Build a Business using GTD Principals

Organizing to build a business with GTD
wrote this on March 30, 2012
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* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

If you’d like to build your business while you’re still on the 9-5 payroll, you’ll have to get creative with the time you have and organized on a level that will allow you to: capture, process and execute tasks rapidly.

Practitioners of David Allen’s productivity method – Getting things Done (GTD) – have an unfair advantage over other “would be” business owners in the way they utilize time and organize tasks to achieve their business objectives.

If you’re going to start your own business, practicing GTD will give you the structure, the framework and the tools you’ll need to organize, prioritize, process and execute your tasks.  It might even expose you to a large community whose core focus and experience revolve around exactly those issues.

Let’s check out how GTD can help you:

#1 Setting up the Time, Space and Tools

Time – One of the factors that will determine if you’ll be able to build your own business from scratch is the amount of time you can afford to invest.  By avoiding “time wasting” activities and focusing on a pre-set methodology for doing, you’ll be able to maximize your chance for success.

I can give you numerous examples on how to manage your time, but the reality is that we’re all built differently: some of us have kids, some of us work night shifts or are unemployed.  You’ll need to identify the right time for you to do business related tasks and organize them on your schedule.  Use every window you have to get things done!

Space & Tools – If everything you need is concentrated in one place, than you’ll be able to get things done faster.  In a recent David Allen post, he showed what his physical personal workspace looks like… you are more than welcome to check how our virtual workspace looks like and customize it to your needs.

#2 Collecting everything you need & Processing your to-do list

Usually you are walking around with tasks in your head during the day, right? Now imagine what happens when you want to add to that noise a huge amount of tasks related to your business venture.

By cleaning your head, you’ll make space for the real growth engine your business needs – innovation.  Your mind is not a storage room for tasks, it’s a powerful processing tool for information…and information can be stored elsewhere.

Collecting all your to-do lists and mission critical tasks in a place that will prevent mind clutter.

Processing all your action items in a way that helps you to understand what is actionable and what can wait for another day.

The things you can do later, your Non-actionable items will lay in wait.  They can have tickler reminders so they’ll pop up when the time is right, giving you the info you’ll need to process future actions and projects.

Build a Business with IQTELL

#3 Organizing your tasks and keeping your business functional by reviewing your actions

Organizing your information, lists and support materials gets them ready for action.  It helps you close open items faster and, as I said previously, the more time you can invest in your business, the better.

By organizing actions according to their “relative priority”, you’re making sure that when the opportunity to spend time working for your new venture knocks, you’ll be there, working on just the right task.

Reviewing is the only thing that will hold your new business intact in the long run.  Keeping tabs on your new business pulse by being personally accountable to getting reviews done can heal wrong decisions and keep your Projects and Next Actions from slipping through the cracks, making sure you’re getting things done the right way!

#4 “Doing” the best to build a business

The most important thing according to David Allen is to trust your gut feelings when it comes to actually doing your “real-time, plow-through, get-it-done workday”.

Doing is your gut feeling pushing you to start your own business, it’s your intuition giving your decisions direction and through it helping you to achieve your entrepreneurial aspirations.  Following your intuition ensures you stay motivated.  Working on items that are counter to our intuition destroys your motivation.

Your business success depends on your ability to innovate! GTD gives you the structure and tools to clear your thoughts from interruptions and helps you to focus on just that.

IQTELL is a virtual workspace that has a dedicated GTD interface that concentrates all your business related tasks and activities in one place…you are invited to give it a go!

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