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Hack Productivity – Make Time

wrote this on June 20, 2013
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Make time instead of wishing for more time

Make Time with IQTELL

Today Well talk about how to make time for yourself and the things you love to do.

As you can see, wishing for time won’t do you any good.

Time is an asset. Like all assets, you need to manage it.

You need to actually DO something to regain your time.

So take the more active approach to make time and manage it…

Yup, make no mistakes, reading the news is getting you nowhere fast!

It only wastes your time, serving someone else’s purpose, not yours.

Absorbing the media’s paranoia is probably one of the reasons you’re wishing you had more time.

So just stop, and begin to eliminate the time wasters from your life.

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2 responses to “Hack Productivity – Make Time”

  1. Rainer König says:

    I somehow disagree. :-) Reading the news might help to avoid problems if the news tell me about expected traffic jams on my way to work.

    I guess the underlying problem is the information flood that drowns us every day. Recommended reading (of course if you have time to):

    Now I wonder if reading the IQTELL Blog is wasted time or not. :-))

    Best regards

    • Team IQTELL says:


      Educating yourself or getting an extra productive boost every now and then is never a waste of time. We see our blog more as a source for extracurricular education; we’re not here to deliver news of any sort, unless it’s news about an IQTELL release or an interesting research :)

      You are totally right about information overload. In my opinion, the way we consume news (and we consume it mostly when they’re not relevant i.e. next to our computer screen while working) is a large part of that problem.

      If you’re stuck in traffic, news about traffic becomes relevant to your situation and helps you get out of there as soon as possible – or what I like to call “good news”. If you’re sitting next to your computer, reading about traffic jams and creating a flow jam as a result …that’s another story :)

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