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Beat The Christmas Blues

Post Christmas Blues
wrote this on December 24, 2012
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Christmas is one of the most, if not the most, exciting time of the year.  Who isn’t excited with all the Christmas Cheer? It all starts with shopping for gifts, food, ornaments and, of course, picking out the perfect Christmas tree.  From the youngest to the oldest family members, there’s something special going on…as it should be.

As the saying goes, every good thing comes to an end. Well, with Christmas, it’s every Christmas has its crash.   Christmas, even the idea, ramps up our excitement level; most of us do more running around in the week before Christmas than in any normal three month period.  Once we hit the ultimate high of Christmas Dinner and opening gifts on Christmas morning, there is nowhere for us to go but crashing down.  The last thing we want to do is go back to our normal routine.  Work, kids, school, piano lessons…are you nuts? Let me lie in bed, drink eggnog, and stare at the fake fire on my TV. After all, we may have only taken one or two days off, but the energy drain is exponentially larger.

I know people who sometimes say they wish they did not have the break in the first place because it’s so hard to get back to the normal routine.  It’s the Monday Blues amplified to the tune of hundred Mondays.

Well, Christmas is not going away and it shouldn’t; especially after our many victories over the Grinch.  Use these three tips to enjoy Christmas, and beat back the Christmas Blues.

1# Plan = Save Energy

We mentioned that the Christmas Blues are exacerbated because of energy drain.  Well, planning will reduce stress, reduce the number of trips you make to your favorite mall, and will dramatically reduce the amount of time and energy you spend.

– Take cue from Santa.  Don’t leave the house without making a list; check it three times not twice; Santa never had to deal with the lines at the mall.

– We live in the year 2012.  Check to see if you can buy online, or at least compare prices online.  It’s much easier and stress-free to shop on your couch with an iPad and a glass of wine rather than lug around three kids from department store to bathroom to department store to McDonalds.

– Christmas is usually a very stressful time full; family reunions often lead to silly arguments and dramatics.  Plan to be the calm at the center of the storm and your positive vibrations will influence all around you.

2# Healthy “Holiday Mode”

Christmas can have a devastating effect on your health.  People get in what I call Holiday Mode. It’s as if a switch on our back has been flipped.  In Holiday Mode, we can eat and drink what we want and how much we want.  We’ll if this was only for one day, then fine. But Holiday Mode usually starts on Thanksgiving and carries well into the New Year.  So plan a Healthy Holiday Mode, it all starts with surrounding yourself with healthy food options.  When you plan your shopping list, try to eliminate or reduce the amount of junk food you buy.

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3# Don’t break habits and avoid Christmas Blues altogether

Never stop a habit for any reason other than emergencies. During the holidays we have a tendency to totally unwind and postpone/neglect certain habits that we used to do on a regular basis because we tell ourselves…”It’s a holiday!” (Holiday Mode strikes again!)

If you run three miles a day, continue to do so.  If you do Yoga or read a book with a cup of tea to relax, you should continue to do so.  It takes a lot to create a habit… to break a habit all you need is to change your routine once or twice.  You’ve worked so hard during the year to develop habits that improve your life.  Don’t let the Christmas Blues destroy them.  On the contrary, use the Holiday Season to strengthen them.  After all, it’s a holiday…run 4 miles, read more, play more.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. aarongblack says:

    “Healthy Holiday Mode” : I’ve not always been able to keep myself from eating too much but I”ve kept to my exercise habit. I notice a world of difference when going to bed if I’ve exercised hard that day, no matter what I ate.

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