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The Body Language Connection To Productivity

What does your posture tells about your work
wrote this on May 29, 2012
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Did you know that by looking at your body language and posture, I’m able to determine how much time you’re going to spend on any given task? …And no, I’m not a psychic.

It’s pretty simple (like “thank you captain obvious” simple), when it comes down to figuring out if you are able to perform an action on-time, not being focused (mind and body) translates to poor performance.

Apparently, you not only need to set your mind to the task-at-hand; your body needs to be attuned as well. To perform at your peak, you need to get rid of certain body postures and eliminate productivity-disruptive physical behaviors.

Here are a few examples…

1# If you’re looking around all the time, they will find you!

You know who I’m talking about…Talkative coworkers.

Besides not getting their own work done, they to do their best to prevent everyone around them from getting theirs done. You can try to avoid this offence on your time by preventing the talkative colleague from occupying your space.

Just change your body posture and return to the position you were in before being interrupted.  It is a clear signal to your colleague that you have more pressing items.

2# Your stress shows in your body language and can kill your ability to concentrate!

When you are stressed, you move around erratically making sharp movements and stomping your leg on the floor repeatedly… if you’re an ADHDer you’ll probably do all of the above plus tapping your fingers on the table!

Take a walk, relax, and unwind for a few minutes to clear your head.  You can also write down what’s bothering you and create a few tasks to do remedy the issue.

Body language and Productivity on IQTELL

3# Your moves are robotic? You’re probably stuck!

The thing about being stuck is that you’re not only stuck physically…you are stuck mentally. When you’re stuck, you move like a robot, you’re probably doing things in loops and you’re progressing on autopilot because being stuck means you’re preoccupied.

The solution mentioned above…putting everything down on a piece of paper can work here as well.  However, in some cases you’ll need to make a more drastic move to unwind, it all depends on the severity of the problem.

4# Keep your posture – sit up straight!

When you melt in your chair, there’s no way to make any real progress.  People who are focused on doing work usually lean forward as if they are ready to jump into action.  You can easily tell they are fully engaged in the task at hand.  People who lean back have other things on their mind, are not focused, and most likely wish they were somewhere else.

Be mindful to your actions and you’ll be much more productive.  Don’t let other people steal your time or mess with your feelings. Keep a straight posture you’ll be healthier, live longer and be much more productive.

What are your little physical productivity tweaks?

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