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The Not So Comfortable Zone

Your Comfort Zone is like a desert Island
wrote this on May 2, 2013

Today on The Hack productivity series – The not so comfortable zone!

Yes, you heard me right! It is not the comfort zone. It’s the place, or more accurately the state you reach once your comfort zone becomes a burden.

You know what I’m talking about, that non pleasant place you’re stranded in once you run out of options, the end of your comfort zone

The hack productivity series -  The Not So Comfortable Zone

The not so comfortable zone is the last place you want to be standing in once it starts raining, take the initiative, get out! There are a lot of ways to break free from your routine when your routine becomes a burden.


Take a more active approach towards doing and avoid the not so comfortable zone, don’t sit on your laurels!


Comfort is a temporary feeling that fades pretty fast, leaving you with a long wait and opposite results.

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