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Become a Leader through Productivity

Become a leader
wrote this on January 13, 2013
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All men (and women) were created equal; it is what they do that sets them apart.

The amount of work you get done has a direct effect on the quality of work you deliver.  This includes the level of proficiency in controlling outcomes and your ability to promote personal agendas.  If you’re good at getting things done, you probably have major management and leadership skills that you have been cultivating.

Sure, charisma, ambition and drive are also important traits for someone who wants to become a leader, but if you pay attention you know it’s more than that.  You probably noticed already that your boss is more productive than you (assuming they’re good), and we all know that the president is one of the most productive people on the planet.  Let’s just face it, if you want to become a leader; you have to be more productive.

Ultimately, when you are more productive, people naturally see you as a leader.  Leadership, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Ask yourself, do your colleagues see you as a:

1# Become a Leader By Being a Wizard

Tasks and projects get done when you are involved.  You are able to organize work in a way the leverages everyone’s assets.  Even if you are not their superior, you are able to delegate, get people involved for the right tasks at the right time.  People are not excuses for you but, rather vehicles for your team’s success.

Ultimately, that’s why your colleagues trust you and follow your lead (whether official or not).

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2# Become a Leader By Being a Problem Solver

When others moan about an impossible obstacle, you see a mere bump in the road.  Sure, you have your challenges, but nothing is unsolvable.  Your mantra is simply: every problem has a solution.  It’s a culmination of past experiences and your character.

Naturally when people get stuck, they come to you.  Over time, you become their salvation.  Not to sound over dramatic, but work is people’s livelihood.  If you can help them maintain and excel, seeing you as a leader is an understatement.

3# Become a Leader By Being a Doer (not a talker)

You don’t have to talk, inform, publicize or brag about your office exploits and accomplishments.  You are as they say, the “anti-politician”.  Whereby new politicians have to talk about what they have done, what they can do, you simply let your doing do the talking.  It’s no wonder incumbent presidents are more likely to win re-election because they have their doing to speak for themselves (even if it’s not to your liking; it’s still doing over the other guy’s talking).

Your colleagues have grown to trust you over time because they have seen first-hand what you do.  People trust actions and experience exponentially over a charismatic talker.  People who attempt lead only with the power of their talking usually don’t last long.

There’s a reason why productive people get promoted, it’s the inherently correct thing for the organization.  Productive people set the tone, make everyone around them excel by highlighting individual strengths, and ensure the team achieves the objective – what else can you ask of a manager, director, CEO or any other leader.

So, how do your colleagues see you?

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One response to “Become a Leader through Productivity”

  1. Productive people are achieving their goals. Productivity is not the result of the people who strive to get promoted, it’s the result of their goal being the promotion and advancement in the career.

    If you are truly productive for yourself, than everything else will follow. There needs to be an equilibrium between corporate and personal goals. And if you manage to find the golden ground between the two, you are going to accomplish your plans.

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