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Productivity App Hack – OAuth Heads Up

Productivity App Hacks - OAuth Heads Up
wrote this on July 29, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone!

We’re using this week’s Productivity App Hack as a Head Ups for an upcoming Change.

Google has changed the way that 3rd-party access Gmail, Calendars and Contacts. It can now be accomplished through OAuth, which allows for a secure authorization in a simple and standard method.

In our next release, in a few days, the OAuth protocol for Google will be activated.

When this is released, you will see a yellow warning icon on Gmail accounts that you imported to your IQTELL Workspace. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to Google to authenticate these accounts. That’s all. Simple.

Feel free to email us with any questions!

Don’t forget, if you’re using our Android or iOS apps, be sure to check out the IQTELL Web appEverything is auto-synced between IQTELL’s apps.


I live and breath productivity. I'd like to invite you to check our Productivity App! In addition to the app, you'll join our productivity community and receive support from a team of productivity experts who love what they do! You can contact us on Google+ or on Twitter if you have any questions. As an FYI, we recently released an amazing feature that helps to process your emails quickly and effectively - we call it EZ Email processing.

One response to “Productivity App Hack – OAuth Heads Up”

  1. DavidAntaramian says:

    Hasn’t Google authenticated and authorized through OAuth 2.0 for over a year now? And before that you could authenticate and authorize through OAuth 1.0. Exactly what has changed on Google’s side that you are claiming this is a change on Google’s side and not yours?

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