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How Many Accountability Groups Do You Have?

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wrote this on May 7, 2012
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A few months ago, I wrote that personal accountability can drive action probably better than any other method.  The more I dive into the depths of improving my personal productivity, the more evidence I find that the drive to do must be met with an inner ability to act.

But alas, sometimes we’re just drained…and the last thing we’re thinking of is the task at hand.  So, what can save you when the temptation to stray overcomes all reason?

Have you heard about accountability groups?

Accountability groups are individuals working together for one purpose; it can be overcoming an inner foe or motivating each other to action by conquering a goal that otherwise would be impossible to reach, together.  Accountability groups help to hold you accountable for your own actions.  They do that by using the power and influence other people have over you, forcing you to answer to a sort of “tribal council” if you fail to act.

Why do accountability groups work? Because we’re social beings and our need not to disappoint our group is grounded deep in our evolutionary roots.  Ultimately, the group functions as a surrogate family (or tribe) with a goal to succeed in one or more field.  Thus helping us move forward by the sheer power of other people’s inertia.

Here are a few examples of accountability groups you can form/ join to help you achieve your goals:

Eating Properly – The power of a group can help you fight temptations.  I have a friend that every time she prepares for a meal, she sends a picture of the meal to a group of people who monitor and help her reach wise “food decisions”.

Exercising Regularly – The power of a group can help you move your a$$.  Before developing the required discipline to exercise alone, schedule an exercise session with a friend or join a group of people who are already engaged in activity.  Exercising is an acquired habit that if repeated enough times will become sticky.

Studying Intensively – Ever heard of study groups? Of course you had! Although not everybody is cut-out to study together, everyone can benefit from being a part of a group that shares materials from courses and insights from lectures.

Building a Business – Entrepreneurial accountability groups have the potential to inspire you to be great with the power and experience of others.  Of course, “all talk and no walk” people can easily destroy such a group so make sure the group is made from the right people before you join it.

Accountability Groups on IQTELL

To create or find the right group for you, use those 5 Tips:

1# The group must include people that you identify as honest, hard working who believe in the group’s mission.

2# The group members are diverse, have wide range of expertise, and even different perspectives.

3# It is focused around a leader who pushes other people to be leaders!

4# Every time a meeting ends, you should walk out energized with a bag full of ideas and the drive to make them happen!

5# The people in the group respect the time, opinions, and privacy of the team members.

Here at IQTELL, we’ll soon be launching collaboration – the ability to share tasks, actions, projects and much more from within the app.  We’d like to invite you and your group to share with us your “group accountability” stories and how collaborating with each other pushed you to achieve your long sought after goal!

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