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Productivity App Hacks – Personalizing your GTD Criteria

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wrote this on May 14, 2013

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

Many of us have come to realize that there is no one-way to implement GTD.  Here’s a simple example.  In his book, David Allen discusses Areas, Time Needed, Priority, Energy, and of course the “popular” Context.

These criteria can you help you structure and decide what you’d like to get done with the time that you have.  Of course, every GTD practitioner will decide what works for them.  I, for example, rely heavily on “Time Needed” while the other criteria I rarely use.

In IQTELL’s Productivity app, you can personalize which criteria you’d like to use.  But on this post, I’d like to drill deeper.  Even if you do decide to use “Time Needed”, you may want to have different selection values – for example, you may want to show 10 minute intervals.  Others using GTD in conjunction with the Pomodoro Technique, may want to user Pomodoros.

In IQTELL, you can easily edit, add or delete any selection value.  Simply right-click on any folder (e.g., Actions), Folder Configuration, Selection Values.  You’ll be able to select any criteria you use, and make the updates here.  Of course, they will also be reflected on your mobile app.  Everything is synced!

IQTELL's GTD App selection Values


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