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Cure the Monday Blues

How to deal with Mondays
wrote this on November 5, 2012
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During the weekend, we relax and lower our tension levels to get much required R&R.  We meet with friends and family, engage in hobbies, and if we can, get a real good night sleep.

By midday Sunday, some us start to get antsy.  Anxiety slowly starts its attack.  Some of us postpone the “bitter end” of our weekend by staying up late.  When we finally go to sleep, it doesn’t come easy.

Going to sleep on Sunday and getting out of bed on a Monday morning is definitely one of the week’s toughest challenges.  All those unfinished projects and unwanted chores waiting for you come Monday are enough to rain on anyone’s parade.  That’s why they call it the Monday Blues.

By Monday night we usually overcome our Monday blues only to repeat the cycle next Sunday.  Aren’t you tired of it?

With three simple steps you can avoid repeating the same mistake every weekend.

1# Start With Preparation

Don’t just jump into your week, come prepared.   It’s much easier to be motivated and to start your week full steam ahead when you know what you want to accomplish; and more importantly, why you want to accomplish those tasks.

The question we need to ask ourselves before the week begins is:

  • What are the actions I want to do this week?
  • What are the actions I need to do this week?
  • And what are the results I expect from those actions…

When you understand the effect those results have on your life you become much more willing to take the required action.  Keep everything in focus and organized by keeping an updated list of actions and projects.

2# Take it one Monday blues at a time

I know you probably heard all the “bite size” and “baby steps” clichés out there but there’s no getting around this.  Working and planning your Mondays with small and “easy” actions sets the tone for the rest of the week.  It will help build momentum for more complex tasks and projects.

Will it work?  Absolutely, here’s why.  When you need to do a small action, chances are that you’ll be able to complete it successfully. Continue to complete small tasks throughout the day and you’ll have an impressive list of tasks completed at the end of the day. It’ll build your confidence for the remained of the week.

Win against the Monday Blues with IQTELL

I know that a lot of people plan big on Monday.  That’s a mistake.  We often fail to achieve grandiose and overreaching targets.  You don’t want to start your week like with failures.  It will only lead to more anxiety and procrastination.  Try starting small and progress gradually towards the bigger projects later in the week.

According to a study commissioned by the office staffing service Accountemps, Tuesday is the day identified by business executives as the best for employee productivity – “Monday may seem like the busiest day of the week for employees swinging back into the routine after a weekend off, but Tuesday appears to be when everyone puts their ‘nose to the grindstone’ and accomplishes more work“.

So use Monday to gain confidence and momentum and make Tuesday count!

3# Colleagues, Friends and Loved ones

I bumped into an image with a quote this week.  The picture is by Marcus Motion and the quote is: “A lifetime with the person you love is much shorter than you should be prepared to accept”.

How much time do you need with your loved ones?

We want to have more time with the people we feel connected to the most, it’s just a fact. Going to work disconnects us from those people and gives us another reason to try and avoid the week.

Connecting our week to our family and friends will help us welcome the week more willingly.  There are several ways to create that sense.

– Make friends at work!  There are several benefits in making good friends at work besides reducing your anxiety.  Check it out

– Share your work with your family.  You don’t have to hire your spouse but speaking to your family and friends about work brings them into your “business life”.  It will lessen that sharp contrast between weekend and workdays.

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2 responses to “Cure the Monday Blues”

  1. Brad Back says:

    Haim: I’m really digging iqtell—ESPECIALLY on Monday’s, but every day, I star and list my “Sacred 6” things I must do on Monday in the “Next Actions” so they’re on my Dashboard all day. Makes it real easy to make sure I’m hitting the key items for the day, and I can just knock em off. Thanks for iqtell.

    • Team IQTELL says:

      Thanks Brad,

      I do the same things every morning, I check what’s on my dashboard and begin marking those actions one by one…it’s my favorite part of the day.

      Maybe I’ll write about it in the future, “Why it feels so good to knock things off our list, physically”, it’ll require a bit of research :)

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