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Save The World – Start Working

wrote this on February 28, 2013

Frank Zappa thinks that meteors are the least of our problems

Frank Zappa quote

Everyone needs to pitch in! :)


I live and breath productivity. I'd like to invite you to check our Productivity App! In addition to the app, you'll join our productivity community and receive support from a team of productivity experts who love what they do! You can contact us on Google+ or on Twitter if you have any questions. As an FYI, we recently released an amazing feature that helps to process your emails quickly and effectively - we call it EZ Email processing.

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  1. Tom Ashworth says:

    I have to say Ive been using IQTELL now for a few days and it is quite impressive. When I get an email with attachments I would like to be able to select more than one to download to a folder. Also does the app work ok with it open in more than one tab as I like to refer between projects and evernote quite a lot. (Both within evernote and more and more now within IQTELL) Looking forward to the new iOS app.

    • With regards to working in more than one tab; it’s not an approved method, but some people have tried it and were ok with it; this is not our official position ;-)

      We will roll out a feature to download all attachments at once. In the meantime, check out the Email Gateway feature, you’ll be able to forward emails and the attachments will be auto-added to the file(s) field in the entry, e.g., Action. Learn more: Settings / Knowledge Base / E Mail Gateway

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