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Are you a Clark “Can’t” or are you a Clark “Can”?!

What determines if you succeed or fail?
wrote this on April 17, 2012
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Our language determines our perception of objects and events around us; it’s our consciousness expressed.  We use our language to categorize, distinguish, and create our personal universe, inner and outer.

Some languages are structured around quite different basic words, nouns and adjectives…as a result; they project a very different picture of reality.

The way we portray an object or an interaction, labels it in our conscious mind and helps us process it faster.  It reduces “brain strain” by using autopilot for certain actions…the problem begins when that autopilot is fueled with negative language.

When you talk positively you get excited, your body fills itself with serotonin and adrenaline and you raise your chances to succeed!

Here are four examples on how our language affects our actions…

#1 Influence your Self-confidence – I can VS I can’t

If you say that you can or can’t do something, you are probably right according to Henry Ford.

If your self-esteem is constantly nourished by an endless stream of “I can’s” then you’ll be able to achieve feats that otherwise you’ll perceive as impossible.

You just need to choose if you’re a “Can” or a “Can’t” kind of person…It reminds me of the famous question  Johnny Depp (as Agent Sands) asked Danny Trejo (as Cucuy) In Once Upon a Time in Mexico:

“Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-CAN’T?”

#2 Influence the choices you make – I want VS I must

There’s a huge difference between “Want” and “Must”.  One implies controlled desire and maybe even some sort of passion, while the other suggests a need or an uncontrollable urge.   You can free yourself from material commitments by defining your cravings in “want” rather than “must”.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it, wanting something makes you dream, while needing something gives you nightmares!

Are you a Clark “Can’t” or are you a Clark “Can”?! on IQTELL

#3 Become more responsible, be accountable – I am VS you are

A person who feels in control talks about himself, what he does, and advises other people what to do.

Someone who’s not in control is probably talking about other people, what they did to him…and what will happen to them without him.

By shifting your focus from actions made by people around you to actions made by you, you gain control over your universe.  In that universe you are responsible to for your success and failures, you hold yourself accountable to your actions thus gaining control over the now.

#4 Be a Clark Can – Let’s see it done VS let’s wait and see

Taking action is what makes things happen around you.  If you need to do something, take initiative and don’t let others determine how you move, get it done and win the endgame!

People with proactive approaches (and it doesn’t matter in which field) create around them an “aura” of movement, they project an image of progress.  People who procrastinate on the other hand, tend to be unchanging, unmoving in nature; they talk more about “maybe next time” and less about “what’s next”?!

If you are a go getter that believes in what he does, you probably talk that way…always remember that the way you talk tells everything there is to know about you!

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