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Are your Tags Managing You?

Manage all your tags in one place
wrote this on March 8, 2012
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Tags…we all love them.  If we are honest with ourselves and its ok to say it out-loud: “We are Tag Crazy”.  Any note, email, action, project gets multiple tags associated with it.  Hey, we’ve even created sub-tags – those are actually tags within a tag group.    What started out as a useful feature on most applications has become daily chore for us to manage!  But that’s an understatement…Here’s why?

How many Tag lists are you managing?  Let’s count…

– If we use gmail – then we are using tags.  Yes, yes, they call it labels – but we all know it’s the same thing.

– If we use Evernote – there’s another set of tags to manage.

– If we use a task management application or a to-do list app – there’s another set of tags….

You get the point…Not only do we have tens if not hundreds of tags, we also have them spread across multiple applications.

Of course, we’d like to help wean you off excessive “Tagging” but that’s an obsession we are struggling with ourselves…We’ll keep you posted on our progress.  What we have done, quite by accident, is help you consolidate all your tags across all your applications.

We’ve recently released our latest IQTELL version.  Now, you can manage all your emails accounts, your Evernotes, actions, projects, and more in one application.  We also added a global tagging feature.

Putting tags

This means that you can actually have one set of Tags which can be applied across all your applications and all your information.  Let’s take a close look: I may have a tag (or label) called “Ski Trip – France Feb. 2011”.  Pre-IQTELL: I would create, use, and manage this tag in my GMAIL, Evernote, and Task Management application.  To see all the information, I would have to login and search at least three different applications; as well as remember and make sure that I used the same Tag Name and not a variation in each app….

Manage your tags onIQTELL

Now, since everything is integrated in IQTELL, I have one tag – “Ski Trip – France Feb. 2011”; and when I filter by that tag, I will see all my Emails, Evernotes, Actions, and more in one place.

We hope you enjoy Smart Tagging™, and we can’t wait to hear your creative tags stories. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for our early beta to get access to all of these great features and enter for a chance to win a brand new iPad 2!

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