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12 Ways To Workout Near Your Desk To Improve Productivity at Work

wrote this on March 25, 2013
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You can improve productivity at work by exercising. It’s one of the secrets behind Richard Branson’s success. It improves your focus by pumping more oxygen into your blood stream; it accelerates your metabolism allowing you to utilize energy more effectively. In the process, exercise helps you work more hours without getting that “zonked” feeling. You’ll also have more energy when you leave the office so rather than heading to your couch with some take-out, you’ll be more energetic for your family and friends.

So why do we keep neglecting it?

The number #1 excuse is: “there’s not enough time in the day….” Not only have we heard our friends and families say this, we’ve said it ourselves. We falsely assume that there’s not enough time to exercise. We think that it means going to the gym, parking the car, changing into our gym clothes, exercising, showering…. Nothing is further from the truth.

To get fit all you need is 20 minutes of exercise per day. There are even those who say that even 3 minutes of intense exercise per week are more than enough.

If you don’t have enough strength left at the end of the day to exercise or hate waking up early in the morning (as I do…), start simple. Just do a few exercises from your desk while at work. It’s a quick and easy way to create a healthy and sustainable habit.

A sure way to improve productivity at work!

For that purpose we asked our in house model Mr. Stumble to demonstrate 12 excellent drills that will help you to improve productivity at work and live a healthier life, have fun!

You don’t have to do all 12 every single day, mix it up, and have fun!

1# Bend Your Neck Left and Right

Head Tilt to improve productivity at work

When we sit in front of the computer screen all day, we don’t bother with trivial things like posture. Unwinding your stressed neck is very important. Controlled neck bends will supply a much needed oxygen boost to your brain and help bring you back from “zonk-land” so you are more focused and alert.

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Start by gently pressing your head toward your shoulder until you’ll feel a stretch, make sure you don’t linger and move your head to the opposite side of the neck, repeating the same movement and feeling the same stretch.

*Make sure that you’re not performing a full neck roll; if you suffer from back or neck injuries it’s probably better to avoid it completely.

2# Desk Stair Climbing

A simple workout made on a tiny stair climber can keep your legs in shape without ever having to leave your chair. All you have to do is press the little pads with your legs; it’ll jumpstart your endorphin levels, heart rate and focus.

Check it out.

3# Seated Forward Bend

Bend forward to improve productivity at work

To flex your lower back, shoulders and chest, do the seated forward bend. While seated, bend your chest forward and attempt to make contact with your knees. Make sure that you don’t overreach with your neck. Bending forward in this pose flexes your back while stimulating your abdominal area; all the while pumping oxygen into your system.

See how it’s done.

4# Seated Twist

Turn around in your seat to improve productivity at work

A stiff back can break the resolve of even the most determined mind. To avoid a stiff back and improve productivity at work, just do a few seated twists during work. Those twists will remove the stress and stiffness from your lower back and even pop a vertebrae or two so be prepared (this could be addicting, you’ve been warned).

See how it’s done.

5# Stress Squeeze Ball

Release Stress with a Squeeze Ball to improve productivity at work

An oldie but a goodie way to improve productivity at work is the Squeeze ball. It’s pretty straight forward, get a ball and squeeze it! It’s a great way to get your hands, forearms, and even upper arms in good shape. An additional benefit of the stress squeeze ball is that it eliminates stress and ADD/ADHD behaviors, calming down even the most frenzied of minds.

See additional benefits and how it’s done.

6# Tread Mill Desk

Although not suitable for all office spaces (or company cultures), the treadmill desk is an excellent way to keep you in shape and much more productive. It requires buying a special set that might cost a little but it’s worth it. When you don’t want to walk on the treadmill you can always stop and turn it to a normal standing desk. Standing and walking is much healthier that sitting.

Check it out here.

7# Chair squats

Stand and sit on your chair to improve productivity at work

Getting up from your chair gets the blood flowing, so why not repeat it a few times to wake up, muscle up and feel better? Chair squats work on a lot of muscles including thighs, hips, buttocks, quads, hamstrings and even the belly area.

See how it’s done.

8# Face the wall squat

If Chair squats aren’t enough, you can try the face the wall squat. It makes chair squats look like they ain’t worth squat! Heed a bit of advice before you attempt the dexterous world of “Face the Wall Squats”, your colleagues might never look at you the same after seeing you face-plant into the wall.

Link to the video

9# Seated Leg Raise

Just roll your chair back from your desk, keep your legs straight and lift up. This exercise is tough at first but is great for working on you back, abdomen area and even buttocks. It’s great for your posture and removing back pain.

See how it’s done.

10# The Triceps push back

Work your Triceps to improve productivity at work

Did you know that your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm! Many people focus on the biceps and are left wondering why they don’t have Arnold Arms. This exercise works great and you can see improvement very quickly. You can do this exercise either standing or seated.

See how it’s done.

11# Seated Biceps Curl

Flex your Biceps to improve productivity at work

You can get a light set of weights or simply use a heavy book, briefcase, or a backpack. The focus is not a heavy weight but rather repetitions; you should aim for 12-15 repetitions. The purpose here is to stay fit and improve you productivity. Also, it’s much harder to type of write after heavy lifting.

See how it’s done here.

12# The Silent Abs Squeeze

Saved the best for last! When you see someone turning red while sitting next to their desk, it might be the silent abs squeeze. This relatively unknown secret guaranties a formidable abdominal area without even moving from your chair.

Take a deep breath and tighten your abs, bringing them in towards the spine as you exhale. Stay squeezed for as long as you can and release. Repeat 10 times.

Keep your body fit and your brain will follow, until next time.

P.S. Do you exercise near your desk on a regular basis?

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