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wrote this on March 26, 2012
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We all either been there or are still are in that cycle:

Go to work >> Reach system overload >> Go on vacation to try to restore our energy levels >> Repeat!

…most of us are stuck in this cycle of rewind and unwind with hopes to get unstuck one day.

The type of stuck we’re feeling depends of course on our “job”: writers have writer’s block, knowledge workers (most of us fall under that definition) tend to suffer from burnout as a result of struggling with a really demanding job and even ‘stay-at-home parents’ have their own personal burnout.

Although the reasons vary, the cause is the same: something is not working for us and we need a change to get unstuck.

Of course, you actually need to do something to create any kind of change.  We can’t hope a vacation will deal with the symptoms that cause a fatigued mind because it only puts some distance between us and the problem; we need to make a conscious decision to “bring” (sort of speak) the change.

Start by…

Change what you attract

Ever hear about the laws of attraction? The Laws of Attraction (a book by Esther & Jerry Hicks) talks about how you attract into your life exactly what’s running in your mind. The book suggests that the change you want to bring starts with doing the things you love, positively affirming what you do, meditating and contemplating about what you’d like to achieve and taking actions while the ideas are still fresh in your mind.

I found a great summary here more about the laws of attraction…

Change the way you communicate

Since your sense of fulfillment and happiness is partly connected to how people interact with you, it’s important to pay attention to the way you communicate.

For instance, a good communicator is able to transmit his (a) motives; (b) non-linguistic expressions (like tone, smiles and general verbal sounds); (c) linguistic expressions (what was said, the implications and what is not said) and (d) physical expressions (facial, eyes, body posture and language) in a way that it is understood in the intended context and meaning by the receiver.

For instance, the happiest marriages are based on love understanding and great communication skills!

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Change your vibe and control the outcome

Our subconscious mind is responsible for most of our actions, thoughts, and behaviors in life.  When your subconscious mind does not believe, you fail. That’s why Steve Pavlina says that “you need to align your vibe in order to achieve the outcome you want”.  (Read more about your vibe).

Change how you distribute your energy

Your energy, whether mental, physical or sexual is a “non-easily-renewable resource”.  It’s one of the most overlooked yet highly valuable resources you have, and it needs to be constantly monitored, distributed and recharged.

If you are burnt-out, it’s going to take much longer than a good night’s sleep to recharge.  So pay attention how you spend that energy, you’ll need it for the change you want to bring.

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