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IQTELL and Evernote® – Together At Last

The IQTELL and Evernote integration
wrote this on March 5, 2012
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We’re big fans of Evernote – it pioneered the way to capture and store information on the cloud. We especially love the way it can store and retrieve information – clipping entire webpages, recording text, audio and video notes, and much more.

But until now, that’s all that you could do – collect and retrieve information. Saving something to Evernote, in most cases, meant that it became the final resting place for your precious data. Today, we’re proud to introduce our integration with Evernote. When you login to your IQTELL account, you’ll notice that Evernote is fully integrated throughout the Workspace. All you need to do is click to authenticate and sync your Evernote account to begin to leverage IQTELL’s powerful features.

We’ve chatted with many IQTELL & Evernote users; here are some great examples to leverage both of these awesome applications.

#1 Using IQTELL and Evernote as a GTD® collection bucket

Throughout the day, you can use Evernote to collect almost anything – snap a picture of a receipt or business card, record an audio note to listen to later, clip webpages and other content for study, work or research.

Once you come back to IQTELL, you can begin to process your Evernotes into your Actions, Projects, Someday, and Tickler folders. You can easily create an action from meeting notes, link notes to existing projects – the sky is the limit!

#2 See all your Project Information in One Place

I love creating Projects in IQTELL since I can include so much useful information: actions, phone call & meetings, files, emails, and now, all my Evernotes can be easily added as well.

#3 Add reminders to your Evernotes

Reminders are the perfect way to effortlessly leverage IQTELL’s abilities with Evernotes. Easily set up email or SMS reminders for any Evernote.

#4 Add Evernotes to your Calendar

You asked us to let you add Evernotes to your Calendar, and we’ve listened. Now, with our 2 way calendar sync, you can easily add Evernotes to your Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook Calendars. It now only takes one click to see your event-related notes.

#5 One Search

We love Evernote’s search capabilities. Now, within IQTELL, you can use our search to scan across all your email accounts, your IQTELL Workspace and…Evernote.

#6 Smart Tags™

When you sync your Evernote account, all your Evernote tags are brought over as well. You can now use those tags (or create new ones), and apply them to emails, actions, projects and more. Gone are the days where you have to manage tags and labels across all your different applications. And since it is a two-way sync, any tags created in IQTELL will be visible and usable in your Evernote account.

We are very excited to hear your feedback and how you will use Evernote and IQTELL together, sound off in the comments or get in touch with us.

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

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10 responses to “IQTELL and Evernote® – Together At Last”

  1. Victoria says:

    IQtell is a really nice product for business however not being able to link itto Evernote Business is quite a drawback.

  2. wizonesolutions says:

    Does anything get synced back to Evernote if I create an action from an Evernote? In other words, could I use the Evernote API as a way to infer the state of things in IQTELL? Or is there certain information that only lives in IQTELL?

  3. Aaron says:

    Love the Evernote integration, but there is one significant challenge – the only view from iqtell seems to be a notebook view. The highest, and probably most important, level of organizational hierarchy in Evernote i.e. “Stacks” is missing which makes navigating Evernote from iqtell more tedious than it should be.

    Do you agree, and are there plans to move the view up a level? Or, is there a way to do it that I might have missed?

    Thanks! iqtell rocks!

    • Team IQTELL says:

      No, this is not currently supported. We recommend to rename your Evernote’s default Notebook as “.Inbox” so you can process it in iQTELL, like your Email Inbox.

      Thank you for your support :)

      • Aaron says:

        Thanks for the follow up. Unfortunately your suggestions doesn’t address the issue. The notebook level default hierarchy makes it inefficient to navigate Evernote from iqtell. Its rather clumsy to parse through every notebook to get to relevant notes when relating Evernote content to a project or task, for example.

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