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How To Get Things Done With Style – James Bond Style

How To Get Things Done With Style – James Bond Style
wrote this on May 29, 2013
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When I grew up, all the kids in my neighborhood wanted to be like James Bond.

He had fancy/deadly toys (remember the suitcase and cufflinks?), charm, wit and he always emerged victorious even when the odds piled up against him.

But the one thing that always made him special was his ability to get things done with style!

He had style in his actions, style in his dealings, style in his shortcomings and he even failed with style. Women wanted to be with him; men wanted to be like him…admired by all.

Although a bit presumptuous on our part, we all desire to get everything done with as much grace as possible.  Let’s dive deeper and see what exactly sets James Bond apart.

1# His ability to get things done

One of the things I personally like about Bond is that it’s a human character at its core. He works hard to gain his goal, falling prey to both his weaknesses and temptations.  However, he always bounces back, and overcomes obstacles in the last moment.

Get things done James Bond Style

Everyone can start a grand project with lots of details and brag about how it’s complicated; yup, been there, done that. But, contrary to beginning projects (which is quite easy), finishing them is quite a different story.   Determination and consistency is what sets us apart from the rest, it’s a defining moment in which our character is tested and built.

2# Doing things in the service of something bigger than ourselves

James bond always fought on behalf of “her Majesty, the queen”. Having someone to fight for (or in our case, to get things done for), helps you immensely.  It’s a huge motivating factor in the face the many project pitfalls; it’ll help us keep going when others would have already given up. James Bond knows he needs to get things done because he’s fighting for his Queen and Country, that’s why he wins, he’s a patriot.

In the same way, you can be your family’s patriot and represent them with honor. As social animals, we have inner mechanisms that help us push our own personal limits and achieve much more when we are in the service of others.

3# The ability to win with and, in spite, of our personal vices

James Bond’s personal vices are many and dangerous; whether it’s his drinking, gambling, philandering or even his love for golf. When others succumb, James shines.

It doesn’t matter how many traits he’s got working against him, he finds how to make them work for him, aiding him with his plan. You can just imagine him sitting at the baccarat  table, manipulating his target while holding on to his precious glass of martini (shaken, not stirred). He knows how to use his shortcomings to his advantage.

4# Dressing for Success

How you dress influences the way you perform.  Whether it’s a mundane task like painting your house or a presentation in front of investors, the things you wear influence your ability to complete a task.  Your clothing influences the way you behave and what others think about you.

How James Bond Dresses

Bond was always dressed to the occasion; having always the right suit for the right event which allowed him to outperform other players, henchmen and adversaries alike.

5# Having the guts to pull through

Staying in our comfort zone limits our abilities.  It limits our point of view and prevents us from seeing the big picture. By having confidence in ourselves, we can do just about anything.

It was Henry ford that said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Bond doesn’t shy away from a challenge, always accepting the odds even when they’re stacked against him. He’s able to do so because he believes in his abilities and training to pull through ordeals.

6# Improvising and having a plan B

One of the things James Bond is really good at is the R&D department. He knows everything he needs to know when he gets into a situation and he has enough information about his enemies to manipulate them to his advantage.

Seeing into the future is a trait only those who plan share.  If you do enough research, you’ll be prepared and calm enough to deal with any situation. A funny thing about improvisation is that the more you’re prepared, the easier it is to improvise when the rules of the game change.

Get Things done on IQTELL's Prouductivity App

Be sure to research and prepare for any large scale project!

7# Paying attention to the details

Want to impress someone? Remember something personal about them. Want to amaze someone? Take them back to a moment in the past that you both shared and can be relevant to what you’re doing in the present. The more details you remember about your environment and the people around you, the more impressed they will be.

Pay attention to small details such as the way your bartender shakes your martini will help you to have control over the way things are getting done around you, a person that has an ability to influence little details in a beginning of a process, has huge effect on the final result.

8# Knowing your tools of the trade

Every time you see one of Q’s inventions, you’re amazed.  They’re much like Jules Verne inventions; before their time and amazing. But far more impressive is the level of proficiency James Bond possesses with those inventions.

Someone who knows how to use a tool efficiently can make quite an impression on practically anyone with a simple demonstration.  As I previously mentioned in one of my posts, what people think about you has a direct effect on your ability to get things done.

Please, enter my office…

James Bond Car

Rockets look good on the rack, but that’s not what they’re for.

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9 responses to “How To Get Things Done With Style – James Bond Style”

  1. Rashelle says:

    This post made my day! I’m a big fan of Bond and productivity. My favorite points were #2, 3, 6 and 7.

    • Team IQTELL says:

      As you can tell, huge fan.

      If you ask me I liked points 1-8, but I’m biased :) I’m having right now writer
      perfectionism dilemmas about adding 8 additional points…

  2. Great post. Between James Bond and the Dos Equis Man there are some great role models for ultimate Get ER Doneness.

  3. BKE says:

    KEWL | 007 kinda KEWL :)

  4. David Thomson says:

    Step 1: Go on ebay and order bow tie and a tux …

  5. Tsuda Shoken says:

    Very interesting article. But I’m afraid that it misses one thing. How will James Bond use IQTELL?

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