researching a project; quickly enter actions into IQTELL’s Productivity App and free your mind to relax or continue focusing on whatever you are doing.

Added Bonus Tip – as you browse, you can right-click on any web page to quickly create an action and the site’s url will be auto-copied into the IQTELL action

Still not enough? More IQTELL Chrome Extension Tips – Click Here

Hope you enjoyed this one!

P.S – To those using our Android or iOS appsProductivity apps, be sure to check out the IQTELL Web appEverything is auto-synced between IQTELL’s apps.

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I live and breath productivity. I'd like to invite you to check our Productivity App! In addition to the app, you'll join our productivity community and receive support from a team of productivity experts who love what they do! You can contact us on Google+ or on Twitter if you have any questions. As an FYI, we recently released an amazing feature that helps to process your emails quickly and effectively - we call it EZ Email processing.

2 responses to “Productivity App Hacks Ctrl + Shift + E and more”

  1. Tomas says:

    Hello there, Tomas here, been using your application for a few weeks and loving it.

    I installed the EZ bar in chrome; it’s a cool tool. I cannot however get it to add stuff with the ctrl+shift+e command. Nothing simply happens. Any ideas?

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