The Perks of Getting Things Done!

The added value of productivity
wrote this on March 12, 2012
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* GTD® and getting things done are a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

We are big fans of “Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity”.

The author, David Allen, talks in his book about methods he learned during the years to get things done and shows how to implement them in various ways.  He also explains that there is a reason why you feel bad when you perform lousy.  Hint: it’s the same reason why guilt turns your stomach when you have something to do and you continue to procrastinate it.

Let’s talk about your task list for a second before we answer that…

A task is basically a commitment, an agreement you have with yourself.  What happens when you break an agreement? What happens when somebody you know breaks his commitment to you?

Well, we all know the answer: you feel bad, unmotivated and discouraged.

Most likely, you’re the reason why the commitment fizzled away… add to that the feeling that you’re losing control and suddenly, the fabric on which your confidence relies upon starts to disintegrate.

David Allen explains that the source of your negative feelings is simply the result of breaking agreements you’ve made with yourself — those feeling are the symptoms of disintegrated self-trust.

If you are able to gets things done on time and have the proven ability to complete tasks, then you not only get rid of those negative feelings but get some personal and the emotional perks.

First of all…

#1 People think you can do anything

When you work effectively, people start to trust the way you work, they give you the credit you deserve and your name usually pops up after the question “who’s the right person for that job”…For them, there’s nothing you can’t do.

#2 You are considered an expert in your field

Answers and solutions stream from you to your environment in repeated succession, people are talking about you behind your back and you can be sure that it’s mostly praises (or envy, but that’s another blog post topic).

#3 You gain the awesome ability to influence and inspire other people!

You’re a source of inspiration for people around you; they start following your actions and mimicking your methods in hopes of following in your success.

Getting Things Done with IQTELL

#4 Getting Things Done enhances your well-being

Getting more done means less stress.  Combine that with the added value of feeling accomplished and the constant moral boost you get from your surrounding and you have a recipe for a wonderful healthy life!

#5 Opportunities seem to knock on your door

When people know you’re the go to guy/gal opportunities seems to just drop from the skies.  Don’t be surprised to hear about someone’s exciting project or a new startup and that they think that you’re the right person for the job… you’re the person who makes things happen and other people want some of that to rub on them.

So enough motivation for today, it’s time to kick start productivity and Get Things Done!

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One response to “The Perks of Getting Things Done!”

  1. Hi Haim,

    I agree! There are many perks of doing GTD. I consider reliability to be the human dimension of productivity (I’ve identified seven altogether: time, attention, organization, results, strategy, and happiness are the other six). Reliability is such an intangible but the payoffs are huge! When people trust each other, there is less need to pester one another, stress goes down, and relationships improve.

    Great post!

    Best wishes,

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