What type of GTD meme are you?

wrote this on June 7, 2012

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I enjoy following the GTD methodology, but don’t get me wrong, like most people I have my ups and downs!  Over the past years, my experience has taken many forms and shapes.

This post is dedicated to all of us and our struggle to stay on the productive wagon.  Each of the images (memes) below represents a period in my life.  Which one are you?

1# Sometimes I fell from the GTD wagon.

Success with GTD is sitting down and getting back up on the wagon alone

2# And sometimes I was overzealous and meticulous.

GTD boromir

3# But then I started being “more social”.

Tell me all about how you gtd like a rockstar

4# Which helped me understand how clueless I was.

Keanu ponders GTD

5# So I focused, but accidentally stressed myself into a zombie state.

Fry tried to remember if he finished his to-do list

6# Most of the time I was riddled with guilt for not doing enough.

Philosoraptor judges your productivity

7# But I always knew that I’ll bounce back!

Success Kid does gtd better


If you identify yourself in the memes above or have to add new ones I would gladly update this post with yours!

This post was created with help of memegenerator.


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  1. Hahaha, I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier :D

  2. Anna Deręgowska-Watza says:

    Spill from ears is the best :D

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